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Design Optimization of Biocrust-Plant Spatial Configuration for Dry Ecosystem Restoration Using Water Redistribution and Erosion Models
Towards large scale biocrust restoration: Producing an efficient and low-cost inoculum of N-fixing cyanobacteria
Biocrusts and catchment asymmetry in Tabernas Desert (Almeria, Spain)
Temporal dynamics of dryland soil CO2 efflux using high-frequency measurements: Patterns and dominant drivers among biocrust types, vegetation and bare soil
Global cycling and climate effects of aeolian dust controlled by biological soil crusts
Landslides on dry badlands: UAV images to identify the drivers controlling their unexpected occurrence on vegetated hillslopes
Biocrust restoration: a key tool to recover degraded arid ecosystem functioning
Non-rainfall water inputs: A key water source for biocrust carbon fixation
Non-Destructive Biomass Estimation in Mediterranean Alpha Steppes: Improving Traditional Methods for Measuring Dry and Green Fractions by Combining Proximal Remote Sensing Tools
Mediterranean badlands: Their driving processes and climate change futures
Effect of water availability on induced cyanobacterial biocrust development
Assessing the viability of cyanobacteria pellets for application in arid land restoration
Land degradation effects on composition of pioneering soil communities: An alternative successional sequence for dryland cyanobacterial biocrusts
Water regulation in cyanobacterial biocrusts from drylands: Negative impacts of anthropogenic disturbance
Overcoming field barriers to restore dryland soils by cyanobacteria inoculation
Identifying social–ecological gaps to promote biocrust conservation actions
Relationship of Weather Types on the Seasonal and Spatial Variability of Rainfall, Runoff, and Sediment Yield in the Western Mediterranean Basin
Water Regulation in Cyanobacterial Biocrusts from Drylands: Negative Impacts of Anthropogenic Disturbance
Production of a biocrust-cyanobacteria strain (Nostoc commune) for large-scale restoration of dryland soils
Spectral response analysis: An indirect and non-destructive methodology for the chlorophyll quantification of biocrusts
Spatial variability of the relationships of runoff and sediment yield with weather types throughout the Mediterranean basin
Assessing the influence of soil abiotic and biotic factors on Nostoc commune inoculation success
Biocrust landscape-scale spatial distribution is strongly controlled by terrain attributes: Topographic thresholds for colonization in a semiarid badland system
Polyphasic evaluation of key cyanobacteria in biocrusts from the most arid region in Europe
Spectral Response Analysis: An Indirect and Non-Destructive Methodology for the Chlorophyll Quantification of Biocrusts
Cyanobacteria inoculation enhances carbon sequestration in soil substrates used in dryland restoration
Soil CO2 exchange controlled by the interaction of biocrust successional stage and environmental variables in two semiarid ecosystems
Restoring soil functions by means of cyanobacteria inoculation: Importance of soil conditions and species selection
Water harvesting techniques based on terrain modification enhance vegetation survival in dryland restoration
Ecosystem services provided by biocrusts: From ecosystem functions to social values
Long-term hydrological monitoring in arid-semiarid Almería, SE Spain. What have we learned?
Biohydrology-Walking on drylands and swimming through pores
Irrigated land expansion since 1985 in Southern Tunisia
Transferability of multi- and hyperspectral optical biocrust indices
Effects of biocrust on soil erosion and organic carbon losses under natural rainfall
Vertical and lateral soil moisture patterns on a Mediterranean karst hillslope
A new adaptive method to filter terrestrial laser scanner point clouds using morphological filters and spectral information to conserve surface micro-topography
Partitioning of non rainfall water input regulated by soil cover type
Biocrusts positively affect the soil water balance in semiarid ecosystems
Biological soil crust effects must be included to accurately model infiltration and erosion in drylands: An example from Tabernas Badlands
Swelling of biocrusts upon wetting induces changes in surface micro-topography
Penetration resistance of biological soil crusts and its dynamics after crust removal: Relationships with runoffand soil detachment
Non-rainfall water inputs are controlled by aspect in a semiarid ecosystem
Estimación de la erosión potencial en la cuenca del río Moulouya aguas arriba de la presa Mohamed V
Role of dewfall in the water balance of a semiarid coastal steppe ecosystem
Evaluación de los diferentes índices para cartografiar biocostras a partir de información espectral
Dynamics of organic carbon losses by water erosion after biocrust removal
Cross-scale interactions between surface components and rainfall properties. Non-linearities in the hydrological and erosive behavior of semiarid catchments
Advanced image processing methods as a tool to map and quantify different types of biological soil crust
Soil Loss and Runoff in Semiarid Ecosystems: A Complex Interaction Between Biological Soil Crusts, Micro-topography, and Hydrological Drivers
The role of biological soil crusts in soil moisture dynamics in two semiarid ecosystems with contrasting soil textures
Microlysimeter station for long term non-rainfall water input and evaporation studies
Evaporative losses from soils covered by physical and different types of biological soil crusts
Runoff at contrasting scales in a semiarid ecosystem: A complex balance between biological soil crust features and rainfall characteristics
Biological soil crust development affects physicochemical characteristics of soil surface in semiarid ecosystems
Effects of biological soil crusts on surface roughness and implications for runoff and erosion
Discriminating soil crust type, development stage and degree of disturbance in semiarid environments from their spectral characteristics
Surrogate descriptors of C-storage processes on crusted semiarid ecosystems
Hydrolase enzyme activities in a successional gradient of biological soil crusts in arid and semi-arid zones
Crust Composition and Disturbance Drive Infiltration Through Biological Soil Crusts in Semiarid Ecosystems
Using a Mini-Raman Spectrometer to Monitor the Adaptive Strategies of Extremophile Colonizers in Arid Deserts: Relationships Between Signal Strength, Adaptive Strategies, Solar Radiation, and Humidity
Two-dimensional porosity of crusted silty soils: Indicators of soil quality in semiarid rangelands?
A review of runoff generation and soil erosion across scales in semiarid south-eastern Spain
Ecology and functional roles of biological soil crusts in semi-arid ecosystems of Spain
Controls of infiltration-runoff processes in Mediterranean karst rangelands in SE Spain
Diffuse and concentrated recharge evaluation using physical and tracer techniques: results from a semiarid carbonate massif aquifer in southeastern Spain
Costras biológicas: " Ingenierías del suelo " en ecosistemas áridos y semiáridos
Características de las costras físicas y biológicas del suelo con mayor influencia sobre la infiltración y la erosión en ecosistemas semiáridos
Why most agricultural terraces in steep slopes in semiarid SE Spain remain well preserved since their abandonment 50 years go?
Temporal dynamics of soil water balance components in a karst range in southeastern Spain: Estimation of potential recharge
Interacción de procesos geomórficos y distribución de componentes de la superficie del suelo en relación a la evolución de los abarrancamientos de tabernas (Almería)
Aggregate stability in range sandy loam soils Relationships with runoff and erosion
Weathering and erosion in the Tabernas sub-desert, Almeria
Interaction between geomorphic processes and soil surface components distribution in the evolution of the Tabernas badlands (Almeria)
Sieving crusts and macrofaunal activity control soil water repellency in semiarid environments: Evidences from SE Spain
The influence of competition between lichen colonization and erosion on the evolution of soil surfaces in the Tabernas badlands (SE Spain) and its landscape effects
Surface temperature cooling trends and negative radiative forcing due to land use change toward greenhouse farming in southeastern Spain
Dew measurement by Eddy covariance and wetness sensor in a semiarid ecosystem of SE Spain
Topographic controls on the spatial distribution of ground cover in the Tabernas badlands of SE Spain
Temporal and spatial patterns of soil moisture in semiarid badlands of SE Spain
Slope classes estimation from digital terrain models and maps of equidistant linear levels
Estimation of slope classes from digital terrain models and maps with equidistant elevation lines
Soil-geomorphology relations in gypsiferous materials of the Tabernas Desert (Almeria, SE spain)
Soil degradation from excess salt and its relation to the topography on an area of southern Spain
Soil degradation due to salt excess and its relationships with the topography in an area of South of Spain
Influence of soil-surface types on the overall runoff of the Tabernas badlands (south-east Spain): field data and model approaches
Weathering of a gypsum-calcareous mudstone under semi-arid environment at Tabernas, SE Spain: Laboratory and field-based experimental approaches
Hydrological and erosion response of a badlands system in semiarid SE Spain
Libros, capítulos, tesis Todos / Ninguno
Efectos hidrológicos y geomorfológicos de la cubierta y propiedades del suelo en paisajes de cárcavas Yolanda Cantón Castilla
Identificación de cianobacterias y optimización de su cultivo para restaurar la biocostra en suelos semiáridos degradados
Runoff generation in badlands
La precipitación oculta y su papel en el balance hídrico de ecosistemas semiáridos
Badlands in the Tabernas Basin, Betic Chain
¿Qué factores controlan la respuesta erosiva de los sistemas de badlands en las zonas semiáridas?
Procesos y tasas de erosión hidrica del suelo a diferentes escalas espaciales y temporales en el sureste peninsular: Últimos resultados
Variabilidad espacio-temporal de la concentración de CO2 en suelos encostrados de ecosistemas semiáridos
Cross-scale effects of biological soil crusts on runoff generation and water erosion in semiarid ecosystems. Field data and model approach. Efectos de las costras biológicas del suelo en la generación de escorrentía y en la erosión hídrica a diferentes escalas
Influencia de las costras físicas y biológicas del suelo en el balance de agua en ecosistemas semiáridos.the role of physical and biological soil crusts on the water balance in semiarid ecsystems.
Respuesta hidrológica y erosiva a largo plazo de una microcuenca de badlands con abundantes costras biologicas
Erosión en suelos con biocostras
Physico-chemical and spectral characteristics of soil crusts in semiarid areas. An ecosystem condition index?
Assessing diffuse and concentrated recharge in average - and dry- rainfall year in a semiarid carbonate sloping aquifer, a preliminary report
Dew contribution to the water balance in a semiarid coastal steppe ecosystem (Cabo de Gata, SE Spain)
How development and disturbance of biological soil crust do affect runoff and erosion in drylands?
Procesos que alteran el seguimiento de la escorrentía y la erosión en ambientes mediterráneos semiaridos
Drenaje anual en la sierra de Gádor, Almería: análisis de dos métodos de cálculo aplicados en la penillanura culminal
Geomorfología y procesos actuales
Análisis de la respuesta hidrológica de una microcuenca en el desierto de Tabernas: modelización de la escorrentía
Análisis de los regímenes de humedad del suelo en el sub-desierto de Tabernas y su influencia en la escorrentía
Efectos hidrologicos y geomorfologicos de la cubierta y propiedades del suelo en paisaje de carcavas
Efectos hidrológicos y geomorfológicos de la cubierta y propiedades del suelo en paisaje de cárcavas
Conferencias Todos / Ninguno
Runoff from biocrust: A vital resource for vegetation performance on Mediterranean steppes
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