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Uncovering spatial patterns of ecosystem services and biodiversity through local communities' preferences and perceptions
Nature’s Contributions to People Shape Sense of Place in the Coffee Cultural Landscape of Colombia
Social indicators of ecosystem restoration for enhancing human wellbeing
Water‐saving techniques for restoring desertified lands: Some lessons from the field
Participatory collective farming as a leverage point for fostering human-nature connectedness
A framework for assessing coupling and de-coupling trajectories in river social-ecological systems
Bioeconomy as a Transforming Driver of Intensive Greenhouse Horticulture in SE Spain
Integrated spatial analysis for human-wildlife coexistence in the American West
An interdisciplinary assessment of private conservation areas in the Western United States
Telecoupling through tomato trade: What consumers do not know about the tomato on their plate
Mercury consumption and human health: Linking pollution and social risk perception in the southeastern United States
Local Perceptions of Ecosystem Services Across Multiple Ecosystem Types in Spain
Revisiting a Water Conflict in Southeastern Oklahoma 6 Years Later: A New Valuation of the Willingness to Pay for Ecosystem Services
Human-carnivore relations: A systematic review
Implications of urban growth and farmland loss for ecosystem services in the western United States
Integrating supply and demand in ecosystem service bundles characterization across Mediterranean transformed landscapes
Exploring sense of place across cultivated lands through public participatory mapping
Human-carnivore relations: Conflicts, tolerance and coexistence in the American West
The American West as a social-ecological region: drivers, dynamics and implications for nested social-ecological systems
Six collective challenges for sustainability of Almería greenhouse horticulture
Examining concern about climate change and local environmental changes from an ecosystem service perspective in the Western U.S
Six Collective Challenges for Sustainability of Almería Greenhouse Horticulture
Ecosystem services in dryland systems of the world
Ecosystem services provided by biocrusts: From ecosystem functions to social values
What has ecosystem service science achieved in Spanish drylands? Evidences of need for transdisciplinary science
Modeling how land use legacy affects the provision of ecosystem services in Mediterranean southern Spain
Social-ecological systems influence ecosystem service perception: A programme on ecosystem change and society (PECS) analysis
Applying Place-Based Social-Ecological Research to Address Water Scarcity: Insights for Future Research
When we cannot have it all: Ecosystem services trade-offs in the context of spatial planning
Remote-sensing based approach to forecast habitat quality under climate change scenarios
Interconnected place-based social-ecological research can inform global sustainability
Delineating boundaries of social-ecological systems for landscape planning: A comprehensive spatial approach
Landscape influence on the feeding habits of European badger (Meles meles) in arid Spain
The value of time in biological conservation and supplied ecosystem services: A willingness to give up time exercise
Willingness to Pay for Ecosystem Services among Stakeholder Groups in a South-Central US Watershed with Regional Conflict
Impacts of land use change on ecosystem services and implications for human well-being in Spanish drylands
Hábitos alimenticios del tejón europeo en un paisaje árido mediterráneo de la provincia de Almería (SE de España)
Do protected areas networks ensure the supply of ecosystem services? Spatial patterns of two nature reserve systems in semi-arid Spain
Science-policy interface for addressing environmental problems in arid Spain
Biophysical and sociocultural factors underlying spatial trade-offs of ecosystem services in semiarid watersheds
Modeling spatial distribution of European badger in arid landscapes: an ecosystem functioning approach
Ecosystem service trade-offs from supply to social demand: A landscape-scale spatial analysis
From supply to social demand: A landscape-scale analysis of the water regulation service
La evaluación de los servicios de los ecosistemas suministrados por las cuencas hidrográficas del sureste semiárido andaluz
Avanzando sobre el cómo, el dónde y el por qué de los problemas del agua en ambientes semiáridos: los servicios de los ecosistemas como aproximación.
Priority organic compounds in wastewater effluents from the Mediterranean and Atlantic basins of Andalusia (Spain)
The role of vegetation and lithology in the spatial and inter-annual response of EVI to climate in drylands of Southeastern Spain
A choice experiment study for land-use scenarios in semi-arid watershed environments
Social preferences regarding the delivery of ecosystem services in a semiarid Mediterranean region
Selection of ecological indicators for the conservation, management and monitoring of Mediterranean coastal salinas
Los incendios forestales. Aspectos medioambientales y tecnológicos (II)
Los incendios forestales. Aspectos medioambientales y tecnológicos (I)
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Análisis de los usos del suelo, servicios de los ecosistemas y bienestar humano en los socio-ecosistemas áridos de la península ibérica. Analysis of land uses, ecosystem services, and human welbeing in arid social-ecological systems of the Iberian Península
Ecología del tejón europeo en paisajes áridos mediterráneos. Ecology of the european badger in mediterranean arid landscapes.
Social Perception and Supply of Ecosystem Services - A Watershed Approach for Carbon Related Ecosystem Services
Multidimensional approaches in ecosystem services assessment
Missing gaps in the estimation of the carbon gains service from light use efficiency models
Ecosystem services assessment of national parks networks for functional diversity and carbon conservation strategies using remote sensing
Ecosistemas y bienestar humano: avances en la valoración ecológica y socioeconómica de los servicios suministrados por los ecosistemas
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The natural offer of the landscape and the demand for tourism: A spatial analysis of visitors' preferences
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