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Artisanal and small-scale mining methods and the Sustainable Development Goal 6: Perceived implications for clean water supply
Gender equality in artisanal and small-scale mining in Ghana: Assessing progress towards SDG 5 using salience and institutional analysis and design
Uncovering the effectual-causal resilience nexus in the era of Covid-19: a case of a food sector SME's resilience in the face of the global pandemic
Graduate unemployment, artisanal and small-scale mining, and rural transformation in Ghana: What does the ‘educated’ youth involvement offer?
When social movements close institutional voids: Triggers, processes, and consequences for multinational enterprises
Media Review: Sustainability and Small and Medium Enterprises: Lessons from Mixed Methods Research
Stakeholder Green Pressure and New Product Performance in Emerging Countries: A Cross-country Study
Green Supply Chain Management and business innovation
Circular economy, degrowth and green growth as pathways for research on sustainable development goals: A global analysis and future agenda
A review of the recent developments of green banking in bangladesh
Network ambidexterity and environmental performance: Code-sharing in the airline industry
Sustainable buyer–supplier relationship capability development: a relational framework and visualization methodology
Faith in the future: On a mission to integrate sustainability into management theory and practice
Green Growth Policy, De-Growth, and Sustainability: The Alternative Solution for Achieving the Balance between Both the Natural and the Economic System
What Characteristics Do the Firms have That Go Beyond Compliance with Regulation in Environmental Protection? A Multiple Discriminant Analysis
Open Innovation for Sustainability or Not: Literature Reviews of Global Research Trends
Evaluating the factors that influence blockchain adoption in the freight logistics industry
The governance of collaboration for sustainable development: Exploring the “black box”
Assessing the determinants of intentions and behaviors of organizations towards a circular economy for plastics
Isn’t it time we transitioned to integrated sustainability? De-codifying the hard-soft divide from a systems-theoretic perspective
The interplay between stakeholders, resources and capabilities in climate change strategy: converting barriers into cooperation
Circular economy: benefits, impacts and overlapping
Green Supply Chain Practices: A comprehensive and theoretically multidimensional framework for categorization
Beyond win-win: A syncretic theory on corporate stakeholder engagement in sustainable development
Multinational mining enterprises and artisanal small-scale miners: From confrontation to cooperation
Third-Party Certification, Sponsorship, and Consumers' Ecolabel Use
Green supply chain practices and environmental performance in Brazil: Survey, case studies, and implications for B2B
Understanding change agents’ and reform accelerators’ roles
Environmental Protection in Environmentally Reactive Firms: Lessons from Corporate Argentina
Lean and green synergies in supply chain management
Helping to build a sustainable future through the greening of industry and its networks: knowledge sharing and action promotion
Managing the transition to critical green growth: The 'Green Growth State'
An empirical investigation of strategic compliance decisions in Argentinean polluting firms
Environmental protection and financial performance: An empirical analysis in Wales
Corporate social responsibility in the mining industry: Perspectives from stakeholder groups in Argentina
Stakeholder Perspectives on CSR of Mining MNCs in Argentina
An evaluation of technical efficiency and managerial correlates of solid waste management by Welsh SMEs using parametric and non-parametric techniques
Stakeholders Pressures and Strategic Prioritisation: An Empirical Analysis of Environmental Responses in Argentinean Firms.
Environmental management intentions: An empirical investigation of Argentina's polluting firms
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Small business social responsibility and sustainability metrics: A focus on environmental performance measurement and waste
Small business social responsibility and sustainability metrics
External facilitators of sustainable management education (EFSUMEs) and their role in promoting sustainable management education in higher education
“The biofuels program”: Decreasing rural poverty and environmental deterioration through cooperative land-use innovation
Collaboration for sustainability and innovation: A role for sustainability driven by the global South? A cross-border, multi-stakeholder perspective
Multi-stakeholder international governance initiatives: Addressing the challenges of asm sector in Ghana
The roles of first and second tier suppliers in greening international supply chains
Collaboration for sustainability and innovation in the global South: A cross-border, multi-stakeholder perspective
The case of Argentina
Evaluating the firm's environmental hazardousness: Methodology
Concluding remarks
Green growth: Managing the transition to sustainable economies
Why consumers buy green
Achieving greener growth: A business perspective for proactive commitment
Conclusion: The green way forward?
Green growth: Managing the transition to a sustainable economy: Learning by doing in East Asia and Europe
Evaluating the firm's environmental risk: A conceptual framework
Business and environmental risks: Spatial interactions between environmental hazards and social vulnerabilities in Ibero-America
Facilitating sustainable innovation through collaboration: A multi-stakeholder perspective
Facilitating sustainable innovation through collaboration
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The Coordination of Packaging Recycling Chain in Brazil
Textile waste management practices in the garment industry: A circular economy perspective
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