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Give us today our daily empire? Pieter Judson's The Habsburg Empire: A New History

  • Kaps K.
  • Kühschelm O.

Osterreichische Zeitschrift fur Geschichtswissenschaften - 1/1/2018

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Small but powerful: networking strategies and the trade business of Habsburg-Italian merchants in Cadiz in the second half of the eighteenth century

  • Kaps K.

European Review of History - 3/5/2016


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Habsburg monarchy, eighteenth century-1918

  • Kaps K.

Revue de l'OFCE - 1/1/2015


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Centers and peripheries revisited: Polycentric connections or entangled hierarchies?

  • Kaps K.
  • Komlosy A.

Review (United States) - 1/1/2013

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Internal differentiation in a rising European semi-periphery: Cameralist divinon of labor and mercantile polycentrism: Two different models of political economy in eighteenth-century Habsburg central Europe

  • Kaps K.

Review (United States) - 1/1/2013

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Connectors, networks and commercial systems: Approaches to the study of early modern maritime commercial history

  • Sánchez M.
  • Kaps K.

Merchants and Trade Networks in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, 1550-1800: Connectors of Commercial Maritime Systems - 1/1/2016


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