Egea González, Francisco Javier Autor


Dissipation and residue determination of fluopyram and its metabolites in greenhouse crops

  • Marta Vargas‐Pérez
  • Francisco Javier Egea González
  • Antonia Garrido Frenich

Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture - 4/06/2020


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Optimization and establishment of QuEChERS based method for determination of propoxycarbazone and its metabolite in food commodities by liquid chromatography coupled to tandem mass spectrometry

  • Vargas-Pérez M.
  • Marín-Sáez J.
  • Egea González F.
  • Garrido Frenich A.

Food Chemistry - 15/2/2019


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Screening of drugs and homeopathic products from Atropa belladonna seed extracts: Tropane alkaloids determination and untargeted analysis

  • Marín-Sáez J.
  • Romero-González R.
  • Garrido Frenich A.
  • Egea-González F.

Drug Testing and Analysis - 1/10/2018


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Biological control in the greenhouses of Almería and challenges for a sustainable intensive production

  • Glass R.
  • Egea González F.

Outlooks on Pest Management - 1/12/2012


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DNA damage in horticultural farmers: A pilot study showing an association with organophosphate pesticide exposure

  • Atherton K.
  • Williams F.
  • Egea González F.
  • Glass R.
  • Rushton S.
  • Blain P.
  • Mutch E.
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Biomarkers - 17/11/2009


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Determination of polychlorinated biphenyls in ambient air by gas chromatography coupled to triple quadrupole tandem mass spectrometry

  • Martínez Ocaña R.
  • Mena Granero A.
  • Egea Gonzalez F.
  • Garrido Frenich A.
  • Martínez Vidal J.
  • Plaza Bolaños P.

Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry - 1/3/2008


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Determination of organophosphorus pesticides in vegetables by GC with pulsed flame-photometric detection, and confirmation by MS

  • Martínez Salvador I.
  • Garrido Frenich A.
  • Egea González F.
  • Martínez Vidal J.

Chromatographia - 1/12/2006


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Chemical compounds of the foraging recruitment pheromone in bumblebees

  • Granero A.
  • Guerra Sanz J.
  • Egea Gonzalez F.
  • Martinez Vidal J.
  • Dornhaus A.
  • Ghani J.
  • Serrano A.
  • Chittka L.
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Naturwissenschaften - 1/8/2005


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Setting up of recovery profiles: A tool to perform the compliance with recovery requirements for residue analysis

  • Cuadros-Rodríguez L.
  • Almansa-López E.
  • García-Campaña A.
  • González-Casado A.
  • Egea-González F.
  • Garrido-Frenich A.
  • Martínez-Vidal J.
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Talanta - 15/5/2005


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Analysis of biogenic volatile organic compounds in zucchini flowers: Identification of scent sources

  • Mena Granero A.
  • Egea Gonzalez F.
  • Guerra Sanz J.
  • Martínez Vidal J.

Journal of Chemical Ecology - 1/10/2005


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Determination of imidacloprid and its metabolite 6-chloronicotinic acid in greenhouse air by high-performance liquid chromatography with diode-array detection

  • Garrido Frenich A.
  • Egea González F.
  • Martínez Vidal J.
  • Parrilla Vázquez P.
  • Mateu Sánchez M.

Journal of Chromatography A - 11/2/2000


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Analysis of lindane, ?- and ?-endosulfan and endosulfan sulfate in greenhouse air by gas chromatography

  • Martínez Vidal J.
  • Egea González F.
  • Glass C.
  • Martínez Galera M.
  • Castro Cano M.

Journal of Chromatography A - 21/3/1997


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