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Balancing smart irrigation and hydropower investments for sustainable water conservation in the Indus basin
Enhancing LULC scenarios impact assessment in hydrological dynamics using participatory mapping protocols in semiarid regions
An Integrated Approach to Assess the Water Efficiency of Introducing Best Management Practices: An Application to Sugarcane Mechanisation in Brazil
Transboundary cooperation a potential route to sustainable development in the Indus basin
Cross-sectoral implications of the implementation of irrigation water use efficiency policies in Spain: A nexus footprint approach
Self-organizing map of soil properties in the context of hydrological modeling
Bringing the sharing-sparing debate down to the ground—Lessons learnt for participatory scenario development
Integrated solutions for thewater-energy-land nexus: Are global models rising to the challenge?
Co-designing Indus Water-Energy-Land Futures
Can the Implementation of the Water-Energy-Food Nexus Support Economic Growth in the Mediterranean Region? The Current Status and the Way Forward
Developing stakeholder-driven scenarios on land sharing and land sparing - Insights from five European case studies
A comparison of the Mediterranean diet and current food consumption patterns in Spain from a nutritional and water perspective
An accurate evaluation of water availability in sub-arid Mediterranean watersheds through SWAT: Cega-Eresma-Adaja
Food consumption and waste in Spanish households: Water implications within and beyond national borders
Global exposure and vulnerability to multi-sector development and climate change hotspots
Fostering integrated land and water management approaches: Evaluating the water footprint of a Mediterranean basin under different agricultural land use scenarios
Environmental Factors Controlling Soil Organic Carbon Stocks in Two Contrasting Mediterranean Climatic Areas of Southern Spain
Evaluating the Water Footprint of the Mediterranean and American Diets
Biophysical and sociocultural factors underlying spatial trade-offs of ecosystem services in semiarid watersheds
More cash and jobs per illegal drop? The legal and illegal water footprint of the Western Mancha Aquifer (Spain)
The Role of Latin America's Land and Water Resources for Global Food Security: Environmental Trade-Offs of Future Food Production Pathways
Drivers influencing streamflow changes in the Upper Tuna basin, Spain
The Spanish water “pressure cooker”
Uncovering Ecosystem Service Bundles through Social Preferences
Assessing the ecosystem services supplied by freshwater flows in Mediterranean agroecosystems
Changes in land uses and management in two Nature Reserves in Spain: Evaluating the social-ecological resilience of cultural landscapes
(Pseudo)amide-linked oligosaccharide mimetics: molecular recognition and supramolecular properties
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Huella hídrica y agua virtual en Cantabria
International Workshop on Drought Management in Spain and California: Lessons Learned
Water security or water 'securities'? Increasing complexity in balancing of multiple goals in Spain
El Nexo Agua-Tierra-Energía en España
Legal framework and economic incentives for managing ecosystem services
Water for food security and well-being in Latin America and the Caribbean: Social and environmental implications for a globalized economy
Water resources assessment
Water and food security in latin america and the caribbean: Regional opportunities to cope with global challenges
Socio-economic megatrends for water and food security in Latin America
Trends in land use and ecosystem services in Latin America
Tracking progress and links between water and food security in Latin America and the caribbean
Seguridad hídrica y alimentaria en América Latina y el Caribe. Implicaciones regionales y globales
Public participation and transparency in water management
Linking land management to water planning: Estimating the water consumption of Spanish forests
Considerations on climate variability and change in Spain
The concept of water and food security in Spain
Dinámica del paisaje en la sierra norte de Sevilla. Cambios funcionales e implicaciones en el suministro de servicios de los ecosistemas
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Social structure-land use-water flows: Modelling relationships using discrete Bayesian networks
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