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Particles and nanovoids for plasmonics
Using Plasma Etching to Access the Polymer Density Distribution and Diffusivity of Gel Particles
First exfoliated Ru–Ru–Au organometallic polymer with layered structure
Novel ruthenium-silver PTA-based polymers and their behavior in water
Novel Ruthenium-Silver PTA-Based Polymers and Their Behavior in Water
Self-organization and swelling of ruthenium-metal coordination polymers with PTA (metal = Ag, Au, Co)
PTA-based ruthenium complexes as photosensitizers for dye-sensitized solar cells
Self-Organization and Swelling of Ruthenium-Metal Coordination Polymers with PTA (Metal = Ag, Au, Co)
A methodological study of adhesion dynamics in a batch culture of the marine microalga Nannochloropsis gaditana
Inorganic/polymer hybrid nanoparticles for sensing applications
Multifunctional hybrid nanogels for theranostic applications
Permeability of soft particles at electrical fields
Temperature controlled fluorescence on Au@Ag@PNIPAM-PTEBS microgels: Effect of the metal core size on the MEF extension
Structure and plasmon coupling of gold-poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) core-shell microgel arrays with thermally controlled interparticle gap
Experimental techniques used for the characterization of soft nanoparticles
Non-Steady Wall-Bounded Flows of Viscoelastic Fluids Under Periodic Forcing
Structure and polymer dynamics within PNIPAM-based microgel particles
Structural properties of thermoresponsive poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)- poly(ethyleneglycol) microgels
pH change induces shifts in the size and light absorption of dissolved organic matter
Synthesis of thermosensitive microgels with a tunable magnetic core
Multifunctional microgel magnetic/optical traps for SERS ultradetection
Energy landscapes in diexo and exo/endo isomers derived from Li 2B12H12
Growing Au/Ag nanoparticles within microgel colloids for improved surface-enhanced Raman scattering detection
On the electronic structure and stability of icosahedral r-X(2)Z(10)H(12) and Z(12)H(12)(2-) clusters; r = {ortho, meta, para}, X = {C, Si}, Z = {B, Al}
Swelling of ionic and non-ionic minigels
Stability and electron affinities of negatively charged aluminium clusters: A computational study
Gels and microgels for nanotechnological applications
Au@pNIPAM thermosensitive nanostructures: Control over shell cross-linking, overall dimensions, and core growth
Ion-specific and reversible wetting of imidazolium-based minigels
Encapsulation and growth of gold nanoparticles in thermoresponsive microgels
Molecular motions in low cross-linked poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) microgels
A water soluble diruthenium-gold organometallic microgel
Coupled deswelling of multiresponse microgels
Anomalous electrophoretic mobility of microgel particles in buffer solutions
Thermal control over the electrophoresis of soft colloidal particles
Liquid-gas separation in colloidal electrolytes
Three-dimensional shear in granular flow
Ionic correlations in highly charge-asymmetric colloidal liquids
Microscopic signature of a microgel volume phase transition
Solvent relaxation of swelling PNIPAM microgels by NMR
Dynamic light scattering from high molecular weight poly-L-lysine molecules
Structural coefficients in aggregates of protein-coated colloidal particles
Formation of clusters in a mixture of spherical colloidal particles oppositely charged
Structure factor scaling in colloidal charge heteroaggregation
Oppositely charged colloidal binary mixtures: A colloidal analog of the restricted primitive model
Internal structure of clusters from charge heteroaggregation
Small angle neutron scattering study of the structural modifications induced by the entrapped glucose oxidase in polyacrylamide microgels
Colloidal aggregation induced by long range attractions
Static light scattering from microgel particles: Model of variable dielectric permittivity
Induced asymmetries in the heteroaggregation of oppositely charged colloidal particles
The aggregation behaviour of protein-coated particles: A light scattering study
Osmotic de-swelling of ionic microgel particles
Aggregation of protein-coated colloidal particles: Interaction energy, cluster morphology, and aggregation kinetics
Clustering under short-range finite interactions
Kinetics of colloidal heteroaggregation
Structural modifications in the swelling of inhomogeneous microgels by light and neutron scattering
Thermodynamics of ionic microgels
Colloidal aggregation induced by attractive interactions
Reversible aggregation of soft particles
Charge heteroaggregation between hard and soft particles
Salt effects over the swelling of ionized mesoscopic gels
Structure formation from mesoscopic soft particles
Particle-counterion clustering in highly charge-asymmetric complex fluids
Nonlinear effects in the stability of highly charged colloidal suspensions
A single-cluster light scattering study of fast-aggregating protein-coated polymer colloids
Infuence of surface characteristics on fast-aggregating protein-coated polymer colloids
Charged colloidal heteroaggregation kinetics
Test of the physical interpretation of the structural coefficient for colloidal clusters
Experimental test of the ion condensation
Charge controlled swelling of microgel particles
Dynamic scaling and fractal structure of small colloidal clusters
Motion of microgel particles under an external electric field
Dynamic scaling in surface-controlled colloidal aggregation
Heteroaggregation between charged hard and soft particles
On the kinetics of heteroaggregation versus electrolyte concentration: Comparison between simulation and experiment
Colloidal clusters with finite binding energies: fractal structure and growth mechanism
Volume phase transition in polymer networks
Effect of the particle sign of charge on mesoscopic cluster fractal structures
Brownian dynamics simulation of diffusive mesoscopic particle aggregation
Measuring the fractal dimension of colloidal aggregates
Experimental evidence of rearrangement in fractal clusters
On the identification of bridging flocculation: An extended collision efficiency model
Measurement of absolute coagulation rate constants for colloidal particles: Comparison of single and multiparticle light scattering techniques
Single cluster light scattering and photon correlation spectroscopy: Two powerful techniques for monitoring cluster aggregation
Experimental evidence regarding the influence of surface charge on the bridging flocculation mechanism
Experimental study of fractal aggregation by static and dynamic light scattering
Influence of cluster morphology on calculation of the aggregation rate constant in mesoscopic systems
Comparative study on the colloidal stability mechanisms of sulfonate latexes
Cluster-size distribution in colloidal aggregation monitored by single-cluster light scattering
Dynamic scaling in colloidal fractal aggregation: Influence of particle surface charge density
Effect of the particle surface charge density on the colloidal aggregation mechanism
Libros, capítulos, tesis Todos / Ninguno
Optimización de recubrimientos de resina epoxi sobre piedra natural mediante ingeniería de superficies
Nanotecnología fotónica de estructuras híbridas
Magnetic-core microgels
Nuevas partículas híbridas con respuesta óptica y magnética regulable para detección de moléculas mediante espectroscopia Raman intensificada por superficie
Swelling Thermodynamics of Microgel Particles
Suspensiones concentradas de microgel iónico. Construcción de un dispositivo de dispersión de luz a bajo ángulo.
Fractal structures and aggregation kinetics of protein-functionalized colloidal particles
Agregación colodial: efecto de la heterogeneidad en carga
Prácticas de física: Óptica
Coloides e interfases : estado líquido
Estructuras poliméricas entrecruzadas de dimensión mesoscópica
Agregación en sistemas mesoscópicos controlada por interacciones atractivas de largo alcance
Estudio de agregación en fluidos completos: escalado espacial y temporal. Construccion de un dispositivo de detección óptica individualizada de particulas y empleo de espectroscopia de fotocorrelacion
Conferencias Todos / Ninguno
Drops and bubbles as controlled traveling reactors and/or carriers including microfluidics aspects
A hydrodynamic model for blood penetration in central venous catheters
Static light scattering from fractal aggregates of microgel particles
Structural study of poly (N-isopropylacrylamide) microgels interpenetrated with polypyrrole
Kinetics of charge heteroaggregation by Brownian dynamics simulation: Role of the interaction potential profile
Deswelling and depletion flocculation of microgel particles under external osmotic pressure
Aggregation between oppositely charged colloidal particles
Interfacial tension and a volume phase transition of microgel particles
Informes y otros Todos / Ninguno
On the calculation of electrokinetic potential and hamaker constant of model colloids
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