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Efficiency and effectiveness analysis based on educational inclusion and fairness of European countries
Exact and heuristic solutions of a discrete competitive location model with Pareto-Huff customer choice rule
On MATLAB experience in accelerating DIRECT-GLce algorithm for constrained global optimization through dynamic data structures and parallelization
Pooled testing with replication as a mass testing strategy for the COVID-19 pandemics
Globally-biased BIRECT algorithm with local accelerators for expensive global optimization
A Discrete Competitive Facility Location Model with Minimal Market Share Constraints and Equity-Based Ties Breaking Rule
Solution of asymmetric discrete competitive facility location problems using ranking of candidate locations
Penalty functions and two-step selection procedure based DIRECT-type algorithm for constrained global optimization
Global optimization of grillage-type foundations using a distributed genetic algorithm
Global optimization based on bisection of rectangles, function values at diagonals, and a set of Lipschitz constants
Improved scheme for selection of potentially optimal hyper-rectangles in DIRECT
On the Accuracy of Some Absorbing Boundary Conditions for the Schrödinger Equation
New heuristic algorithms for discrete competitive location problems with binary and partially binary customer behavior
Improving solution of discrete competitive facility location problems
A preference-based multi-objective evolutionary algorithm R-NSGA-II with stochastic local search
Application of Reduced-set Pareto-Lipschitzian Optimization to truss optimization
HeteroPar 2014, APCIE 2014, and TASUS 2014 Special Issue
A web-oriented software for the optimization of pooled experiments in NGS for detection of rare mutations Bioinformatics
Advantages of simplicial partitioning for Lipschitz optimization problems with linear constraints
Solution of Discrete Competitive Facility Location Problem for Firm Expansion
Estimating the pareto front of a hard Bi-criterion competitive facility location problem
Parallel Optimization Algorithm for Competitive Facility Location
Pareto-optimal front of cell formation problem in group technology
Adaptation of a one-step worst-case optimal univariate algorithm of bi-objective Lipschitz optimization to multidimensional problems
Application of multi-objective optimization to pooled experiments of next generation sequencing for detection of rare mutations
Globally-biased DISIMPL algorithm for expensive global optimization
Simplicial Lipschitz optimization without the Lipschitz constant
Multi-objective single agent stochastic search in non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm
Message from the workshop chairs HPCO 2013
Multi-objective optimization aided to allocation of vertices in aesthetic drawings of special graph
Multimodal evolutionary algorithm for multidimensional scaling with city-block distances
Copositive Programming by Simplicial Partition
A Global Optimization Method Based on the Reduced Simplicial Statistical Model
On probabilistic bounds inspired by interval arithmetic
P-algorithm based on a simplicial statistical model of multimodal functions
Interval Arithmetic Based Optimization in Nonlinear Regression
Investigation of selection strategies in branch and bound algorithm with simplicial partitions and combination of Lipschitz bounds
Multidimensional Scaling with City-Block Distances Based on Combinatorial Optimization and Systems of Linear Equations
Branch and bound algorithm for multidimensional scaling with city-block metric
Branch and bound with simplicial partitions for global optimization
A hybrid method for multidimensional scaling using city-block distances
Parallel multidimensional scaling using grid computing: Assessment of performance
On dimensionality of embedding space in multidimensional scaling
Reducing of search space of multidimensional scaling problems with data exposing symmetries
Analysis of different norms and corresponding Lipschitz constants for global optimization in multidimensional case
Estimation of functional ranges using standard and inner interval arithmetic
Parallel hybrid algorithm for global optimization of problems occurring in MDS-Based visualization
Template realization of generalized branch and bound algorithm
Comparison of packages for interval arithmetic
On underestimating in interval computations
Evaluation ranges of functions using balanced random interval arithmetic
Global optimization based on a statistical model and simplicial partitioning
Libros, capítulos, tesis Todos / Ninguno
Discrete Competitive Facility Location by Ranking Candidate Locations
Multi-objective branch and bound
Probabilistic bounds in multi-objective optimization
A brief review of non-convex single-objective optimization
Approximation and complexity
Definitions and examples
Worst-case optimal algorithms
Visualization of a set of pareto optimal decisions
Multi-objective optimization aided visualization of business process diagrams
Statistical models based algorithms
High-Performance Computing on Complex Environments
Summary of the Open European Network for High-Performance Computing in Complex Environments
Just-in-Time Scheduling: Models and Algorithms for Computer and Manufacturing Systems
Theoretical aspects of local search
A survey of methods for the estimation ranges of functions using interval arithmetic
Fuzzy Mathematical Programming and Fuzzy Matrix Games
Branch-and-bound applications in combinatorial data analysis.
Conferencias Todos / Ninguno
Ranking-based discrete optimization algorithm for asymmetric competitive facility location
Ranking-based algorithm for facility location with constraints
The huff versus the pareto-huff customer choice rules in a discrete competitive location model
Parallel shared-memory multi-objective stochastic search for competitive facility location
Bounding fronts in multi-objective combinatorial optimization with application to aesthetic drawing of business process diagrams
On multidimensional scaling with city-block distances
Parallel multi-objective memetic algorithm for competitive facility location
A hybrid global optimization algorithm for non-linear least squares regression
Solution of multi-objective competitive facility location problems using parallel NSGA-II on large scale computing systems
On a hybrid MPI-Pthread approach for simplicial branch-And-bound
Electrical energy aware parallel computing with MPI and CUDA
Dynamic and hierarchical load-balancing techniques applied to parallel branch-and-bound methods
Parallel branch and bound for multidimensional scaling with l1 distances formulated as quadratic programming with complementarity constraints
Communications-aware process placement taking into account symmetries of topology
A parallel DISIMPL for pile placement optimization in grillage-type foundations
Approaches to parallelize Pareto ranking in NSGA-II algorithm
On multi-objective optimization aided visualization of graphs related to business process diagrams
Parallel branch and bound for multidimensional scaling with city-block distances
Depth-first simplicial partition for copositivity detection, with an application to MaxClique
Parallel branch and bound for global optimization with combination of Lipschitz bounds
Local optimization in global Multi-Objective Optimization Algorithms
Optimization of topology of truss structures using grid computing
Investigation of selection strategies in parallel branch and bound algorithm with simplicial partitions
Investigation of Parallel Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm with reduction of the search area
On global optimization in least squares nonlinear regression by means of interval methods
Parallel Global Optimization in Multidimensional Scaling
Parallel Branch and Bound Algorithm with Combination of Lipschitz Bounds over Multidimensional Simplices for Multicore Computers
Experimental Investigation of Local Searches for Optimization of Grillage-Type Foundations
Branch and bound with simplicial partitions and combination of Lipschitz bounds for global optimization
Three-dimensional visualization by means of multidimensional scaling
Parallel Genetic Algorithm: Assessment of Performance in Multidimensional Scaling
Two level minimization in multidimensional scaling
Multidimensional scaling using parallel genetic algorithm
Multidimensional scaling in protein and pharmacological sciences
Implementation of parallel optimization algorithms using generalized branch and bound template
On efficiency of tightening bounds in interval global optimization
Balanced random interval arithmetic in market model estimation
Analysis of different norms and corresponding lipschitz constants for global optimization
On multidimensional scaling with euclidean and city block metrics
On visualization of multidimensional data using three-dimensional embedding space
Balanced random and adaptive interval arithmetic for systems of linear interval equations
Generalised interval methods in optimal design
Balanced random interval arithmetic
Experimental investigation of balanced random interval arithmetic
On the generalization of a random interval method
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