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Treatment of secondary urban wastewater with a low ammonium-tolerant marine microalga using zeolite-based adsorption
Pathogens and predators impacting commercial production of microalgae and cyanobacteria
Influence of abiotic conditions on the biofouling formation of flagellated microalgae culture
Jigsaw cooperative learning of multistage counter-current liquid-liquid extraction using Mathcad®
Infection Units: A novel approach for modeling COVID-19 spread
An integrated approach for the efficient separation of specialty compounds from biomass of the marine microalgae Amphidinium carterae
CFD-based prediction of initial microalgal adhesion to solid surfaces using force balances
A new culture medium based on genetic algorithms for Isochrysis galbana production relevant to hatcheries
Isolation and Structural Elucidation of New Amphidinol Analogues from <i>Amphidinium carterae</i> Cultivated in a Pilot-Scale Photobioreactor
Influence of culture medium recycling on the growth of a marine dinoflagellate microalga and bioactives production in a raceway photobioreactor
Long‐term biofouling formation mediated by extracellular proteins in Nannochloropsis gaditana microalga cultures at different medium N/P ratios
LC-MS/MS method development for the discovery and identification of amphidinols produced by amphidinium
Improved extraction of bioactive compounds from biomass of the marine dinoflagellate microalga Amphidinium carterae
Production of extracts with anaesthetic activity from the culture of Heterosigma akashiwo in pilot-scale photobioreactors
Acclimation of the microalga Amphidinium carterae to different nitrogen sources: potential application in the treatment of marine aquaculture effluents
Improving the learning of thickening design through graphical methods with the freeware software SMath studio
Production of Amphidinols and Other Bioproducts of Interest by the Marine Microalga Amphidinium carterae Unraveled by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Metabolomics Approach Coupled to Multivariate Data Analysis
Assessment of multi-step processes for an integral use of the biomass of the marine microalga Amphidinium carterae
Characterization of bubble column photobioreactors for shear-sensitive microalgae culture
A new approach to finding optimal centrifugation conditions for shear-sensitive microalgae
New insights into developing antibiofouling surfaces for industrial photobioreactors
Assessment of a photobioreactor-coupled modified Robbins device to compare the adhesion of Nannochloropsis gaditana on different materials
Maximizing carotenoid extraction from microalgae used as food additives and determined by liquid chromatography (HPLC)
The use of an artificial neural network to model the infection strategy for baculovirus production in suspended insect cell cultures
Pilot-scale outdoor photobioreactor culture of the marine dinoflagellate Karlodinium veneficum: Production of a karlotoxins-rich extract
A pilot-scale bioprocess to produce amphidinols from the marine microalga Amphidinium carterae: Isolation of a novel analogue
Long-term culture of the marine dinoflagellate microalga Amphidinium carterae in an indoor LED-lighted raceway photobioreactor: Production of carotenoids and fatty acids
CFD-aided optimization of a laboratory-scale centrifugation for a shear-sensitive insect cell line
A methodological study of adhesion dynamics in a batch culture of the marine microalga Nannochloropsis gaditana
LC-MS/MS Detection of Karlotoxins Reveals New Variants in Strains of the Marine Dinoflagellate Karlodinium veneficum from the Ebro Delta (NW Mediterranean)
LC-MS/MS detection of karlotoxins reveals new variants in strains of the marine dinoflagellate karlodinium veneficum from the ebro delta (NW mediterranean)
Biofouling in photobioreactors for marine microalgae
Modeling shear-sensitive dinoflagellate microalgae growth in bubble column photobioreactors
Pilot-scale bubble column photobioreactor culture of a marine dinoflagellate microalga illuminated with light emission diodes
Artificial neural network modeling for predicting the growth of the microalga Karlodinium veneficum
Rapid method for the assessment of cell lysis in microalgae cultures
New insights into shear-sensitivity in dinoflagellate microalgae
An optimisation approach for culturing shear-sensitive dinoflagellate microalgae in bench-scale bubble column photobioreactors
An optimal culture medium for growing Karlodinium veneficum: Progress towards a microalgal dinoflagellate-based bioprocess
Evaluation of the grazer-prey interaction as a biotechnological strategy to increase toxin production by dinoflagellate cultures in photobioreactors
Baculovirus biopesticides: An overview
Protein production using the baculovirus-insect cell expression system
Simultaneous Effect of Temperature and Irradiance on Growth and Okadaic Acid Production from the Marine Dinoflagellate Prorocentrum belizeanum
Co-culture of the 55-6 B cell hybridoma with the EL-4 thymoma cell. Effect on cell growth and monoclonal antibody production
Adaptation of the Spodoptera exigua Se301 insect cell line to grow in serum-free suspended culture. Comparison of SeMNPV productivity in serum-free and serum-containing media
Simultaneous effect of temperature and irradiance on growth and okadaic acid production from the marine dinoflagellate Prorocentrum belizeanum
The effect of spent medium recycle on cell proliferation, metabolism and baculovirus production by the lepidopteran Se301 cell line infected at very low MOI
Mixotrophic growth of Phaeodactylum tricornutum on fructose and glycerol in fed-batch and semi-continuous modes
A process for biodiesel production involving the heterotrophic fermentation of Chlorella protothecoides with glycerol as the carbon source
Modelling of multi-nutrient interactions in growth of the dinoflagellate microalga Protoceratium reticulatum using artificial neural networks
Shear-induced changes in membrane fluidity during culture of a fragile dinoflagellate microalga
Bioactives from microalgal dinoflagellates
Cytotoxicity of yessotoxin and okadaic acid in mouse T lymphocyte cell line EL-4
A mechanistic model of photosynthesis in microalgae including photoacclimation dynamics
Photobioreactor scale-up for a shear-sensitive dinoflagellate microalga
Adaptation of the Se301 insect cell line to suspension culture. Effect of turbulence on growth and on production of nucleopolyhedrovius (SeMNPV)
Immunoregulatory potential of marine algal toxins yessotoxin and okadaic acid in mouse T lymphocyte cell line EL-4
Carboxymethyl cellulose and Pluronic F68 protect the dinoflagellate Protoceratium reticulatum against shear-associated damage
Genetic algorithm-based medium optimization for a toxic dinoflagellate microalga
Effects of hydroxyurea on monoclonal antibody production induced by anti-mIgG and LPS stimulation on murine B cell hybridomas
Culture of dinoflagellates in a fed-batch and continuous stirred-tank photobioreactors: Growth, oxidative stress and toxin production
Causes of shear sensitivity of the toxic dinoflagellate protoceratium reticulatum
Macronutrients requirements of the dinoflagellate Protoceratium reticulatum
Adaptation of the baculovirus-producer Spodoptera exigua Se301 cell line to serum-free medium
Lipids accumulation in Chlorella protothecoides through mixotrophic and heterotrophic cultures for biodiesel production
Influence of turbulence on the adaptation of the baculovirus-producer Spodoptera exigua Se301 cell line to suspension culture
Effects of antioxidants addition on the marine dinoflagellates biotoxin production
El impacto de las mareas rojas en el sector alimentario: medidas correctoras
Analysis of kinetic, stoichiometry and regulation of glucose and glutamine metabolism in hybridoma batch cultures using logistic equations
Effects of synchronization on CD40 expression and antibody production in hybridoma cells stimulated with anti-mIgG
New culture approaches for yessotoxin production from the dinoflagellate Protoceratium reticulatum
Induction of CD40 expression and enhancement of monoclonal antibody production on murine B cell hybridomas by cross-linking of igg receptors
Biotechnological significance of toxic marine dinoflagellates
Photobioreactor design and fluid dynamics
Determination of shear stress thresholds in toxic dinoflagellates cultured in shaken flasks. Implications in bioprocess engineering
Enhanced monoclonal antibody production in hybridoma cells by LPS and anti-mIgG
Culturing marine sponge explants
Sustained growth of explants from mediterranean sponge Crambe crambe cultured in vitro with enriched RPMI 1640
Mixotrophic production of marine microalga Phaeodactylum tricornutum on various carbon sources
Effects of agitation on the microalgae Phaeodactylum tricornutum and Porphyridium cruentum
A bioreaction-diffusion model for growth of marine sponge explants in bioreactors
Shear effects on suspended marine sponge cells
Mixotrophic growth of the microalga Phaeodactylum tricornutum: Influence of different nitrogen and organic carbon sources on productivity and biomass composition
Pilot-plant-scale outdoor mixotrophic cultures of Phaeodactylum tricornutum using glycerol in vertical bubble column and airlift photobioreactors: Studies in fed-batch mode
Mixing in bubble columns: a new approach for characterizing dispersion coefficients
Mixing in bubble column and airlift reactors
A mechanistic model of photosynthesis in microalgae
Shear stress tolerance and biochemical characterization of Phaeodactylum tricornutum in quasi steady-state continuous culture in outdoor photobioreactors
Analysis of photobioreactors for culturing high-value microalgae and cyanobacteria via an advanced diagnostic technique: CARPT
Producing drugs from marine sponges
Growth and biochemical characterization of microalgal biomass produced in bubble column and airlift photobioreactors: studies in fed-batch culture
Biomass nutrient profiles of the microalga Nannochloropsis
Carboxymethyl cellulose protects algal cells against hydrodynamic stress
Bubble-column and airlift photobioreactors for algal culture
Effects of mechanical and hydrodynamic stress in agitated, sparged cultures of Porphyridium cruentum
Modeling of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) production from Phaeodactylum tricornutum cultures in tubular photobioreactors. Effects of dilution rate, tube diameter, and solar irradiance
Carbon dioxide uptake efficiency by outdoor microalgal cultures in tubular airlift photobioreactors
Mixotrophic growth of Phaeodactylum tricornutum on glycerol: Growth rate and fatty acid profile
Computer-automated radioactive particle tracking (CARPT) applied to microalgal photobioreactors.
Photobioreactors: Light regime, mass transfer, and scaleup
Photobioreactors: Light regime, mass transfer, and scaleup
Use of concentric-tube airlift photobioreactors for microalgal outdoor mass cultures
Photobioreactors: light regime, mass transfer, and scaleup
Influence of sparger on energy dissipation, shear rate, and mass transfer to sea water in a concentric-tube airlift bioreactor
Comparative evaluation of compact photobioreactors for large-scale monoculture of microalgae
Prediction of dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide concentration profiles in tubular photobioreactors for microalgal culture
Modeling of biomass productivity in tubular photobioreactors for microalgal cultures: Effects of dilution rate, tube diameter, and solar irradiance
Studies of mixing in a concentric tube airlift bioreactor with different spargers
State variable synthesis of single-resistance-controlled grounded capacitor oscillators using only two CFOAs: additional new realisations
Interaction between CO2-mass transfer, light availability, and hydrodynamic stress in the growth of Phaeodactylum tricornutum in a concentric tube airlift photobioreactor
Photolimitation and photoinhibition as factors determining optimal dilution rate to produce eicosapentaenoic acid from cultures of the microalga Isochrysis galbana
A model for light distribution and average solar irradiance inside outdoor tubular photobioreactors for the microalgal mass culture
Evaluation of photosynthetic efficiency in microalgal cultures using averaged irradiance
A study on simultaneous photolimitation and photoinhibition in dense microalgal cultures taking into account incident and averaged irradiances
Productivity analysis of outdoor chemostat culture in tubular air-lift photobioreactors
Optimization of light and temperature for growing Chlorella sp. using response surface methodology
Growth yield determination in a chemostat culture of the marine microalgaIsochrysis galbana
Concentration and purification of stearidonic, eicosapentaenoic, and docosahexaenoic acids from cod liver oil and the marine microalga Isochrysis galbana
Variation of fatty acid profile with solar cycle in outdoor chemostat culture of Isochrysis galbana ALII-4
The influence of temperature on the growth and fatty-acid composition of Skeletonema costatum in a batch photobioreactor
Biomass and icosapentaenoic acid productivities from an outdoor batch culture of Phaeodactylum tricornutum UTEX 640 in an airlift tubular photobioreactor
The production of polyunsaturated fatty acids by microalgae: from strain selection to product purification
Influence of light intensity on the biochemical composition of the marine microalga Tetraselmis sp.
Las microalgas como fuente de productos quimicos.
[Microalgae as a source of chemical products]
Outdoor culture of Isochrysis galbana ALII-4 in a closed tubular photobioreactor
Comparison between extraction of lipids and fatty acids from microalgal biomass
Preservation of the marine microalga, Isochrysis galbana: influence on the fatty acid profile
Effect of growth rate on the eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid content of Isochrysis galbana in chemostat culture
A mathematical model of microalgal growth in light-limited chemostat culture
Effect of dilution rate on eicosapentaenoic acid productivity of Phaeodactylum tricornutum utex 640 in outdoor chemostat culture
Outdoor chemostat culture of Phaeodactylum tricornutum UTEX 640 in a tubular photobioreactor for the production of eicosapentaenoic acid
Biochemical productivity and fatty acid profiles of Isochrysis galbana Parke and Tetraselmis sp. as a function of incident light intensity
Quantitative genetics of fatty acid variation in Isochrysis galbana (Prymnesiophyceae) and Phaeodactylum tricornutum (Bacillariophyceae)
Outdoor turbidostat culture of the marine microalga Tetraselmis sp.
Estudio de macronutrientes para la producción de PUFAs a partir de la microalga marina Isochrysis galbana
Improvement of the EPA content in isolates of Isochrysis galbana
n-3 PUFA productivity in chemostat cultures of microalgae
Cuantificación de ácidos grasos a partir de biomasa microalgal
The influence of culture media and aeration rate on the growth and fatty-acid content of Skeletonema costatum
Isolation of clones of Isochrysis galbana rich in eicosapentaenoic acid
EPA from Isochrysis galbana. Growth conditions and productivity
Fatty acid variation among different isolates of a single strain of Isochrysis galbana
Growth and biochemical composition with emphasis on the fatty acids of Tetraselmis sp.
The influence of temperature and the initial N:P ratio on the growth of microalgae Tetraselmis sp.
The influence of flow rate and the composition of supplied CO2/air mixtures on discontinuous growth of Tetraselmis sp.
Determinación de ácidos grasos en microalgas marinas. Comparación de diversos métodos de extracción de la fracción lipídica.
Libros, capítulos, tesis Todos / Ninguno
Photobioreactors - Models of Photosynthesis and Related Effects
Bioreactors: airlift reactors
Production of EPA from Phaeodactylum tricornutum
Conferencias Todos / Ninguno
Estudio de la influencia del contenido de macronutrientes del medio en el crecimiento del dinoflafgelado" Protoceratium reticulatum"
Daño celular por fuerzas de corte en cultivos de dinoflagelados tóxicos
Modelo mecanístico para el crecimiento de dinoflagelados tóxicos: caso de" Protoceratium reticulatum"
Ingeniería de Bioprocesos con dinoflagelados: experiencias preliminares
Cultivation of explants of the marine sponge Crambe crambe in closed systems
Assessment of the photosynthetically active incident radiation in outdoor photobioreactors using oxalic acid/uranyl sulfate chemical actinometer
Scale-up of tubular photobioreactors
Photobioreactors: Light regime, mass transfer, and scaleup
Comparative evaluation of compact photobioreactors for large-scale monoculture of microalgae
Photobioreactors: light regime, mass transfer, and scaleup
Patentes Todos / Ninguno
Microalga marina y su empleo en acuicultura y en la obtención de ácidos grasos poliinsaturados
Método para la cuantificación fluoirimétrica de la enzima LDH en disolución
Procedimiento para obtener extracto de pulpo, el producto obtenido y su aplicación como suplemento para el cultivo y criopreservación de tejido y de células en suspensión de invertebrados marinos
Dispositivo para el cultivo de microorganismos fotosintéticos y la producción de biomasa rica en ácido eicosapentaenoico
Informes y otros Todos / Ninguno
Data on the Amphidinium carterae Dn241EHU isolation and morphological and molecular characterization
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