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Soil sodium, magnesium and potassium contents contribute to metals uptake and accumulation in leaves of Atriplex halimus in tailings ponds
Environmental pollution and depth distribution of metal(loid)s and rare earth elements in mine tailing
The impact of crop diversification, tillage and fertilization type on soil total microbial, fungal and bacterial abundance: A worldwide meta-analysis of agricultural sites
A first-year melon/cowpea intercropping system improves soil nutrients and changes the soil microbial community
Modeling Soil Carbon Under Diverse Cropping Systems and Farming Management in Contrasting Climatic Regions in Europe
Measurement of the broadband complex permittivity of soils in the frequency domain with a low-cost Vector Network Analyzer and an Open-Ended coaxial probe
Perennial alley cropping contributes to decrease soil CO<inf>2</inf> and N<inf>2</inf>O emissions and increase soil carbon sequestration in a Mediterranean almond orchard
A comprehensive assessment of diversified cropping systems on agro-environmental sustainability in three Mediterranean long-term field experiments
Nitrogen Assessment in Amended Mining Soils Sown with Coronilla juncea and Piptatherum miliaceum
Decision Pattern for Changing Polluted Areas into Recreational Places
Agricultural Diversification
Soil Water Content Prediction Using Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) in Mediterranean Tree Orchard Soils
Long-Term Compost Amendment Changes Interactions and Specialization in the Soil Bacterial Community, Increasing the Presence of Beneficial N-Cycling Genes in the Soil
Changes in bacterial and fungal soil communities in long-term organic cropping systems
Cowpea crop response to mineral and organic fertilization in SE Spain
Short-term impact of crop diversification on soil carbon fluxes and balance in rainfed and irrigated woody cropping systems under semiarid Mediterranean conditions
Are the soils and vegetation of a forest close to tailings ponds affected by metals and arsenic?
Changes in Bacterial and Fungal Soil Communities in Long-Term Organic Cropping Systems
Barriers and Opportunities for the Implementation of Sustainable Farming Practices in Mediterranean Tree Orchards
Inoculation with different nitrogen-fixing bacteria and arbuscular mycorrhiza affects grain protein content and nodule bacterial communities of a fava bean crop
The impact of intercropping, tillage and fertilizer type on soil and crop yield in fruit orchards under Mediterranean conditions: A meta-analysis of field studies
Changes in carbon pools and enzyme activities in soil amended with pig slurry derived from different feeding diets and filtration process
Use of Piptatherum miliaceum to enable the establishment success of Salvia rosmarinus in Technosols developed from pyritic tailings
Low density-microplastics detected in sheep faeces and soil: A case study from the intensive vegetable farming in Southeast Spain
A laboratory comparison of the interactions between three plastic mulch types and 38 active substances found in pesticides
Comparison of soil organic carbon pools, microbial activity and crop yield and quality in two vegetable multiple cropping systems under mediterranean conditions
Kaolinite neoformation from palygorskite in the rhizosphere of citrus trees in semi-arid regions
A comparative greenhouse gas emissions study of legume and non-legume crops grown using organic and conventional fertilizers
Does the use of cowpea in rotation with a vegetable crop improve soil quality and crop yield and quality? A field study in SE Spain
Is aided phytostabilization a suitable technique for the remediation of tailings?
Yield, quality and soil greenhouse gas emissions in organic and conventional fava bean crops
Effect of land use and soil properties in the feasibility of two sequential extraction procedures for metals fractionation
Comparing legumes for use in multiple cropping to enhance soil organic carbon, soil fertility, aggregates stability and vegetables yields under semi-arid conditions
Effectiveness of pig sludge as organic amendment of different textural class mine tailings with different periods of amendment-contact time
Phytoremediation of mine tailings with Atriplex halimus and organic/inorganic amendments: A five-year field case study
Greenhouse gas emissions and soil organic matter dynamics in woody crop orchards with different irrigation regimes
Evaluation of the performance of chemical extractants to mobilise metals for remediation of contaminated samples
Cultivation of Opuntia ficus-indica under different soil management practices: A possible sustainable agricultural system to promote soil carbon sequestration and increase soil microbial biomass and activity
Pepper crop residues and chemical fertilizers effect on soil fertility, yield and nutritional status in a crop of Brassica oleracea
Organic matter dynamics, soil aggregation and microbial biomass and activity in Technosols created with metalliferous mine residues, biochar and marble waste
Bioaugmentaton in Technosols created in abandoned pyritic tailings can contribute to enhance soil C sequestration and plant colonization
Native soil organic matter conditions the response of microbial communities to organic inputs with different stability
Reclamation of a mine tailings pond by addition of marble waste and pig slurry for the development of aided phytostabilization
Nutritional status and its interaction with soil properties and trace elements in six Mediterranean shrub species grown in reclaimed pyritic tailings
Use of Piptatherum miliaceum for the phytomanagement of biochar amended Technosols derived from pyritic tailings to enhance soil aggregation and reduce metal(loid) mobility
Assessment of metals behaviour in industrial soil using sequential extraction, multivariable analysis and a geostatistical approach
Microbial growth and community structure in acid mine soils after addition of different amendments for soil reclamation
Effects of Biochar and Marble mud on Mine Waste Properties to Reclaim Tailing Ponds
Efficient irrigation management can contribute to reduce soil CO2 emissions in agriculture
Stability, nutrient availability and hydrophobicity of biochars derived from manure, crop residues, and municipal solid waste for their use as soil amendments
Do we really need large spectral libraries for local scale SOC assessment with NIR spectroscopy?
Evaluation of the suitability of three Mediterranean shrub species for phytostabilization of pyritic mine soils
Influence of population density on the concentration and speciation of metals in the soil and street dust from urban areas
Effect of South American grazing camelids on soil fertility and vegetation at the Bolivian Andean grasslands
Combination of Low-Cost Technologies for Pig Slurry Purification under Semiarid Mediterranean Conditions
Influence of cropping system management and crop residue addition on soil carbon turnover through the microbial biomass
Identification of sensitive indicators to assess the interrelationship between soil quality, management practices and human health
Evaluation of carbon and nitrogen dynamics in different soil types amended with pig slurry, pig manure and its biochar by chemical and thermogravimetric analysis
Main factors controlling microbial community structure and function after reclamation of a tailing pond with aided phytostabilization
Assessment of environmental risk of reclaimed mining ponds using geophysics and geochemical techniques
Seedling emergence, growth and trace elements tolerance and accumulation by Lamiaceae species in a mine soil
Carbon and nitrogen mineralization during decomposition of crop residues in a calcareous soil
Nitrogen Dynamic in Soils Amended with Legislated and Extremely High Doses of Pig Slurry
Assessment of soil organic carbon at local scale with spiked NIR calibrations: Effects of selection and extra-weighting on the spiking subset
Metals and metalloids in primary gold mining districts of Western Bolivia: anthropogenic and natural sources
Marble wastes and pig slurry improve the environmental and plant-relevant properties of mine tailings
Effects of pepper crop residues and inorganic fertilizers on soil properties relevant to carbon cycling and broccoli production
Changes in Soil Microbial Community Structure Influenced by Agricultural Management Practices in a Mediterranean Agro-Ecosystem
Soil properties as key factors controlling water repellency in fire-affected areas: Evidences from burned sites in Spain and Israel
Carbon stocks and dynamics in grazing highlands from the Andean Plateau
Carbon mineralization, microbial activity and metal dynamics in tailing ponds amended with pig slurry and marble waste
Assessment of the lead and zinc contents in natural soils and tailing ponds from the Cartagena-La Union mining district, SE Spain
Effect of marble waste and pig slurry on the growth of native vegetation and heavy metal mobility in a mine tailing pond
Plant Cover and Soil Biochemical Properties in a Mine Tailing Pond Five Years After Application of Marble Wastes and Organic Amendments
The Effect of Former Mining Activities on Contamination Dynamics in Sediments, Surface Water and Vegetation in El Avenque Stream, SE Spain
Stability of tailings ponds in the mining district of mazarrón (SE spain): Potential risks for the moreras rambla,Estudio de estabilidad en depósitos de lodos del distrito minero de mazarrón (SE españa): Riesgos potenciales sobre la rambla de las moreras
Arylesterase activity in trace element contaminated soils
Stability of tailings ponds in the mining district of Mazarron (SE Spain): potential risks for the Moreras Rambla
Multivariate statistical and GIS-based approach to evaluate heavy metals behavior in mine sites for future reclamation
Soil microbial biomass and activity under different agricultural management systems in a semiarid Mediterranean agroecosystem
Influence of plant species on physical, chemical and biological soil properties in a Mediterranean forest soil
Storage Effects on Biochemical Properties of Air-Dried Soil Samples from Southeastern Spain
Comparison of Soil Physical, Chemical, and Biochemical Properties Among Native Forest, Maintained and Abandoned Almond Orchards in Mountainous Areas of Eastern Spain
Changes in soil microbial community structure following the abandonment of agricultural terraces in mountainous areas of Eastern Spain
A protocol for the assay of arylesterase activity in soil
Validating the effectiveness and sensitivity of two soil quality indices based on natural forest soils under Mediterranean conditions
Near infrared spectroscopy for determination of various physical, chemical and biochemical properties in Mediterranean soils
Soil properties under natural forest in the Alicante province of Spain
Factors controlling the water repellency induced by fire in calcareous Mediterranean forest soils
Microbial biomass and activity of an agricultural soil amended with the solid phase of pig slurries
Evaluation of soil quality using multiple lineal regression based on physical, chemical and biochemical properties
Assessing the effects of air-drying and rewetting pre-treatment on soil microbial biomass, basal respiration, metabolic quotient and soluble carbon under Mediterranean conditions
Assessing air-drying and rewetting pre-treatment effect on some soil enzyme activities under Mediterranean conditions
Libros, capítulos, tesis Todos / Ninguno
Soil Management and Climate Change: Effects on Organic Carbon, Nitrogen Dynamics, and Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Concluding Remarks
Soil Management and Climate Change: Effects on Organic Carbon, Nitrogen Dynamics, and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Environmental Risk Assessment of Tailings Ponds Using Geophysical and Geochemical Techniques
Effect of artesanal gold mine activities on metals and metalloids contents in soils and sediments from apolobamba, Bolivia
Camelid populations and soil classification and fertility in the northwest of la paz (Bolivia)
Suitability of different mediterranean plants for phytoremediation of mine soils affected with cadmium
Risk assessment for the environment, population and infrastructures of some abandoned tailing ponds in the mining district of Cartagena-La Union (SE Spain)
Short term effects of treated waste water irrigation on soil: Influence on chemical soil properties
Conferencias Todos / Ninguno
A landscape design approach for the sustainable reclamation activities of a post-mining area in Cartagena, SE Spain
Estimation of the maximum temperature reached in burned soils using near-infrared spectroscopy: Effects of soil sample pre-treatments
Spiking of NIR regional models using samples from target sites: Effect of model size on prediction accuracy
Effects of agricultural management on surface soil properties and soil-water losses in eastern Spain
Immediate effects of wildfires on water repellency and aggregate stability in Mediterranean calcareous soils
The presence of ash as an interference factor in the estimation of the maximum temperature reached in burned soils using near-infrared spectroscopy (NIR)
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Composition of Soil Fungal and Bacterial Communities and their Relation with Soil Physicochemical Properties under different Agricultural managements in a Mediterranean Almond Orchard
Assessment of a low-cost Handheld Vector Network Analyzer to Measure the Broadband Complex Permittivity of Soils
Use of alley cropping in a Mediterranean mandarin orchard: an alternative to improve soil fertility
Modelling soil carbon under diverse cropping systems and farming management in contrasting climatic regions in Europe
Changes on Bacterial and Fungal Soil Communities in Long-Term Organic Cropping Systems
Low density-microplastics detected in sheep faeces and soil: A case study from the intensive vegetable farming in Southeast Spain
Plastic mulch in agriculture: the case of low density polyethylene and its interactions with pesticides and soil microbiota
Plastic mulch debris in agriculture: accumulation and interactions with pesticides and soil microbiota
Intercropping fava bean with broccoli can improve soil properties while maintaining crop production under Mediterranean conditions
Interactions between agricultural mulching plastic debris and pesticides
A comparison between vegetable intercropping systems and monocultures in greenhouse gas emissions under organic management
Correction: Changes in soil microbial community structure influenced by agricultural management practices in a Mediterranean agro-ecosystem
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