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A comparative study of the correction of systematic errors in the quantitation of pyrethroids in vegetables using calibration curves prepared using standards in pure solvent

  • L. Cuadros-Rodríguez
  • D. Picón-Zamora
  • José Luis Martínez Vidal
  • M. D. Gil-García
  • T. López-López
  • M. Martínez-Galera

Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry - 1/3/2003


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Analysis and evaluation of (neuro)peptides in honey bees exposed to pesticides in field conditions

  • Gómez-Ramos M.
  • Gómez Ramos M.
  • Martínez Galera M.
  • Gil García M.
  • Fernández-Alba A.

Environmental Pollution - 1/4/2018


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Analysis of ?-blockers in groundwater using large-volume injection coupled-column reversed-phase liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection and liquid chromatography time-of-flight mass spectrometry

  • Galera M.
  • Vázquez P.
  • Vázquez M.
  • García M.
  • Amate C.

Journal of Separation Science - 1/8/2011


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Application of coupled-column liquid chromatography combined with post-column photochemically induced fluorimetry derivatization and fluorescence detection to the determination of pyrethroid insecticides in vegetable samples

  • Vázquez P.
  • García M.
  • Martínez D.
  • Galera M.

Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry - 1/3/2005


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Application of partial least-squares calibration to phosphorimetric data for determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in spiked environmental samples

  • Segura Carretero A.
  • Martínez Galera M.
  • Cruces Blanco C.
  • Gil García M.
  • Fernández Gutiérrez A.
  • Martínez Vidal J.

Journal of AOAC International - 1/3/2000


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Application of the doehlert design to optimize the signal obtained in photochemically induced fluorescence for the determination of eight phenylureas

  • Gil-García M.
  • Martínez-Galera M.
  • Parrilla-Vázquez P.
  • Mughari A.
  • Ortiz-Rodríguez I.

Journal of Fluorescence - 1/3/2008


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Assessment of metal contamination in Doñana national park (Spain) using crayfish (Procamburus clarkii)

  • Sánchez López F.
  • García M.
  • Martínez Vidal J.
  • Aguilera P.
  • Frenich A.

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment - 1/4/2004


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Benzimidazole and imidazole fungicide analysis in grape and wine samples using a competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

  • Uclés A.
  • García A.
  • Gil García M.
  • Aguilera Del Real A.
  • Fernández-Alba A.

Analytical Methods - 1/1/2015


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Benzoylphenylurea residues in peppers and zucchinis grown in greenhouses: Determination of decline times and pre-harvest intervals by modelling

  • López-López T.
  • Martínez-Vidal J.
  • Gil-García M.
  • Martínez-Galera M.
  • Rodríguez-Lallena J.

Pest Management Science - 1/2/2004


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Chemometric assisted solid-phase microextraction for the determination of anti-inflammatory and antiepileptic drugs in river water by liquid chromatography-diode array detection

  • Vera-Candioti L.
  • Gil García M.
  • Martínez Galera M.
  • Goicoechea H.

Journal of Chromatography A - 21/11/2008


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Biodegradación de TNT por la cepa pseudomonas sp. JLR11

  • Luis Enrique Martín Otero
  • M.D. Gil García
  • M.M. Agrelo Llaverol
  • J.C. Cabria Ramos
  • Fernando Mourenza Fernández

Globalización medioambiental: perspectivas agrosanitarias y urbanas : Actas del I Congreso Internacional de Veterinaria y Medio Ambiente : Madrid, octubre 1998 - 2000

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El Portafolio como Herramienta de Evaluación en los Grados de Química y Ciencias Ambientales

  • María del Mar Socías Viciana
  • M.D. Gil García
  • María Dolores Ureña Amate
  • M. Andujar Sánchez
  • E. Ortiz Salmerón

El reconocimiento docente. Innovar e investigar con criterios de calidad: XII Jornadas de redes de investigación en docencia universitaria - 2014

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A study of fenpropathrin residues in tomatoes and green beans grown in greenhouses in Spain

  • Galera M.
  • Vidal J.
  • Gonzalez F.
  • Garcia M.

Pesticide Science - 1/1/1997


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Evaluation of multiwavelength chromatograms for the quantification of mixtures of pesticides by high-performance liquid chromatography-diode array detection with multivariate calibration

  • Martínez Galera M.
  • Martínez Vidal J.
  • Garrido Frenich A.
  • Gil García M.

Journal of Chromatography A - 22/8/1997


Número de citas: 31 (Web of Science) 32 (Scopus)

New method for the photo-chemiluminometric determination of benzoylurea insecticides based on acetonitrile chemiluminescence

  • García M.
  • Galera M.
  • Valverde R.

Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry - 1/3/2007


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Resolution of overlapping peaks in HPLC with diode array detection by application of partial least squares calibration to cross-sections of spectrochromatograms

  • Gil García M.
  • Garrido Frenich A.
  • Martínez Vidal J.
  • Martínez Galera M.
  • Muñoz De La Peña A.
  • Salinas F.

Analytica Chimica Acta - 20/8/1997


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