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COVID-19 stressors and health behaviors: A multilevel longitudinal study across 86 countries
Predictors of adherence to public health behaviors for fighting COVID-19 derived from longitudinal data
Willingness to sacrifice among convicted Islamist terrorists versus violent gang members and other criminals
Effects of sex and authoritarianism on legitimization of police abuses
Blindspots in acculturation research: An agenda for studying majority culture change
Strongly fused individuals feel viscerally responsible to self-sacrifice
Using machine learning to identify important predictors of COVID-19 infection prevention behaviors during the early phase of the pandemic
The values we share: A multi‐method approach to understanding how perceived outgroup values are related to attitudes towards immigrants
Positive contact with working-class people reduces personal contribution to inequality
Spiritual over physical formidability determines willingness to fight and sacrifice through loyalty in cross-cultural populations
Intentions to be Vaccinated Against COVID-19: The Role of Prosociality and Conspiracy Beliefs across 20 Countries
Tolerance towards difference: Adaptation and psychometric properties of the Spanish version of a new measure of tolerance and sex-moderated relations with prejudice
Situational materialism increases climate change scepticism in men compared to women
Cooperation and Trust Across Societies During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Associations of risk perception of COVID-19 with emotion and mental health during the pandemic
Intergenerational conflicts of interest and prosocial behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic
Lives versus Livelihoods? Perceived economic risk has a stronger association with support for COVID-19 preventive measures than perceived health risk
Admiration for Islamist groups encourages self-sacrifice through identity fusion
Why True Believers Make the Ultimate Sacrifice: Sacred Values, Moral Convictions, or Identity Fusion?
Politicization of COVID-19 health-protective behaviors in the United States: Longitudinal and cross-national evidence
Why People Enter and Embrace Violent Groups
‘We are all in the same boat’: How societal discontent affects intention to help during the COVID-19 pandemic
Lockdown Lives: A Longitudinal Study of Inter-Relationships Among Feelings of Loneliness, Social Contacts, and Solidarity During the COVID-19 Lockdown in Early 2020
Outgroup threat and the emergence of cohesive groups: A cross-cultural examination
Awareness of the Psychological Bias of Naïve Realism Can Increase Acceptance of Cultural Differences
Exploring the intergroup consequences of majority members' perceptions that minority members want majority members to adopt the minority culture
Identity fusion predicts violent pro-group behavior when it is morally justifiable
Subjective status and perceived legitimacy across countries
Ambivalent Effects of Positive Contact Between Women and Men on Collective Actions for Women’s Rights
Verification of ingroup morality promotes willingness to participate in collective action for immigrants’ rights
Prejudice against members of a ridiculed working-class group
Threat Enhances Aggressive Inclinations Among Devoted Actors Via Increase in Their Relative Physical Formidability
Recent advances, misconceptions, untested assumptions, and future research agenda for identity fusion theory
Milling with ceramic inserts of austempered ductile iron (ADI): process conditions and performance
Immigration: an invasion or an opportunity to the country. The effect of real news frames of immigration on ethnic attitudes (Inmigración: invasión u oportunidad para el país. El efecto del enfoque de noticias reales sobre la inmigración en las actitudes étnicas)
Liking Low-Status? Contextual and Individual Differences in Attributional Biases of Low-Status Outgroup Members
Why people abandon groups: Degrading relational vs collective ties uniquely impacts identity fusion and identification
Why die for my sibling? The positive association between identity fusion and imagined loss with endorsement of self-sacrifice / Por que morir por un hermano? La asociacion positiva entre la fusion de identidad y la perdida imaginada con la disposicion al autosacrificio
More than ideology: perceived unfairness differentiates supporters of a new anti-austerity party from supporters of traditional left-wing parties
Winning at any cost: Identity fusion, group essence, and maximizing ingroup advantage
How do others influence our attitudes? Analysis of the primus inter pares effect and mediating variables associated with this process
Many labs 2: Investigating variation in replicability across samples and settings
You Just Don't Get Us ! Positive, but Non-Verifying, Evaluations Foster Prejudice and Discrimination
Depersonalized extended contact and injunctive norms about cross-group friendship impact intergroup orientations
Identity fusion predicts endorsement of pro-group behaviours targeting nationality, religion, or football in Brazilian samples
Altruistic Behavior among Twins Willingness to Fight and Self-Sacrifice for Their Closest Relatives
Altruistic Behavior among Twins Willingness to Fight and Self- Sacrifice for Their Closest Relatives (vol 29, pg 1, 2017)
The devoted actor's will to fight and the spiritual dimension of human conflict
Gulliver’s Politics: Conservatives Envision Potential Enemies as Readily Vanquished and Physically Small
Do historic threats to the group diminish identity fusion and its correlates?
How we think they see us? Valence and difficulty of retrieval as moderators of the effect of meta-stereotype activation on intergroup orientations
Sharing genes fosters identity fusion and altruism
Collateral damage for ingroup members having outgroup friends: Effects of normative versus counternormative interactions with an outgroup
Morir y matar por una grupo o unos valores. Estrategias para evitar, reducir y/o erradicar el comportamiento grupal extremista
The Dynamic Identity Fusion Index: A New Continuous Measure of Identity Fusion for Web-Based Questionnaires
Personal identity and social identity: two different processes or a single one?
From interpersonal to extended fusion: relationships between fusion with siblings and fusion with the country
The power of 'feeling one' with a group: identity fusion and extreme pro-group behaviours
Moral Vitalism: Seeing Good and Evil as Real, Agentic Forces
Fusion with the Cross-Gender Group Predicts Genital Sex Reassignment Surgery
Fusion with the Cross-Gender Group Predicts Genital Sex Reassignment Surgery (vol 44, pg 1313, 2015)
Readiness to deny group's wrongdoing and willingness to fight for its members: the role of Poles' identity fusion with the country and religious group
What Makes a Group Worth Dying for? Identity Fusion Fosters Perception of Familial Ties, Promoting Self-Sacrifice
Contemplating the ultimate sacrifice: Identity fusion channels pro-group affect, cognition, and moral decision making.
Verification of Ingroup Identity as a Longitudinal Mediator between Intergroup Contact and Outgroup Evaluation
Responses to Endorsement of Commonality by Ingroup and Outgroup Members:The Roles of Group Representation and Threat
Clinical Utility of the Bem Sex Role Inventory (BSRI) in the Spanish Transsexual and Nontranssexual Population
Rejected and Excluded Forevermore, but Even More Devoted: Irrevocable Ostracism Intensifies Loyalty to the Group Among Identity-Fused Persons
On the Nature of Identity Fusion: Insights Into the Construct and a New Measure
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Correction: Politicization of COVID-19 health-protective behaviors in the United States: Longitudinal and cross-national evidence (PLoS ONE (2021) 16:10 (e0256740) DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0256740)
How Identity Fusion Predicts Extreme Pro-Group Orientations: A Meta-Analysis
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