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RESEKRA: Remote Enrollment Using SEaled Keys for Remote Attestation
Sensing Capacity in Dysprosium Metal–Organic Frameworks Based on 5-Aminoisophthalic Acid Ligand
Reconfigurable Electronic Platforms: A Top-Down Approach to Learn about Design and Integration of Electronic Systems
Selectivity of Relative Humidity Using a CP Based on S-Block Metal Ions
Edge Intelligence: Concepts, architectures, applications and future directions
On the practical evaluation of the switching loss in the secondary side rectifiers of LLC converters
Facile manufacturing of sub-mm thick CNT-based RC filters
Camera-lidar multi-level sensor fusion for target detection at the network edge
Memcapacitor and meminductor circuit emulators: A review
Design and implementation of a floating meminductor emulator upon Riordan gyrator
In situ synthesis of fluorescent silicon nanodots for determination of total carbohydrates in a paper microfluidic device combined with laser prepared graphene heater
Air-Writing Character Recognition with Ultrasonic Transceivers
Gesture Recognition With Ultrasounds and Edge Computing
Advanced control methods for Asymmetrical Half-bridge Flyback
Automatic Label Creation Framework for FMCW Radar Images Using Camera data
Object Positioning Algorithm Based on Multidimensional Scaling and Optimization for Synthetic Gesture Data Generation
Printed and flexible microheaters based on carbon nanotubes
Meminductor emulator based on a modified antoniou’s gyrator circuit
Rational design of an unusual 2D-MOF based on Cu(i) and 4-hydroxypyrimidine-5-carbonitrile as linker with conductive capabilities: a theoretical approach based on high-pressure XRD
Synchronous Rectifiers Drain Voltage Overshoot Reduction in PSFB Converters
Comparison of laser-synthetized nanographene-based electrodes for flexible supercapacitors
Portable instrument for hemoglobin determination using room-temperature phosphorescent carbon dots
Dual-Band Store-and-Use System for RF Energy Harvesting with Off-the-Shelf DC/DC Converters
Fabrication and characterization of humidity sensors based on graphene Oxide-PEDOT:PSS composites on a flexible substrate
Carbon Dots as Sensing Layer for Printed Humidity and Temperature Sensors
Optimization of Cost-Effective and Reproducible Flexible Humidity Sensors Based on Metal-Organic Frameworks
Trench: Ultra-low power wireless communication protocol for iot and energy harvesting
Resistive Switching in Graphene Oxide
Cost-Effective Printed Electrodes Based on Emerging Materials Applied to Biosignal Acquisition
Screen Printed Security-Button for Radio Frequency Identification Tags
Non-Linear Capacitance of Si SJ MOSFETs in Resonant Zero Voltage Switching Applications
Modulation Scheme for the Bidirectional Operation of the Phase-Shift Full-Bridge Power Converter
A practical approach to the design of a highly efficient PSFB DC-DC converter for server applications
Efficient image-based analysis of fruit surfaces using CCD cameras and smartphones
Inexpensive and flexible nanographene-based electrodes for ubiquitous electrocardiogram monitoring
An Optimized Measurement Algorithm for Gas Sensors Based on Carbon Nanotubes: Optimizing Sensor Performance and Hardware Resources
Inexpensive Graphene Oxide Heaters Lithographed by Laser
Laser-Fabricated Reduced Graphene Oxide Memristors
Design, fabrication and characterization of capacitive humidity sensors based on emerging flexible technologies
Memcapacitor emulator based on the Miller effect
Wearable System for Biosignal Acquisition and Monitoring Based on Reconfigurable Technologies
Flexible and robust laser-induced graphene heaters photothermally scribed on bare polyimide substrates
Assessment of three electrolyte-molecule electrostatic interaction models for 2D material based BioFETs
A clustering-based method for single-channel fetal heart rate monitoring
Elliptic Curve Cryptography hardware accelerator for high-performance secure servers
Non-Intrusive Tank-Filling Sensor Based on Sound Resonance
Resonant Hybrid Flyback, a New Topology for High Density Power Adaptors
Reconfigurable electronics: Addressing the uncontrolled increase of waste electrical and electronic equipment
Unified compact ECC-AES co-processor with group-key support for IoT devices in wireless sensor networks
A Potassium Metal-Organic Framework based on Perylene-3,4,9,10-tetracarboxylate as Sensing Layer for Humidity Actuators
In-Depth Study of Laser Diode Ablation of Kapton Polyimide for Flexible Conductive Substrates
Design guidelines of laser reduced graphene oxide conformal thermistor for loT applications
A new area-efficient BCD-digit multiplier
Comments on "Fast architecture for decimal digit multiplication"
Validation of Instrumented Insoles for Measuring Height in Vertical Jump
Evaluation of a reconfigurable portable instrument for copper determination based on luminescent carbon dots
Hardware Activation by Means of PUFs and Elliptic Curve Cryptography in Field-Programmable Devices
Adaptative ECT system based on reconfigurable electronics
Design time optimization for hardware watermarking protection of HDL designs
Improvements for the applicability of power-watermarking to embedded IP cores protection: e-coreIPP
ECG processing on reconfigurable hardware for efficient artifact reduction
Noise Suppression in ECG Signals through Efficient One-Step Wavelet Processing Techniques
Efficient wavelet-based ECG processing for single-lead FHR extraction
An application of reconfigurable technologies for non-invasive fetal heart rate extraction
A reconstruction method for electrical capacitance tomography based on image fusion techniques
Study of the subthreshold swing of a pMOSFET as a dosimetric parameter
Portable reconfigurable instrument for analytical determinations using disposable electrochemiluminescent screen-printed electrodes
Thermal drift reduction with multiple bias current for MOSFET dosimeters
Flexible ECG acquisition system based on analog and digital reconfigurable devices
Digital and Analog Reconfiguration Techniques for Rapid Smart Sensor System Prototyping
Development of an Electrical Capacitance Tomography system using four rotating electrodes
Influence of design parameters of ECT sensors on the quality of reconstructed images
Conferencias Todos / Ninguno
Laser-Fabricated Antennas for RFID Applications
High efficiency, narrow output range and extended hold-up time power supply with planar and integrated magnetics for server applications
Study of wbg switches benefits on asymmetrical half-bridge flyback converter
Laser-fabricated flexible nanographene-based sensor for pH detection in saliva
Temperature sensing by Laser Reduced Graphene Oxide at different Laser Power Levels
Acoustic characterization of laser-induced graphene film thermoacoustic loudspeakers
Ultrasound technology for touchless HMI system: Finger tracker
Use of low-cost printed sensors with RF energy harvesting for IoT
Multipurpose sensing platform based on laser-reduced graphene oxide for flexible and ubiquitous electronics
Wearable biosignal acquisition system for decision aid
Multi-level analysis of spatio-temporal features in non-mass enhancing breast tumors
Reconfigurable instrument for measuring variations of capacitor's dielectric: an application to olive oil quality monitoring
The Driving Regulators of the Connectivity Protein Network of Brain Malignancies
Classification Algorithms for Fetal QRS Extraction in Abdominal ECG Signals
Dynamical Graph Theory Networks Techniques for the Analysis of Sparse Connectivity Networks in Dementia
Reconfigurable wearable to monitor physiological variables and movement
Hardware implementation of a new ECC key distribution protocol for securing Wireless Sensor Networks
Towards Project-Based Learning applied to the Electronic Engineering Studies
Parametrized ECT processing over FPGA for a reconfigurable application
Compact cryptoprocessor for securing wireless communications in FECG portable instrumentation
One-step wavelet-based processing for wandering and noise removing in ECG signals
Wavelets for full reconfigurable ECG acquisition system
An Imaging Method for Electrical Capacitance Tomography Based on Projections Multiplication
FPAA suitability as analog front-end for bio signals
Digital signature embedding technique for IP core protection
Merging FPGA and FPAA reconfiguration capabilities for IEEE 1451.4 compliant smart sensor applications
Exploiting analog and digital reconfiguration for smart sensor interfacing
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