González Moreno, Pedro Antonio Autor

Production of structured triglycerides rich in n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids by the acidolysis of cod liver oil and caprylic acid in a packed-bed reactor: Equilibrium and kinetics

  • Camacho Paez B.
  • Robles Medina A.
  • Camacho Rubio F.
  • González Moreno P.
  • Molina Grima E.

Chemical Engineering Science - 18/4/2002


Número de citas: 53 (Web of Science) 53 (Scopus)

Modeling the effect of free water on enzyme activity in immobilized lipase-catalyzed reactions in organic solvents

  • Paez, BC
  • Medina, AR
  • Rubio, FC
  • Moreno, PG
  • Grima, EM


10.1016/s0141-0229(03)00219-9 Ver en origen

Número de citas: 52 (Web of Science) 50 (Scopus)

Production of structured lipids by acidolysis of an EPA-enriched fish oil and caprylic acid in a packed bed reactor: Analysis of three different operation modes

  • González Moreno P.
  • Robles Medina A.
  • Camacho Rubio F.
  • Camacho Páez B.
  • Molina Grima E.

Biotechnology Progress - 1/7/2004


Número de citas: 30 (Web of Science) 30 (Scopus)

Production of structured triacylglycerols in an immobilised lipase packed-bed reactor: Batch mode operation

  • González Moreno P.
  • Robles Medina A.
  • Camacho Rubio F.
  • Camacho Páez B.
  • Esteban Cerdán L.
  • Molina Grima E.

Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology - 1/1/2005


Número de citas: 9 (Web of Science) 10 (Scopus)

Mechanistic model for the lipase-catalyzed alcoholysis of triacylglycerols

  • Camacho, F
  • Robles, A
  • Gonzalez, PA
  • Camacho, B
  • Esteban, L
  • Molina, E


10.1016/j.apcata.2005.11.021 Ver en origen

Número de citas: 21 (Web of Science) 21 (Scopus)

Modeling of the kinetic for the acidolysis of different triacylglycerols and caprylic acid catalyzed by Lipozyme IM immobilized in packed bed reactor

  • Camacho, Fernando
  • Robles, Alfonso
  • Camacho, Belen
  • Gonzalez, Pedro A.
  • Esteban, Luis
  • Molina, Emilio


10.1016/j.ces.2007.03.011 Ver en origen

Número de citas: 13 (Web of Science) 13 (Scopus)

Specificity of a DNA-based (DNAzyme) peroxidative biocatalyst

  • Rojas, A.M.
  • Gonzalez, P.A.
  • Antipov, E.
  • Klibanov, A.M.

Biotechnology Letters - 1/2/2007


Número de citas: 43 (Web of Science) 43 (Scopus)

Production of structured triacylglycerols (STAG) rich in docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) in position 2 by acidolysis of tuna oil catalyzed by lipases

  • Hita E.
  • Robles A.
  • Camacho B.
  • Ramírez A.
  • Esteban L.
  • Jiménez M.
  • Muñío M.
  • González P.
  • Molina E.
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Process Biochemistry - 1/3/2007


Número de citas: 56 (Web of Science) 64 (Scopus)

Lipid extraction from the microalga Phaeodactylum tricornutum

  • Fajardo, A.R.
  • Cerdán, L.E.
  • Medina, A.R.
  • Fernández, F.G.A.
  • Moreno, P.A.G.
  • Grima, E.M.

European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology - 16/3/2007


Número de citas: 131 (Web of Science) 168 (Scopus)

A modified Nukiyama-Tanasawa distribution function and a Rosin-Rammler model for the particle-size-distribution analysis

  • Gonzalez-Tello, P.
  • Camacho, F.
  • Vicaria, J. M.
  • Gonzalez, P. A.


10.1016/j.powtec.2007.12.011 Ver en origen

Número de citas: 61 (Web of Science) 80 (Scopus)

Manual de experimentación de reactores químicos y transferencia de materia

  • Mª C. Cerón García
  • Francisco Gabriel Acién Fernández
  • Pedro A. González Moreno


Número de citas:
  • Dialnet

Concentration of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) by selective alcoholysis catalyzed by lipases

  • Martin, L.
  • Gonzalez, P. A.
  • Robles, A.
  • Rodriguez, A.
  • Jimenez, M. J.
  • Hita, E.
  • Esteban, L.
  • Molina, E.
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10.1016/j.nbt.2009.06.503 Ver en origen

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