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On the 2-domination Number of Cylinders with Small Cycles
HPC acceleration of large (min, +) matrix products to compute domination-type parameters in graphs
HPC enables efficient 3D membrane segmentation in electron tomography
Powers of large matrices on GPU platforms to compute the Roman domination number of cylindrical graphs
Optimal fault-tolerant quantum comparators for image binarization
Efficient reversible quantum design of sign-magnitude to two’s complement converters
Parallel radiation dose computations with GENOCOP III on GPUs
On solving the unrelated parallel machine scheduling problem: active microrheology as a case study
A review on reversible quantum adders
Dynamics and friction of a large colloidal particle in a bath of hard spheres: Langevin dynamics simulations and hydrodynamic description
Finite size effects in active microrheology in colloids
Improving the energy efficiency of SMACOF for multidimensional scaling on modern architectures
An optimized quantum circuit for converting from sign–magnitude to two’s complement
A faster half subtractor circuit using reversible quantum gates
Hyperspectral image classification using isomap with SMACOF
Improving the performance and energy of Non-Dominated Sorting for evolutionary multiobjective optimization on GPU/CPU platforms
TomoEED: Fast edge-enhancing denoising of tomographic volumes
Non-dominated sorting procedure for Pareto dominance ranking on multicore CPU and/or GPU
Using low-power platforms for Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization algorithms
Accelerating the problem of microrheology in colloidal systems on a GPU
An approach to optimise the energy efficiency of iterative computation on integrated GPU–CPU systems
Exploring the performance–power–energy balance of low-power multicore and manycore architectures for anomaly detection in remote sensing
High performance computing for a 3-D optical diffraction tomographic application in fluid velocimetry
An efficient approach for solving the HP protein folding problem based on UEGO
Parallel resolution of the 3D Helmholtz equation based on multi-graphics processing unit clusters
Performance evaluation of kernel fusion BLAS routines on the GPU: iterative solvers as case study
A GPU implementation of a hybrid evolutionary algorithm: GPuEGO
Efficient implementation of hyperspectral anomaly detection techniques on GPUs and multicore processors
FastSpMM: An efficient library for sparse matrix matrix product on GPUs
High performance computing: an essential tool for science and engineering breakthroughs
Analysis and optimizations of global and local versions of the RX algorithm for anomaly detection in hyperspectral data
Automatic tuning of the sparse matrix vector product on GPUs based on the ELLR-T approach
Anomaly detection based on a parallel kernel RX algorithm for multicore platforms
Hybrid computing: CPU+GPU co-processing and its application to tomographic reconstruction
A new approach for sparse matrix vector product on NVIDIA GPUs
Adaptive load balancing of iterative computation on heterogeneous nondedicated systems
Matrix implementation of simultaneous iterative reconstruction technique (SIRT) on GPUs
Automatic tuning of iterative computation on heterogeneous multiprocessors with ADITHE
Vectorization with SIMD extensions speeds up reconstruction in electron tomography
A matrix approach to tomographic reconstruction and its implementation on GPUs
On a model of three-dimensional bursting and its parallel implementation
Three-dimensional bursting and parallel computing
High performance noise reduction for biomedical multidimensional data
Approaches based on permutations for partitioning sparse matrices on multiprocessors
Solving eigenproblems on multicomputers: Two different approaches
A VHDL library to analyse fault tolerant techniques
An approach to teaching computer arithmetic
Educational Issues on Number Representation and Arithmetic in Computers: An Undergraduate Laboratory
Parallel implementation for large and sparse eigenproblems
Libros, capítulos, tesis Todos / Ninguno
Virtual Screening Based on Electrostatic Similarity and Flexible Ligands
Studying the Cost of n-qubit Toffoli Gates
Increasing the Accuracy of Optipharm’s Virtual Screening Predictions by Implementing Molecular Flexibility
Simulación de un procesador ARM para la enseñanza de Estructura de Computadores
Scheduling paralelo sobre clústeres heterogéneos: Microreología Activa como caso de estudio
Diseño de un semirrestador cuántico eficiente
Optimización del plegado de proteínas mediante computación evolutiva de altas prestaciones. Protein folding optimization with evolutive high performance computing
Computación de altas prestaciones aplicadas a la detección de anomalías en imagenes hiperespectrales. High performance computing applied to anomaly detection on hyperspecral images
High perfomance computing for solving large sparse systems. Optical diffraction tomography as a case of study. (computación de altas prestaciones para la resolución de sistemas dispersos de grandes dimensiones. Tomografia óptica difraccional como caso de estudio)
Real-Time Tomographic Reconstruction through CPU + GPU Coprocessing
Computación algebraica dispersa con procesadores gráficos y su aplicación en tomografía electrónica
Real-time electron tomography based on GPU computing
Parallel computing of partial differential equations based-applications
Estructura de computadores: manual de práctica
Distribuciones de datos basadas en valores para matrices dispersas: dos soluciones basadas en permutaciones
Estructura de computadores Gracia Ester Martín Garzón, Vicente González Ruiz, José Jesús Fernández Rodríguez
El problema de autovalores de matrices dispersas en multicomputadores
Conferencias Todos / Ninguno
A data partitioning model for highly heterogeneous systems
Improving the energy efficiency of evolutionary multi-objective algorithms
GPU computing to speed-up the resolution of microrheology models
Non-linear Iterative Optimization Method for Locating Particles Using HPC Techniques
Non-linear iterative optimization method for locating particles using HPC techniques
A hybrid approach for solving The 3D helmholtz equation on heterogeneous platforms
The BiConjugate gradient method on GPUs
Dynamic load scheduling on CPU-GPU for iterative tomographic reconstruction
Fast sparse matrix matrix product based on ELLR-T and GPU computing
High performance computing for optical diffraction tomography
Multi-core desktop processors make possible real-time electron tomography
Fast anomaly detection in hyperspectral images with RX method on heterogeneous clusters
Parallel implementation of RX anomaly detection on multi-core processors: Impact of data partitioning strategies
Ultra-fast tomographic reconstruction with a highly optimized Weighted Back-Projection algorithm
Improving the performance of the sparse matrix vector product with GPUs
Fast tomographic reconstruction with vectorized backprojection
Matrix weighted back-projection accelerates tomographic reconstruction
Three-dimensional bursting simulation on two parallel systems
Multiprocessing of anisotropic nonlinear diffusion for filtering 3D images
Parallel simulation of three-dimensional bursting with MPI and OpenMP
Evaluation of parallel paradigms on anisotropic nonlinear diffusion
Analysis of the interaction of electromagnetic signals with thin-wires structures. Multiprocessing issues for an iterative method
Multiprocessing of the time domain analysis of thin-wire antennas and scatterers
Floating point arithmetic teaching for computational science
A parallel implementation of the eigenproblem for large, symmetric and sparse matrices
Parallel implementation of the Lanczos method for sparse matrices: analysis of data distributions
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