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Socioemotional deficit and HPA axis time response in high compulsive rats selected by schedule-induced polydipsia
NMR-based Metabolomics and Fatty Acid Profiles to Unravel Biomarkers in Preclinical Animal Models of Compulsive Behavior
Relationship between autism spectrum disorder and pesticides: A systematic review of human and preclinical models
The role of social stress in the development of inhibitory control deficit: A systematic review in preclinical models
Increased compulsivity in adulthood after early adolescence immune activation: Preclinical evidence
Increased amygdala and decreased hippocampus volume after schedule-induced polydipsia in high drinker compulsive rats
Increased vulnerability to impulsive behavior after streptococcal antigen exposure and antibiotic treatment in rats
Increased fear memory and glutamatergic modulation in compulsive drinker rats selected by schedule-induced polydipsia
Excessive habit formation in schedule-induced polydipsia: Microstructural analysis of licking among rat strains and involvement of the orbitofrontal cortex
Neuropsychiatric consequences of childhood group A streptococcal infection: A systematic review of preclinical models
Do psychoactive drugs have a therapeutic role in compulsivity? Studies on schedule-induced polydipsia
Reduced cortical serotonin 5-HT2A receptor binding and glutamate activity in high compulsive drinker rats
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