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Wastewater disinfection by neutral pH photo-Fenton: The role of solar radiation intensity
Principal parameters affecting virus inactivation by the solar photo-Fenton process at neutral pH and mu M concentrations of H2O2 and Fe2+/(3+)
Solar photo-Fenton for water disinfection: An investigation of the competitive role of model organic matter for oxidative species
Inactivation of natural enteric bacteria in real municipal wastewater by solar photo-Fenton at neutral pH
A new bioseed for determination of wastewater biodegradability: Analysis of the experimental procedure
Inactivation of Enterococcus faecalis in simulated wastewater treatment plant effluent by solar photo-Fenton at initial neutral pH
Cost analysis of different hydrogen peroxide supply strategies in the solar: Photo-Fenton process
Water disinfection using photo-Fenton: Effect of temperature on Enterococcus faecalis survival
Automatic dosage of hydrogen peroxide in solar photo-Fenton plants: Development of a control strategy for efficiency enhancement
Integration of solar photocatalysis and membrane bioreactor for pesticides degradation
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Inactivación de microorganismos presentes en aguas mediante foto-fenton solar a pH neutro
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