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Body Image Dissatisfaction as a Risk Factor for Postpartum Depression
Maternal and fetal risks of planned vaginal breech delivery vs planned caesarean section for term breech birth: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) as an Extension of the Physical Examination in Patients with Bacteremia or Candidemia
Benefits of Kangaroo Mother Care on the Physiological Stress Parameters of Preterm Infants and Mothers in Neonatal Intensive Care
Design and validation of a questionnaire for monitoring neurological dysphagia and respiratory deterioration in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (DEREDELA)
Real-Life Early Anthropometric, Lipid and Liver Changes after Direct-Acting Antiviral Therapy in PLWHIV with HCV Co-Infection
Role of Self-Sampling for Cervical Cancer Screening: Diagnostic Test Properties of Three Tests for the Diagnosis of HPV in Rural Communities of Cuenca, Ecuador
Consumption of Psychiatric Drugs in Primary Care during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Serum 25(OH) Vitamin D Levels in Pregnant Women with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): A Case-Control Study
Pediatric apps: what are they for? A scoping review
Effects of Kangaroo Mother Care in the NICU on the Physiological Stress Parameters of Premature Infants: A Meta-Analysis of RCTs
Mapping the field in stress, anxiety, and postpartum depression in mothers of preterm infants in neonatal intensive care
Incidence and related factors of infidelity among medical doctors and nurses
Association between crystalline silica dust exposure and silicosis development in artificial stone workers
Users evaluation of a Spanish eHealth pediatric website
Profile of the users and the most visited topics of a pediatric ehealth website
Medication Errors Detected in Primary Health Care after Hospital Discharge
Neuroendoscopic training in neurosurgery: a simple and feasible model for neurosurgical education
Microsurgical training: vascular control and intraoperative vessel rupture in the human placenta infusion model
Assessment of the Risk of Antipsychotics in Patients with Dementia in Actual Clinical Practice in Primary Health Care
Efectos de la pandemia por Covid-19 sobre la calidad de vida de los pacientes con Esclerosis Lateral Amiotrófica
Fendrix®Vaccine Effectiveness in Healthcare Workers Who Are Non-Responsive to Engerix B® Vaccination
Environmental exposure to pesticides and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis in the South of Spain
Validación de la versión breve de la Experiences in Close Relationship en adultos con pareja del mismo sexo
Enfermería Familiar y Comunitaria: mitos y falsas creencias de la reproducción asistida
Infección por coronavirus COVID-19 y lactancia materna: Una revisión exploratoria
Coronavirus Covid-19 infection and breastfeeding: an exploratory review
Prevalence of iron deficiency and related factors in Spanish adolescents
Cost and potential savings generated by a paediatrics e-Health web site for parents
Reply to Swaen’s Letter regarding ‘Environmental exposure to pesticides and risk of thyroid diseases’
Validation of a Questionnaire Developed to Evaluate a Pediatric eHealth Website for Parents
Changes in Sexual Desire in Women and Their Partners during Pregnancy.
Factores de riesgo asociados con embarazos no deseados en mujeres estudiantes de medicina
Significance of affection changes during pregnancy: Intimacy, passion, and commitment
Risk factors associated with unwanted pregnancies in female medical students
Environmental exposure to pesticides and risk of thyroid diseases
Psychosocial Correlates of Vaginismus Diagnosis: A Case-Control Study
Validation of the Interpersonal Exchange Model of Sexual Satisfaction Questionnaire in adults with a same-sex partner
Risk factors associated with unwanted pregnancy in female medical students
Virgin Olive Oil and Health: Summary of the III International Conference on Virgin Olive Oil and Health Consensus Report, JAEN (Spain) 2018
Self esteem levels vs global scores on the Rosenberg self-esteem scale
El valor de la MAPA y de los parámetros de lesión subclínica de órgano diana en el diagnóstico de hipertensión refractaria
Epidemiologia de la poliquistosis renal autosómica dominante en el área sanitaria de Granada: valor del diagnóstico genético preimplantacional en prevención primaria
Discurso laudatio de contestación al ingreso del Ilmo Sr. Dr. D. Emilio García de la Torre como Académico correspondiente en la ravao
Association between environmental exposure to pesticides and epilepsy
State-trait anxiety levels during pregnancy and foetal parameters following intervention with music therapy
Effects of prenatal music stimulation on state/trait anxiety in full-term pregnancy and its influence on childbirth: a randomized controlled trial
A comparative study between traditional fixation with miniplates and modified lag screws for the treatment of mandibular fractures
Risk of Recurrence in Operated Parasagittal Meningiomas: A Logistic Binary Regression Model
Biomarkers of oxidative stress in blood of workers exposed to non-cholinesterase inhibiting pesticides
New Family Models and Their Influence on the Affective Development of Their Children
The value of ABPM and subclinical target organ damage parameters in diagnosis of resistant hypertension
Reference Values of Reticulocyte Hemoglobin Content in Healthy Adolescents
Characterization and evaluation of liver fibrosis grade in patients with chronic hepatitis B virus infection and normal transaminases.
Análisis de la repercusión de un programa de actividad física sobre la calidad de vida relacionada con la salud en una cooperativa hortofrutícola
Association of reproductive disorders and male congenital anomalies with environmental exposure to endocrine active pesticides
Effects of prenatal music stimulation on fetal cardiac state, newborn anthropometric measurements and vital signs of pregnant women: A randomized controlled trial
Perceptions and use of the e-cigarette among university students
Percepciones y uso del cigarrillo electrónico en estudiantes universitarios
Contestación al discurso de ingreso como Académica correspondiente de la Ilma. Sra. Dra. Dña. María Dolores Suárez Ortega
Contestacion al discurso de ingreso como académico de número del Iltmo. Sr. D. Antonio Gálvez del Postigo Ruiz
Cognitive Profile of Zonisamide and Valproic Acid in the Treatment of Idiopathic Generalized Epilepsy: A Comparative Observational Study
Activity and determinants of cholinesterases and paraoxonase-1 in blood of workers exposed to non-cholinesterase inhibiting pesticides
Adaptation of the New Sexual Satisfaction Scale-Short Form Into Spanish
Occupational pesticide exposure and adverse health effects at the clinical, hematological and biochemical level
Enacted sexual stigma, stigma consciousness, and subjective happiness scale adaptation: A two-country study
Contestación al discurso de ingreso como académico correspondiente del Dr D. Jesús Usón Gargallo
Contestación al discurso de ingreso como académico correspondiente del Dr. D. José Juán Gaforio Martínez
Trends in the dispensation of antidepressant drugs over the past decade (2000–2010) in Andalusia, Spain
Reference Values of Serum Transferrin Receptor and sTfR/Log Ferritin Index in Healthy Adolescents
Pre- and postnatal exposures to pesticides and neurodevelopmental effects in children living in agricultural communities from South-Eastern Spain
Epidemiología del síndrome pseudoexfoliativo: desmitificando leyendas con la mirada en el futuro
Calidad de vida en los pacientes obesos y su cambio tras cirugía bariátrica a medio y largo plazo
Environmental exposure to pesticides and cancer risk in multiple human organ systems
Nutritional intake of north African migrants in Almeria: Comparative study in the native place and with the Spanish population
Toxic effects of pesticide mixtures at a molecular level: Their relevance to human health
Pesticide exposure and genetic variation in xenobiotic-metabolizing enzymes interact to induce biochemical liver damage
Predictive model for refractoriness in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy based on clinical and diagnostic test data
Analysis of the thoracic and lumbar morphology in women workers from a fruit and vegetable company
Influence of craniosacral therapy on anxiety, depression and quality of life in patients with fibromyalgia
Pesticides and asthma
Qualidade de vida em mulheres climatéricas que trabalham no sistema sanitário e educativo
Association between environmental exposure to pesticides and neurodegenerative diseases
Quality of life in perimenopausal women working in the health and educational system
Factores relacionados con la no participación en el programa de detección precoz de cáncer de mama
Exposición medioambiental a xenoestrógenos y riesgo de criptorquidias
Brote con síntomas respiratorios en la provincia de Almería por una posible exposición a microalgas tóxicas
An epidemic outbreak with respiratory symptoms in the province of Almeria [Spain] due to toxic microalgae exposure
Paraoxonase-1 (PON1) as a predictor of biochemical outcomes in farmers
Changes in antioxidant enzymes in humans with long-term exposure to pesticides
Las intoxicaciones por plaguicidas en la provincia de Almería
Neuropsychological sequelae from acute poisoning and long-term exposure to carbamate and organophosphate pesticides
Voluntary interruption of pregnancy among women in an health district within the 1998-2002 period. Almeria, Spain
Changes in erythrocyte enzymes in humans long-term exposed to pesticides - Influence of several markers of individual susceptibility
Neuropsychological effects of long-term exposure to organophosphate pesticides
Interrupción voluntaria del embarazo en mujeres de un distrito sanitario de Almería durante el período 1998-2002.
Estudio serológico de agrupación de casos de hepatitis B en seis familias de raza china en Almería.
Hepatitis B case grouping serological study among six Chinese families in Almeria, Spain
Epidemiología de maloclusiones en niños de 12 y 15 años aplicando el índice estético dental
Análisis de los riesgos de exposición biológica en Centros de Salud
Paraoxonase activity and genetic polymorphisms in greenhouse workers with long term pesticide exposure
Biomonitoring of four European populations occupationally exposed to pesticides: use of micronuclei as biomarkers.
Study of 1,595 brucellosis cases in the ALmeria province (1972-1998) based on epidemiological data from disease reporting
A follow-up study on micronucleus frequency in Spanish agricultural workers exposed to pesticides.
Evolución de la accidentalidad en cinco sectores de la producción almeriense
Cytogenetic biomonitoring of Spanish greenhouse workers exposed to pesticides: micronuclei analysis in peripheral blood lymphocytes and buccal epithelial cells.
[The self-measurement of blood glucose and mean glycemias in patients with diabetes mellitus].
Estrógenos ambientales : Feminización masculina ?
Clinical and biochemical changes in greenhouse sprayers chronically exposed to pesticides
Increased risk of suicide with exposure to pesticides in an intensive agricultural area. A 12-year retrospective study.
Afectación de la fonación en profesionales de enseñanza
[The construction and validation of a questionnaire on the satisfaction of primary health care users].
Libros, capítulos, tesis Todos / Ninguno
El apego y su relación con infidelidad y la satisfacción en la relación de pareja
Influencia del embarazo sobre el amor y el deseo sexual
Plaguicidas y su impacto en la salud humana
Estudio de los estilos educativos y la afectividad en niños y niñas que viven en familias homopararentales o monoparentales en comparación con familias heterosexuales
Análisis de factores de riesgo para la recurrencia en meningiomas parasagitales operados: modelo de regresión logística binaria
Sexting en adolescentes y universitarios de cuenca (ecuador)
Evaluación del grado de afectación hepática en pacientes infectados por el virus de la hepatitis b con transaminasas normales
Importancia pronóstica de la monitorización ambulatoria de la presión arterial en el diagnóstico de la hipertensión arterial refractaria
Empleo de plasma rico en plaquetas en el tratamiento de fístulas perianales complejas
Efectos de la estimulación musical prenatal en las respuestas fisiológicas materno-fetales
Repercusión clínica y analítica de la exposición ocupacional a plaguicidas
Estudio de utilización de fármacos antidepresivos en el ámbito de la atención primaria de almería
Calidad de vida del paciente obeso tras cirugía bariátrica. Resultados a corto, medio y largo plazo
Estudio etnográfico sobre salud sexual y vulnerabilidad al vih/sida de las trabajadoras sexuales ayoreas de bolivia
Aspectos positivos y negativos de ser no heterosexual
Análisis de la repercusión económica y sobre la salud laboral de la implantación de un programa de actividad física en la empresa
Factores pronósticos de refractariedad a tratamiento médico en la epilepsia del lóbulo temporal
Epidemiological Studies of Anticholinesterase Pesticide Poisoning in Spain
Valor patognomónico de la mácula eritematosa en la cara lateral de la cabeza astragalina en la patología tibial en niños
Análisis de la situación de salud de los estudiantes de la Universidad de Almería según el método precede-proceed. Un proyecto de educación para la salud
Estudio andaluz de prevalencia de diversas patologías en áreas con distinto nivel de utilización de plaguicidas
Estudio del suicidio y la depresión en tres distritos de la provincia de Almería con diversos niveles de utilización de plaguicidas
Brote con clínica respiratoria en la provincia de Almería por posible exposición a microalgas
Estudio experimental sobre la acción de la terapia cráneo-sacral en la fibromialgia
Atención sanitaria
Criptorquidias y xenoestrogenicidad por pesticidas en la provincia de Almería
Red de alertas sanitarias. Significado. Resultados de las producidas durante la campañadel pimiento en Almería
II Estudio sobre el absentismo laboral en el Departamento de enfermería del Hospital Torrecárdenas
Efectos nocivos de la exposición continuada de plaguicidas con especial incidencia en la depresión y el suicidio en la zona del poniente almeriense
Informes y otros Todos / Ninguno
Users evaluation of a Spanish eHealth pediatric website. Survey Study. (Preprint)
Validation of a questionnaire developed to evaluate a Spanish eHealth paediatric web for parents. (Preprint)
eHealth: advantages, disadvantages and guiding principles for the future. (Preprint)
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