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Real-time adaptation of a greenhouse microclimate model using an online parameter estimator based on a bat algorithm variant
Experimental evaluation of feedforward tuning rules
A comparative study of model fitting for estimating the overall efficiency of grid-connected photovoltaic inverters
A fast and practical one-dimensional transient model for greenhouse temperature and humidity
Optimal Water Management in Agro-Industrial Districts: An Energy Hub’s Case Study in the Southeast of Spain
Economic dispatch of a bioclimatic office building considering thermal energy, electricity and water demands
Multiobjective control architecture to estimate optimal set points for user comfort and energy saving in buildings
An iot architecture for water resource management in agroindustrial environments: A case study in almería (Spain)
A Flexible Tool for Modeling and Optimal Dispatch of Resources in Agri-Energy Hubs
Leaf area index soft sensor for tomato crops in greenhouses
Simple Tuning Rules for Feedforward Compensators Applied to Greenhouse Daytime Temperature Control Using Natural Ventilation
Automatic Tomato and Peduncle Location System Based on Computer Vision for Use in Robotized Harvesting
A New IoT-based Platform for Greenhouse Crop Production
Evaluation of an Adapted Greenhouse Cooling System with Pre-Chamber and Inflatable Air Ducts for Semi-Arid Regions in Warm Conditions
An IoT Architecture for Water Resource Management in Agroindustrial Environments: A Case Study in Almería (Spain)†
Six collective challenges for sustainability of Almería greenhouse horticulture
Six Collective Challenges for Sustainability of Almería Greenhouse Horticulture
Optimal thermal energy management of a distributed energy system comprising a solar membrane distillation plant and a greenhouse
Evaluation of a dehumidifier in a mild weather greenhouse
Robust QFT-Based feedback linearization controller of the greenhouse diurnal temperature using natural ventilation
Benchmarking Particle Filter Algorithms for Efficient Velodyne-Based Vehicle Localization
Improving the Performance of Vegetable Leaf Wetness Duration Models in Greenhouses Using Decision Tree Learning
Mejora de la producción del alga scenedesmus almeriensis mediante la optimización de los ciclos de luz/oscuridad
Efficient management of a dehumidifier in a greenhouse under warm weather conditions
Energy management strategy for micro-grids with PV-battery systems and electric vehicles
A fuzzy rule-based system to predict energy consumption of genetic programming algorithms
Energy Management Strategy for Micro-Grids with PV-Battery Systems and Electric Vehicles
The use of model predictive control (MPC) in the optimal distribution of electrical energy in a microgrid located in southeastern of Spain: A case study simulation
Evaluation of event-based irrigation system control scheme for tomato crops in greenhouses
Improving automatic climate control with decision support techniques to minimize disease effects in greenhouse tomatoes
Adaptive Weighing System with Fast Nonstationary Filtering and Centrifugal Force Compensation
Development and test verification of air temperature model for Chinese solar and Spainish Almeria-type greenhouses
The comparison study of short-term prediction methods to enhance the model predictive controller applied to microgrid energy management
Dispositivo portátil de reproducción de documentos digitales en Braille
The Comparison Study of Short-Term Prediction Methods to Enhance the Model Predictive Controller Applied to Microgrid Energy Management
Desarrollo de un sistema de recuperación de gases de combustión de BIOMASA para enriquecimiento carbónico en invernaderos
Bayesian networks for greenhouse temperature control
A room simulation tool for thermal comfort control in a bioclimatic building: A real example of use with an optimal controller
Architecture to develop semi-virtual industrial laboratories for the interactive learning of process automation
A hybrid-controlled approach for maintaining nocturnal greenhouse temperature: Simulation study
Tools and methodologies for teaching robotics in computer science & engineering studies
Predictive control applied to a solar desalination plant connected to a greenhouse with daily variation of irrigation water demand
A proposal for teaching SCADA systems using Virtual Industrial Plants in Engineering Education
Predictive Control Applied to a Solar Desalination Plant Connected to a Greenhouse with Daily Variation of Irrigation Water Demand
Water content virtual sensor for tomatoes in coconut coir substrate for irrigation control design
Support system for decision making in the management of the greenhouse environmental based on growth model for sweet pepper
Semi-virtual Plant for the Modelling, Control and Supervision of batch-processes. An example of a greenhouse irrigation system
Climate and irrigation control
Modeling of energy demand of a high-tech greenhouse in warm climate based on Bayesian networks
Robots Móviles con Orugas Historia, Modelado, Localización y Control
Economic optimal control applied to a solar seawater desalination plant
A proposed software framework aimed at energy-efficient autonomous driving of electric vehicles
A prediction model based on neural networks for the energy consumption of a bioclimatic building
Development of a biomass-based system for nocturnal temperature and diurnal CO2 concentration control in greenhouses
Thermal comfort control using a non-linear MPC strategy: A real case of study in a bioclimatic building
Control of off-road mobile robots using visual odometry and slip compensation
Mechatronic description of a laser autoguided vehicle for greenhouse operations
Robust constrained economic receding horizon control applied to the two time-scale dynamics problem of a greenhouse
Energy management based on productiveness concept
Mechatronic Description of a Laser Autoguided Vehicle for Greenhouse Operations
La robótica como materia integradora en los estudios universitarios de informática: la experiencia de la Universidad de Almería
Multiobjective hierarchical control architecture for greenhouse crop growth
Virtual Sensors for Designing Irrigation Controllers in Greenhouses
Virtual sensors for designing irrigation controllers in greenhouses
Combined visual odometry and visual compass for off-road mobile robots localization
Online robust tube-based MPC for time-varying systems: A practical approach
Modelling of Tomato Crop Transpiration Dynamics for Designing New Irrigation Controllers
TakagiSugeno control of nocturnal temperature in greenhouses using air heating
Nonlinear MPC based on a Volterra series model for greenhouse temperature control using natural ventilation
Robust tube-based predictive control for mobile robots in off-road conditions
A comparison of thermal comfort predictive control strategies
Adaptive control for a mobile robot under slip conditions using an LMI-based approach
Comfort optimization in a solar energy research center
Experimentation environments for teaching basic concepts on automatic control | Entornos de experimentación para la enseñanza de conceptos básicos de modelado y control
Comfort control techniques in buildings
Navigation techniques for mobile robots in greenhouses
Simulation of transpiration, drainage, N uptake, nitrate leaching, and N uptake concentration in tomato grown in open substrate
The influence of event-based sampling techniques on data transmission and control performance
Local model sets with internal description. Application to a cooling solar plant
Simulation of greenhouse climate monitoring and control with wireless sensor network and event-based control
Use of food dyes as tracers to measure multiple spray deposits by ultraviolet-visible absorption spectrophotometry
Adaptive hierarchical control of greenhouse crop production
Event-based control and wireless sensor network for greenhouse diurnal temperature control: A simulated case study
An interactive tool for mobile robot motion planning
Robust Pressure Control in a Mobile Robot for Spraying Tasks
A virtual course on automation of agricultural systems
Web-Based Remote Control Laboratory Using a Greenhouse Scale Model
Model predictive control of pH in tubular photobioreactors
Minimization of Carbon Losses in Pilot-Scale Outdoor Photobioreactors by Model-Based Predictive Control
A machine vision system for seeds germination quality evaluation using fuzzy logic
Libros, capítulos, tesis Todos / Ninguno
Estrategias de control y supervisión para la gestión integrada de instalaciones en entornos energéticamente eficientes. Control and supervision strategies for the integrated management of installations in energy efficient environments
Renewable energy technologies for greenhouses in semi-arid climates
Contribuciones al modelado y simulación de sistemas de cultivo intensivos. Contributions to the modelling and simulation of intensive growing systems.
Crop growth control
The greenhouse dynamical system
Advice and suggestions for greenhouse technicians and producers
Comfort control techniques for the users of a room
Comfort in buildings
New trends
Subsystems and disturbance models
Conclusions and future works
Localization of tracked robots in planar off-road conditions
Robust predictive motion controller for tracked robots
Adaptive motion controllers for tracked robots
Modelling tracked robots in planar off-road conditions
A case study: The CDdI-CIESOL-ARFRISOL building
Grasping in agriculture: State-of-the-art and main characteristics
Técnicas de predicción con aplicaciones en ingeniería
Modelado y control jerárquico de crecimiento de cultivos en invernadero
Control y robótica en agricultura
Control y robótica en agricultura Francisco Rodríguez Díaz, Manuel Berenguel Soria
Conferencias Todos / Ninguno
A Hardware-in-the-Loop Prototype to design Benchmarks for Automation and Control Education
An IoT based control system for a solar membrane distillation plant used for greenhouse irrigation
An Indoor Illuminance Prediction Model Based on Neural Networks for Visual Comfort and Energy Efficiency Optimization Purposes
Greenhouse Models as a Service (GMaaS) for Simulation and Control
Nurse-Bot: A Robot System Applied to Medical Assistance
Heterogeneous resource management in energy hubs with self-consumption: Contributions and application example
Hybrid modelling for a biomass-based system for heating and CO2 enrichment
Event-based control for a greenhouse irrigation system
A fuzzy controller for visual comfort inside a meeting-room
Application of artificial neural networks for greenhouse climate modelling
Fast nonstationary filtering for adaptive weighing system
Nonlinear model predictive control of greenhouse temperature using a Volterra model
A neural network model for energy consumption prediction of CIESOL bioclimatic building
Bayesian networks for greenhouse temperature control
Productiveness and real time prices in energy management for HVAC systems
A multivariable nonlinear MPC control strategy for thermal comfort and indoor-air quality
Minimization of the operation costs of a solar/gas airconditioning system using duration-based predictive control
Integrated virtual and remote lab for greenhouse climate control
A nonlinear model based predictive control strategy to maintain thermal comfort inside a bioclimatic building
Thermal comfort predictive control strategies for a solar energy research center
Predictive control with disturbance forecasting for greenhouse diurnal temperature control
Application of time-series methods to disturbance estimation in predictive control problems
Diurnal greenhouse temperature control with predictive control and online constrains mapping
A wireless sensor network for greenhouse climate monitoring
Localization and control of tracked mobile robots under slip conditions
Virtual lab for programmable logic controllers
Remote laboratory for a Flexible Manufacturing Cell
Event-based packet scheduling for Wireless Sensor Networks
A volterra model of the greenhouse temperature using natural ventilation
A multiobjective approach to hierarchical control of greenhouse crop production
Ventilation rate models of mediterranean greenhouses for control purposes
Greenhouse diurnal temperature control with natural ventilation based on empirical models
Discrete-time nonlinear FIR models with integrated variables for greenhouse indoor temperature simulation
Easy mobile device programming for educational purposes
Virtual lab for teaching greenhouse climatic control
Improving efficiency of greenhouse heating systems using model predictive control
Calibration and validation of complex and simplified tomato growth models for control purposes in the Southeast of Spain
A hierarchical control system for maximizing profit in greenhouse crop production
Adaptive control strategies for greenhouse temperature control
Interactive learning of constrained generalized predictive control
Modelling and simulation of greenhouse climate using dymola
Robust control of greenhouse climate exploiting measurable disturbances
Feedforward controllers for greenhouse climate control based on physical models
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