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Individual Adaptation Kinetics Following Heavy Resisted Sprint Training
Effects of a 12-week supervised resistance training program, combined with home-based physical activity, on physical fitness and quality of life in female breast cancer survivors: the EFICAN randomized controlled trial
Association of the load-velocity relationship variables with 2000-m rowing ergometer performance
The Effects of Two Different Concurrent Training Configurations on Markers of Metabolic Syndrome and Fitness in Women With Severe/Morbid Obesity: A Randomised Controlled Trial
Is handgrip strength a good indicator of physical fitness and body composition in breast cancer patients who have completed their core treatments? The EFICAN study
The Influence of Sprint Mechanical Properties on Change of Direction in Female Futsal Players
Horizontal Versus Vertical Force Application: Association with the Change of Direction Performance in Soccer Players.
Delineating the potential of the vertical and horizontal force-velocity profile for optimizing sport performance: A systematic review
Absolute and relative handgrip strength as indicators of self‐reported physical function and quality of life in breast cancer survivors: The efican study
Patterns of active commuting to school in Spanish preschool children and its associations with socio-economic factors: The PREFIT project
Concurrent validity and reliability of a functional electromechanical dynamometer to assess isometric mid-thigh pull performance
Supervised Exercise Immediately After Bariatric Surgery: the Study Protocol of the EFIBAR Randomized Controlled Trial
Comparison of the effects of a brief psychological training and mindfulness based program on the psychological skills of female sub-16 Volleyball players
Improving resistance training prescription through the load-velocity relationship in breast cancer survivors: The case of the leg-press exercise
Maximizing Acceleration and Change of Direction in Sport: A Case Series to Illustrate How the Force-Velocity Profile Provides Additional Information to That Derived from Linear Sprint Time
The force-velocity profile as determinant of spike and serve ball speed in top-level male volleyball players
Effects of Resistance Training on Arterial Stiffness in Healthy People: A Systematic Review
Physical Exercise following bariatric surgery in women with Morbid obesity: Study protocol clinical trial (SPIRIT compliant)
Effects of two drop-jump protocols with different volumes on vertical jump performance and its association with the force–velocity profile
Association of the Vertical and Horizontal Force-Velocity Profile and Acceleration With Change of Direction Ability in Various Sports
Match and Training High Intensity Activity-Demands Profile during a Competitive Mesocycle in Youth Elite Soccer Players
Medium and long distance amateur triathlete training habits
Analysis of the load-velocity relationship in deadlift exercise
Does the level of effort during resistance training influence arterial stiffness and blood pressure in young healthy adults?
Supervised exercise following bariatric surgery in morbid obese adults: CERT-based exercise study protocol of the EFIBAR randomised controlled trial
Physical fitness reference standards for preschool children: The PREFIT project
Influence of fitness improvement on performance level in international elite young road-race motorcyclists
Effects of a 12-week resistance and aerobic exercise program on muscular strength and quality of life in breast cancer survivors: Study protocol for the EFICAN randomized controlled trial
A single question of parent-reported physical activity levels estimates objectively measured physical fitness and body composition in preschool children: The PREFIT project
Programas de acondicionamiento físico para prevenir caidas en personas mayores.
Effects of different protocols of Post-Activation Potentiation on Performance in the Vertical Jump, in relation to the F-V Profile in Female Elite Handball Players
Efectos de dos protocolos de potenciación post-activación sobre el rendimiento en el salto vertical, en relación al perfil f-v en jugadoras de balonmano de élite
Effects of resistance training on performance in previously trained endurance runners: A systematic review
Active commuting to school patterns and associations with socio-economic level in Spanish pre-schoolers
Estrategias para optimizar el entrenamiento concurrente de fuerza y resistencia en balonmano de élite
Strategies to Optimize Strength and Endurance Concurrent Training in Elite Handball
Las 10 claves de la Recomendación de la Junta Consultiva de Contratación Administrativa, sobre el efecto directo de las nuevas Directivas comunitarias en materia de contratación pública
Intervención con un Programa de Ejercicio Físico en la empresa
Efectos inmediatos sobre la potenciación post-activación utilizando oclusión parcial superimpuesta
Immediate effects of postactivation potentiation using superimposed partial oclusion
Hábitos de entrenamiento en jóvenes pilotos de motociclismo de élite internacional
Efecto de un programa de intervención sobre el estrés percibido, autoestima y rendimiento en jóvenes pilotos de motociclismo de elite
Training habits of young international elite motorcyclists
Effect of an intervention program on perceived stress, self-esteem and performance in young elite motorcyclists
Hábitos alimentarios de los jóvenes pilotos de motociclismo de élite internacional
Feeding habits of young international elite motorcyclists
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Actividad física, hábitos saludables y calidad de vida
Evaluación del contexto de entrenamiento y de la condición física en jóvenes pilotos de motociclismo de élite internacional
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Are there differences in muscle cell swelling by intensity training in partial blood flow occlusion?
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