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Recent and ancient evolutionary events shaped plant elemental composition of edaphic endemics. A phylogeny‐wide analysis of Iberian gypsum plants
Conservation and Phylogeography of Plants: From the Mediterranean to the Rest of the World
Elementome of Endemic Dolomitic Flora: <i>Pterocephalus spathulatus</i> (Lag.) Coult
Plant Conservation Biology: a view from the Mediterranean ecoregions
Genetic conservation strategies of endemic plants from edaphic habitat islands: The case of Jacobaea auricula (Asteraceae)
Plant conservation in Mediterranean-type ecosystems
Plants on Rich-Magnesium Dolomite Barrens: A Global Phenomenon
The Relict Ecosystem of Maytenus senegalensis subsp. europaea in an Agricultural Landscape: Past, Present and Future Scenarios
Red List Index application for vascular flora along an altitudinal gradient
Threshold ionic contents for defining the nutritional strategies of gypsophile flora
Plant evolution in alkaline magnesium-rich soils: A phylogenetic study of the mediterranean genus hormathophylla (Cruciferae: Alysseae) based on nuclear and plastid sequences
A first inventory of gypsum flora in the palearctic and Australia
Chewing Gum and pH Level of the Mouth: A Model-based Inquiry Sequence to Promote Scientific Practices
Sensopíldora chicles Orbit: uso de sensores para promover prácticas científicas de indagación con modelos
Sobre el grado de aceptación de la teoría evolutiva de los alumnos de Enseñanza Secundaria Obligatoria
Towards a global checklist of the world gypsophytes: A qualitative approach
A complex history of edaphic habitat islands in the Iberian Peninsula: Phylogeography of the halo-gypsophyte Jacobaea auricula (Asteraceae)
Global and Regional IUCN Red List Assessments: 3
The status of Hormathophylla baetica: A new combination and lectotypification in Hormathophylla cochleata
Conceptual baseline for a global checklist of gypsophytes
Genetic analysis based on plastidial and ribosomal sequences of the endemic bi-edaphic taxon Jurinea pinnata (Lag.) DC. (Compositae) in the Guadix-Baza Basin
Extreme habitat loss in a Mediterranean habitat: Maytenus senegalensis subsp. europaea
Areas of endemism as a conservation criterion for Iberian gypsophilous flora: a multi-scale test using the NDM/VNDM program
Areas of endemism and threatened flora in a Mediterranean hotspot: Southern Spain
AlyBase: database of names, chromosome numbers, and ploidy levels of Alysseae (Brassicaceae), with a new generic concept of the tribe
Variability, genetic structure and phylogeography of the dolomitophilous species Convolvulus boissieri (Convolvulaceae) in the Baetic ranges, inferred from AFLPs, plastid DNA and ITS sequences
Syntaxa-area relationships, lessons from the vegetation of the Betic high mountain ranges (southern Spain)
Ecology, genetic diversity and phylogeography of the Iberian endemic plant Jurinea pinnata (Lag.) DC. (Compositae) on two special edaphic substrates: Dolomite and gypsum
Network of Protected Natural Areas and endangered flora in Andalusia (Spain)
Microsatellite loci in the gypsophyte Lepidium subulatum (Brassicaceae), and transferability to other lepidieae
Iberian Baetic endemic flora and the implications for a conservation policy
Microsatellite Loci in the Gypsophyte Lepidium subulatum (Brassicaceae), and Transferability to Other Lepidieae
Contribucción al conocimiento de los edafismos de las comarcas interiores de Andalucía Oriental (España)
Biogeography of the baetic ranges (SE Spain): A historical approach using cluster and parsimony analyses of endemic dolomitophytes
Gap Analysis and selection of reserves for the threatened flora of eastern Andalusia, a hot spot in the eastern Mediterranean region
The dolomite shrublands of the Convolvuletalia boissieri order and their preservation by means of the Habitats Directive
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Catálago Delphi de la flora edafoendémica de los blanquizales dolomíticos béticos: bases para su conocimiento y conservación
Diversidad genética, estructura poblacional, filogeografía y filogenia de especies dolomitícolas presentes en las cordilleras béticas
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Towards an eco-compatible origin of construction materials. case study: Gypsum
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The relic ecosystem of Gymnosporia senegalensis (Lam.) Loes. in an agricultural plastic sea: past, present and future scenarios
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