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Curvicollide D Isolated from the Fungus <i>Amesia</i> sp. Kills African Trypanosomes by Inhibiting Transcription
Gallic Acid: A Natural Phenolic Compound Exerting Antitumoral Activities in Colorectal Cancer via Interaction with G-Quadruplexes
Quadruplex ligands in cancer therapy
Urinary Microbiome: Yin and Yang of the Urinary Tract
Structural and functional microbial patterns in cohabitating family members with history of periodontitis
Gut microbiome–short-chain fatty acids interplay in the context of iron deficiency anaemia
Targeting ribosomal G-quadruplexes with naphthalene-diimides as RNA polymerase I inhibitors for colorectal cancer treatment
Soil Erosion and the Efficiency of the Conservation Measures in Mediterranean Hillslope Farming (SE Spain)
Effect of biocrusts on bacterial community composition at different soil depths in Mediterranean semi-arid ecosystems
Biocrust cover and successional stages influence soil bacterial composition and diversity in semiarid ecosystems
Influence of 16S rRNA target region on the outcome of microbiome studies in soil and saliva samples
An Updated Focus on Quadruplex Structures as Potential Therapeutic Targets in Cancer
Improving the fertility of degraded soils from a limestone quarry with organic and inorganic amendments to support vegetation restoration with semiarid mediterranean plants
Immediate fire-induced changes in soil microbial community composition in an outdoor experimental controlled system
Short-term effects of hyaluronic acid on the subgingival microbiome in peri-implantitis: A randomized controlled clinical trial
Identification of Trypanosomatids by detecting Single Nucleotide Fingerprints using DNA analysis by dynamic chemistry with MALDI-ToF
Changes in the soil bacterial community along a pedogenic gradient
Functions and Applications of Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria (PGPR) in Highly Technified Crops
New approaches to overcome transport related drug resistance in trypanosomatid parasites
Could specific cell targeting overcome resistance associated with current treatments for African trypanosomiasis?
Nanobody conjugated PLGA nanoparticles for active targeting of African Trypanosomiasis
Specific Cell Targeting Therapy Bypasses Drug Resistance Mechanisms in African Trypanosomiasis
The influence of blowing soil trapped by shrubs on fertility in tabernas district (se spain)
Novel therapy based on camelid nanobodies
Modifications of organic matter and enzymatic activities in response to change in soil use in semi-arid mountain ecosystems (southern Spain)
Relationchips between taxonomy and function of microorganisms in natural environments
Soil quality and organic carbon ratios in mountain agroecosystems of South-east Spain
Estimating the mass wetness of Spanish arid soils from lightness measurements
Assessment of biogeochemical trends in soil organic matter sequestration in Mediterranean calcimorphic mountain soils (Almería, Southern Spain)
Quantifying the effects of aggregation, particle size and components on the colour of Mediterranean soils
Slope classes estimation from digital terrain models and maps of equidistant linear levels
Estimation of slope classes from digital terrain models and maps with equidistant elevation lines
A morphological study of talcs with scanning electron microscopy (sem). Pharmaceutical applications
Influence of chemical and mineralogical composition on color for commercial talcs
Soil quality in Mediterranean mountain environments: Effects of land use change
Riesgo de degradación física en el Término Municipal de Pechina (Almería, España)
Land evaluation at Southern Teba (Málaga) for leguminous plants crop. (Evaluación de suelos del Sur de Teba (Málaga) para el cultivo de leguminosas.)
Evaluación de suelos del sur de Teba (Málaga) para el cultivo de leguminosas
Un sistema de información y de ayuda a la decisión en el ámbito del olivar granadino, basado en la lógica difusa
Precipitation of carbonates by Nesterenkonia halobia in liquid media
Biomineralization of carbonates by Marinococcus albus and Marinococcus halophilus isolated from the Salar de Atacama (Chile)
Whiteness of talcum powders as a quality index for pharmaceutical uses
Study of biomineral formation by bacteria from soil solution equilibria
Mineralogía de especialidades farmacéuticas: polvos de talco europeos y americanos.
Mineralogy of pharmaceutical formulations: Talcum powder from Europe and America
Soils on triassic sediments in the area of Montejicar (Granada) and their use in ceramics,SUELOS SOBRE SEDIMENTOS TRIASICOS DEL AREA DE MONTEJICAR (GRANADA) Y SU APROVECHAMIENTO PARA USOS CERAMICOS
Soils on triassic sediments in the area of Montejicar (Granada) and their use in ceramics
Periostitis deformans and vinica fluorosis
Libros, capítulos, tesis Todos / Ninguno
Soil and Water Conservation Measures for Mediterranean Fruit Crops in Rainfed Hillslopes
Análisis de la pérdida de nutrientes en suelos cerealistas del SE español afectados por erosión eólica simulada en túnel de viento: repercusiones económicas
Estudio comparativo de la erosión hídrica en el parque natural de Cabo de Gata-Níjar: Aplicación de la metodología USLE y GIS/USLE
Calidad de suelos en ambientes calizos mediterráneos: Parque Natural de Sierra María - Los Vélez
Indicadores colorimétricos de desertificación y degradación del suelo
Suelos y color superficial en áreas semiáridas: "desierto de tabernas
Estudio geofarmacéutico de polvos de talco Miguel Soriano Rodríguez
Estudio geofarmacéutico de polvos de talco europeos de uso tópico Miguel Soriano Rodríguez
Estudio geofarmaceútico de polvos de talco. Primera aproximación a la farmacopea internacional armonizada
Conferencias Todos / Ninguno
Testing Color-Mixing Laws in Soil Mineral Mixtures
Fiber contents in talcum powders for topical use
Erosion risks of the soils from massif of sierra Nevada (Granada)
Informes y otros Todos / Ninguno
Erratum: Targeting ribosomal G-quadruplexes with naphthalene-diimides as RNA polymerase I inhibitors for colorectal cancer treatment (Cell Chemical Biology (2021) 28(11) (1590–1601.e4), (S245194562100266X), (10.1016/j.chembiol.2021.05.021))
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