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Enhancing disinfection and microcontaminant removal by coupling LED driven UVC and UVA/photo-Fenton processes in continuous flow reactors
FentonSims®: A novel interactive simulation tool for computational kinetics of microcontaminant removal by the solar photo-Fenton process
Influence of culture media composition on the rheology of microalgae concentrates on a large scale
Experimental study of wastewater micropollutant removal by solar photo‐Fenton using a virtual lab
Thermochemical valorization of greenhouse cucumber, tomato and pepper as biofuel
Continuous solar photo-Fenton for wastewater reclamation in operational environment at demonstration scale
Reduction of natural radioactivity in groundwater with different salinity through adsorption of uranium and radium in filter materials
A novel control system approach to enhance the efficiency of solar photo-Fenton microcontaminant removal in continuous flow raceway pond reactors
Rheology of microalgae concentrates and its influence on the power consumption of enzymatic hydrolysis processing
Large-scale raceway pond reactor for CEC removal from municipal WWTP effluents by solar photo-Fenton
Mechanistic modeling of solar photo-Fenton with Fe3+-NTA for microcontaminant removal
Virtual labs for the study of enzymatic stirred tank bioreactors
Management of fertigation in horticultural crops through automation with electrotensiometers: Effect on the productivity of water and nutrients
Assessment of different iron sources for continuous flow solar photo-Fenton at neutral pH for sulfamethoxazole removal in actual MWWTP effluents
Simultaneous Disinfection and Organic Microcontaminant Removal by UVC-LED-Driven Advanced Oxidation Processes
Unfolding the action mode of light and homogeneous vs. heterogeneous photo-Fenton in bacteria disinfection and concurrent elimination of micropollutants in urban wastewater, mediated by iron oxides in Raceway Pond Reactors
Solar Drying of Greenhouse Crop Residues for Energy Valorization: Modeling and Determination of Optimal Conditions
Neutral or acidic pH for the removal of contaminants of emerging concern in wastewater by solar photo-Fenton? A techno-economic assessment of continuous raceway pond reactors
Kinetic assessment of antibiotic resistant bacteria inactivation by solar photo-Fenton in batch and continuous flow mode for wastewater reuse
Continuous flow disinfection of WWTP secondary effluents by solar photo-Fenton at neutral pH in raceway pond reactors at pilot plant scale
Selection of biomass supply for a gasification process in a solar thermal hybrid plant for the production of electricity
Does micropollutant removal by solar photo-Fenton reduce ecotoxicity in municipal wastewater? A comprehensive study at pilot scale open reactors
A corporate water footprint case study: The production of Gazpacho, a chilled vegetable soup
Effect of temperature and photon absorption on the kinetics of micropollutant removal by solar photo-Fenton in raceway pond reactors
Pyrimethanil degradation by photo-Fenton process: Influence of iron and irradiance level on treatment cost
Low cost UVA-LED as a radiation source for the photo-Fenton process: a new approach for micropollutant removal from urban wastewater
Ecotoxicity evaluation of a WWTP effluent treated by solar photo-Fenton at neutral pH in a raceway pond reactor
Effect of residence time on micropollutant removal in WWTP secondary effluents by continuous solar photo-Fenton process in raceway pond reactors
Micropollutant removal by photo-Fenton process using UVA-LED as radiation source
Modelling the photo-Fenton oxidation of the pharmaceutical paracetamol in water including the effect of photon absorption (VRPA)
Fate of micropollutants during sewage sludge disintegration by low-frequency ultrasound
Modelling of the operation of raceway pond reactors for micropollutant removal by solar photo-Fenton as a function of photon absorption
Biological oxygen demand as a tool to predict membrane bioreactor best operating conditions for a photo-Fenton pretreated toxic wastewater
Modelling and testing of a solar-receiver system applied to high-temperature processes
Phenomenological study and application of the combined influence of iron concentration and irradiance on the photo-Fenton process to remove micropollutants
Effects of environmental variables on the photo-Fenton plant design
Controlling pH in biological depuration of industrial wastewater to enable micropollutant removal using a further advanced oxidation process
Degradation of pesticides and monitoring of their transformation products in low cost raceway ponds by solar photo-Fenton
Thermal analysis and design of a volumetric solar absorber depending on the porosity
Economía del tratamiento de aguas mediante fotocatálisis solar
Cost analysis of different hydrogen peroxide supply strategies in the solar: Photo-Fenton process
Study of irradiance and Fe concentration effect for removal of contaminants at mu g/L scale by solar photo-Fenton at natural pH
Study of iron sources and hydrogen peroxide supply in the photo-Fenton process using acetaminophen as model contaminant
Economic evaluation of a combined photo-Fenton/MBR process using pesticides as model pollutant. Factors affecting costs
Thermal analysis and design of a solar prototype for high-temperature processes
META 2012 analiza la orientación tecnológica en el ámbito del tratamiento de las aguas: Resumen y conclusiones de en la X reunión de la Mesa Española de Tratamientos de Aguas
Modelling photo-Fenton process for organic matter mineralization, hydrogen peroxide consumption and dissolved oxygen evolution
Gas-liquid mass transfer in sonicated bubble columns. Effect of reactor diameter and liquid height
META 2012 analyzes the technological guidance in the field of water treatment: Summary and conclusions of the 10th Meeting of the Spanish Water Treatment Board
Automatic dosage of hydrogen peroxide in solar photo-Fenton plants: Development of a control strategy for efficiency enhancement
Effect of environmental regulation on the profitability of sustainable water use in the agro-food industry
Dissolved oxygen concentration: A key parameter in monitoring the photo-Fenton process
An analysis of the bacterial community in a membrane bioreactor fed with photo-Fenton pre-treated toxic water
Economic evaluation of the photo-Fenton process. Mineralization level and reaction time: The keys for increasing plant efficiency
A comparative study of different tests for biodegradability enhancement determination during AOP treatment of recalcitrant toxic aqueous solutions
Integration of solar photocatalysis and membrane bioreactor for pesticides degradation
Influence of ultrasound amplitude and duty cycle on fungal morphology and broth rheology of Aspergillus terreus
Effect of pesticide concentration on the degradation process by combined solar photo-Fenton and biological treatment
Degradation of a four-pesticide mixture by combined photo-Fenton and biological oxidation
Degradation of alachlor and pyrimethanil by combined photo-Fenton and biological oxidation
A kinetics study on the biodegradation of synthetic wastewater simulating effluent from an advanced oxidation process using Pseudomonas putida CECT 324
Combined photo-Fenton and biological oxidation for pesticide degradation: Effect of photo-treated intermediates on biodegradation kinetics
Ultrasound affects fungal morphology and broth rheology of Aspergillus terreus
A two-stage scheme for pesticide degradation Integration of photocatalysis and biological oxidation
Lovastatin production by Aspergillus terreus in a two-staged feeding operation
Effects of ultrasound on culture of Aspergillus terreus
Enhanced production of lovastatin in a bubble column by Aspergillus terreus using a two-stage feeding strategy
Effects of the sporulation conditions on the lovastatin production by Aspergillus terreus
Aspergillus terreus broth rheology, oxygen transfer, and lovastatin production in a gas-agitated slurry realtor
Comparative analysis of the outdoor culture of Haematococcus pluvialis in tubular and bubble column photobioreactors
Simultaneous determination of oxygen consumption rate and volumetric oxygen transfer coefficient in pneumatically agitated bioreactors
Shear rate in stirred tank and bubble column bioreactors
Rapid screening of Aspergillus terreus mutants for overproduction of lovastatin
Design and calibration of a compound sharp-crested weir
Pellet morphology, culture rheology and lovastatin production in cultures of Aspergillus terreus
Fermentation optimization for the production of lovastatin by Aspergillus terreus: use of response surface methodology
Lovastatin inhibits its own synthesis in Aspergillus terreus
Production of lovastatin by Aspergillus terreus: effects of the C : N ratio and the principal nutrients on growth and metabolite production
Libros, capítulos, tesis Todos / Ninguno
Producción de lovastatina a partir de "aspergillus terreus" en un reactor de lecho fluidizado José Luis Casas López
Desinfección de efluentes secundarios de EDAR mediante el proceso foto-Fenton solar operando en flujo contínuo a ph neutro: Eliminación de contaminantes de preocupación emergente y bacterias resistentes a los antibióticos
Evaluación del proceso foto-fenton solar en reactores tipo Raceway para la eliminación de microcontaminantes en efluentes secundarios de edar municipales y de la industria agroalimentaria (assessment of solar photo-fenton in raceway pond reactors for micropullutant removal in secondary effluents from agro-food industry and municipal wwtps)
Application of the photo-fenton process for the removal of persistent pollutants: operation parameters
Combinación de fotocatálisis solar con biorreactores de membrana para el tratamiento de aguas tóxicas. Modelado del proceso foto-fenton como herramienta de diseño y optimización
Diseño y análisis térmico de un receptor volumétrico para un horno solar de alta temperatura
Efectos de la aplicación de ultrasonidos en las propiedades morfológicas y reológicas de cultivos de aspergillus terreus
Operación en semicontínuo de un biorreactor de lecho fluidizado para la producción de lovastatina por Aspergillus terreus
Producción de lovastatina a partir de aspergillus terreus en un reactor de lecho fluidizado
Producción de lovastatina a partir de Aspergillus terreus en un reactor de lecho fluidizado
Conferencias Todos / Ninguno
Up-grading WWTPs for energy self-sufficiency and full recycling
Iron dosage as a strategy to operate the photo-Fenton process at initial neutral pH
Effects of pellet morphology on broth rheology in fermentations of Aspergillus terreus
Patentes Todos / Ninguno
Ensayo y procedimiento para la evaluación de la biodegradabilidad rápida de aguas mediante Psuedomonas Putida
Proceso para la producción en continuo de lovastatina
Informes y otros Todos / Ninguno
A Novel Control System Approach to Enhance the Efficiency of Solar Photo-Fenton Microcontaminant Removal in Continuous Flow Raceway Pond Reactors
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