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Limitation to carbon assimilation of two perennial species in semi-arid south-east Spain

  • Gutiérrez L.
  • Brenner A.
  • Aguilera C.

Biologia Plantarum - 13/4/2002


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Water relations only partly explain the distributions of three perennial plant species in a semi-arid environment

  • Domingo F.
  • Brenner A.
  • Gutiérrez L.
  • Clark S.
  • Incoll L.
  • Aguilera C.

Biologia Plantarum - 13/3/2003


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Biología de los ejércitos

  • Carlos Aguilera Díaz

Ejército: de tierra español - 2010

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Changes in the photosynthetic light response curve during leaf development of field grown maize with implications for modelling canopy photosynthesis

  • Stirling C.
  • Aguilera C.
  • Baker N.
  • Long S.

Photosynthesis Research - 1/12/1994


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Genotypic variation within Zea mays for susceptibility to and rate of recovery from chill-induced photoinhibition of photosynthesis

  • Aguilera C.
  • Stirling C.
  • Long S.

Physiologia Plantarum - 1/8/1999


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Photosynthetic productivity of an immature maize crop: changes in quantum yield of CO2 assimilation, conversion efficiency and thylakoid proteins

  • NIE G.
  • LONG S.
  • BAKER N.

Plant, Cell & Environment - 1/1/1991


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Estudio por medio de un modelo estadistico multivariante del desarrollo de la cosecha de las respuestas a la densidad de siembra y a la fertilizacion nitrogenada de los cultivos de habas (vicia fata l.)

  • Carlos Aguilera Díaz


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Effects of carbon dioxide enriched irrigation on yield of eggplant (Solanum melongena) production under green house conditions

  • Aguilera C.
  • Murcia D.
  • Ruíz A.

Acta Horticulturae - 1/12/2001


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