Bermejo Román, Ruperto Author

Production of enzymatic hydrolysates with in vitro antioxidant, antihypertensive, and antidiabetic properties from proteins derived from Arthrospira platensis

  • Villaró S.
  • Jiménez-Márquez S.
  • Musari E.
  • Bermejo R.
  • Lafarga T.

Food Research International - 1/1/2023


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Monovarietal olive oils fortified with carotenoids: Physicochemical and sensory trends and taste sensor evaluation

  • Mª Carmen Murillo‐Cruz
  • Nuno Rodrigues
  • Maria Inês Dias
  • Ruperto Bermejo‐Román
  • Ana C. A. Veloso
  • José Alberto Pereira
  • António M. Peres
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Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society - 5/10/2022


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An electronic tongue as a tool for assessing the impact of carotenoids’ fortification on cv. Arbequina olive oils

  • Murillo-Cruz M.ª.
  • Rodrigues N.
  • Bermejo-Román R.
  • Veloso A.C.A.
  • Pereira J.A.
  • Peres A.M.

European Food Research and Technology - 1/1/2022


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Assessment of the potential of microalgae-derived phycoerythrin as a natural colorant in beverages

  • Raquel Carmona
  • Ma Carmen Murillo
  • Tomás Lafarga
  • Ruperto Bermejo

Journal of Applied Phycology - 12/09/2022


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Biorefinery Approach Applied to the Production of Food Colourants and Biostimulants from <i>Oscillatoria</i> sp.

  • Ainoa Morillas-España
  • Bermejo, Ruperto
  • Roberto Abdala-Díaz
  • Angela Ruiz Nieto
  • Tomás Lafarga
  • Gabriel Acien
  • José María Fernández Sevilla
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Biology - 28/08/2022


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Color of extra virgin olive oils enriched with carotenoids from microalgae: influence of ultraviolet exposure and heating

  • M.C. Murillo
  • A.B. García
  • T. Lafarga
  • M. Melgosa
  • R. Bermejo

Grasas y Aceites - 13/06/2022


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Using laminar nanoclays for phycocyanin and phycoerythrin stabilization as new natural hybrid pigments from microalgae extraction

  • Micó-Vicent B.
  • Romero E.P.
  • Bermejo R.
  • Jordán-Núñez J.
  • Viqueira V.
  • Pérez J.

Applied Sciences (Switzerland) - 1/12/2021


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The application of a phycocyanin extract obtained from Arthrospira platensis as a blue natural colorant in beverages

  • García A.B.
  • Longo E.
  • Bermejo R.

Journal of Applied Phycology - 1/1/2021


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Improvement of physico-chemical properties of arbequina extra virgin olive oil enriched with β-carotene from fungi

  • Murillo-Cruz M.C.
  • García-Ruíz A.B.
  • Chova-Martínez M.
  • Bermejo-Román R.

Journal of Oleo Science - 1/1/2021


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Role of Microalgae in the Recovery of Nutrients from Pig Manure

  • Ana Sánchez-Zurano
  • Martina Ciardi
  • Tomás Lafarga
  • José María Fernández-Sevilla
  • Ruperto Bermejo
  • Emilio Molina-Grima

Processes - 21/01/2021


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  • Bermejo R.

Cyanobacteria: An Economic Perspective - 30/11/2013


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Utilización de biliproteínas como colorantes naturales en alimentación

  • Ruperto Bermejo Román
  • Amparo Ramos Molina
  • José María Fernández Sevilla
  • Francisco Gabriel Acién Fernández
  • Cynthia Victoria González López

IX Congreso Nacional del Color: Alicante 2010 - 2010

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  • Dialnet

Chromatographic purification of biliproteins from Spirulina platensis. High-performance liquid chromatographic separation of their ? and ? subunits

  • Bermejo R.
  • Talavera E.
  • Alvarez-Pez J.
  • Orte J.

Journal of Chromatography A - 22/8/1997


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Proceso escalable para la obtención de ficocianina

  • Bermejo Román, Ruperto
  • Acién Fernández, Francisco Gabriel


Open Access

Proceso para la obtención y purificación de B-Ficoeritrina

  • Bermejo Román, Ruperto
  • Acién Fernández, Francisco Gabriel
  • Ibáñez González, María José
  • Álvarez Pez, José María
  • Molina Grima, Emilio


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