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Cell Survival Enabled by Leakage of a Labile Metabolic Intermediate
Dinuclear Phenoxo-Bridged Nickel(II) and Copper(II) Complexes of Phenolate-Based Tripodal Ligand: Theoretical and Experimental Insights
Experimental and theoretical magnetostructural studies on discrete heterometallic cyanide-bridged dinuclear FeIIIMnII and tetranuclear FeIII2CuII2 complexes bearing tripodal pyrazolyl borate and tetradentate phenolate-based ligands
Magnetic properties and pH-controlled reversible interconversion of μ-oxido into μ-hydroxido in oxo-carboxylato bridged iron(III) dimers: Theoretical and Experimental Insights
Structural and magnetic characterization of mixed-valence vanadium (IV/V) complex with {(VO)2(µ‒O)}3+ core: Theoretical and experimental insights
Magneto-thermal properties and slow magnetic relaxation in Mn(ii)Ln(iii) complexes: influence of magnetic coupling on the magneto-caloric effect
Extended enantiopure ortho-phenylene ethylene (o-OPE)-based helical systems as scaffolds for supramolecular architectures: a study of chiroptical response and its connection to the CISS effect
Discrete unusual mixed-bridged trinuclear CoIII2CoII and pentanuclear NiII coordination complexes supported by a phenolate-based ligand: theoretical and experimental magneto-structural study
Experimental and DFT studies on Hexacoordinated acyl(alkyl)and Pentacooordinated Hydroxyalkyl(phosphinite)erhodium(III). Catalytic Hydrolysis of Ammonia Borane
Enantiopure Double ortho-Oligophenylethynylene-Based Helical Structures with Circularly Polarized Luminescence Activity
The reversible inter-conversion of copper(ii) dimers bearing phenolate-based ligands in their monomers: theoretical and experimental viewpoints
Rational design of an unusual 2D-MOF based on Cu(i) and 4-hydroxypyrimidine-5-carbonitrile as linker with conductive capabilities: a theoretical approach based on high-pressure XRD
Degradation of the diuretic hydrochlorothiazide by UV/Solar radiation assisted oxidation processes
Removal of parabens from water by UV-driven advanced oxidation processes
Effect of pi-aromatic spacers on the magnetic properties and slow relaxation of double stranded metallacyclophanes with a Ln(III)-M-II-M-II-Ln(III) (Ln(III) = Gd-III, Dy-III, Y-III; M-II = Ni-II, Co-II) linear topology
Photocatalytic oxidation of diuron using nickel organic xerogel under simulated solar irradiation
Comparative study of the oxidative degradation of different 4-Aminobenzene sulfonamides in aqueous solution by sulfite activation in the presence of Fe(0), Fe(II), Fe(III) or Fe(VI)
Optically active Ag(i): o-OPE helicates using a single homochiral sulfoxide as chiral inducer
Chiral double stapled o-OPEs with intense circularly polarized luminescence
Secondary Oxide Phosphines to Promote Tandem Acyl-Alkyl Coupling/Hydrogen Transfer to Afford (Hydroxyalkyl)rhodium Complexes. Theoretical and Experimental Studies
Magneto-Structural Properties and Theoretical Studies of a Family of Simple Heterodinuclear Phenoxide/Alkoxide Bridged Mn(III)Ln(III) Complexes: On the Nature of the Magnetic Exchange and Magnetic Anisotropy
Sulfoxide-Induced Homochiral Folding of ortho-Phenylene Ethynylenes (o-OPEs) by Silver(I) Templating: Structure and Chiroptical Properties
On the Magnetic Coupling and Spin Crossover Behavior in Complexes Containing the Head-to-Tail [Fe-2(II) (mu-SCN)(2)] Bridging Unit: A Magnetostructural Experimental and Theoretical Study
One-Dimensional Thiocyanato-Bridged Fe(II) Spin Crossover Cooperative Polymer With Unusual FeN5S Coordination Sphere
Reactions of a series of ZnL, CuL and NiL Schiff base and non-Schiff base complexes with MCl2 salts (M = Cu, Ni, Mn): syntheses, structures, magnetic properties and DFT calculations
OFF/ON switching of circularly polarized luminescence by oxophilic interaction of homochiral sulfoxide-containing o-OPEs with metal cations
Individual and simultaneous degradation of the antibiotics sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim in aqueous solutions by Fenton, Fenton-like and photo-Fenton processes using solar and UV radiations
C-i-Symmetry, [2 x 2] grid, square copper complex with the N-4,N-5-bis(4-fluorophenyl)-1H-imidazole-4,5-dicarboxamide ligand: structure, catecholase activity, magnetic properties and DFT calculations
Advanced Oxidation Processes based on the use of UVC and simulated solar radiation to remove the antibiotic tinidazole from water
Cubane-like tetranuclear Cu(II) complexes bearing a Cu4O4 core: crystal structure, magnetic properties, DFT calculations and phenoxazinone synthase like activity
Intramolecular hydrogen bonding in conformationally semi-rigid ?-acylmethane derivatives: A theoretical NMR study
Synthetic ability of dinuclear mesocates containing 1,3-bis(diazinecarboxamide)benzene bridging ligands to form complexes of increased nuclearity. Crystal structures, magnetic properties and theoretical studies
Metal-free intermolecular formal cycloadditions enable an orthogonal access to nitrogen heterocycles
Removal of compounds used as plasticizers and herbicides from water by means of gamma irradiation
Effect of radical peroxide promoters on the photodegradation of cytarabine antineoplastic in water
Stapled helical: O -OPE foldamers as new circularly polarized luminescence emitters based on carbophilic interactions with Ag(i)-sensitivity
Zinc-mediated diastereoselective assembly of a trinuclear circular helicate
Can novel dinuclear Ni-Gd complexes give supplementary information on the Ni-Gd magnetic interaction?
An experimental and theoretical magneto-structural study of polynuclear NiII complexes assembled from a versatile bis(salicylaldehyde)diamine polytopic ligand
Two-dimensional carbon-based conductive materials with dynamically controlled asymmetric Dirac cones
Anion controlled structural and magnetic diversity in unusual mixed-bridged polynuclear NiII complexes with a versatile bis(2-methoxy phenol)diamine hexadentate ligand. An experimental and theoretical magneto-structural study
Rational design of a new fluorescent 'ON/OFF' xanthene dye for phosphate detection in live cells
Two C-3-Symmetric Dy-3(III) Complexes with Triple Di-mu-methoxo-mu-phenoxo Bridges, Magnetic Ground State, and Single-Molecule Magnetic Behavior
Ti(III)-catalyzed cyclizations of ketoepoxypolyprenes: Control over the number of rings and unexpected stereoselectivities
Structural, magnetic and theoretical calculations of a ferromagnetically coupled tetranuclear copper(ii) square complex
Highly regioselective and chemoselective titanocene mediated Barbier-type allylation reactions
Single-Molecule Magnet Behavior and Magnetocaloric Effect in Ferromagnetically Coupled Ln(III)-Ni-II-Ni-II-Ln(III) (Ln(III) = Dy-III and Gd-III) Linear Complexes
Photodegradation of herbicides with different chemical natures in aqueous solution by ultraviolet radiation. Effects of operational variables and solution chemistry
Novel ortho-OPE metallofoldamers: Binding-induced folding promoted by nucleating Ag(I)–alkyne interactions
Two Tetranuclear Copper( II) Complexes with Open Cubane- Like Cu4O4 Core Framework and Ferromagnetic Exchange Interactions between Copper( II) Ions: Structure, Magnetic Properties, and Density Functional Study
Linear {Ni-II-Ln(III)-Ni-II} Complexes Containing Twisted Planar Ni(mu-phenolate)(2)Ln Fragments: Synthesis, Structure, and Magnetothermal Properties
Slow Magnetic Relaxation in Co(III)-Co(II) Mixed-Valence Dinuclear Complexes with a (CoO5X)-O-II (X = Cl, Br, NO3) Distorted-Octahedral Coordination Spheres
Stepwise Formation of a Pentanuclear Ni4Cu Heterometallic Complex Exhibiting a Vertex-Sharing Defective Double-Cubane Core and Diphenoxo- and Phenoxo/Azide Bridging Groups: A Magnetostructural and DFT Theoretical Study
Ferromagnetic dinuclear mixed-valence Mn(II)/Mn(III) complexes: Building blocks for the higher nuclearity complexes. Structure, magnetic properties, and density functional theory calculations
Structural Diversity due to Amino Alcohol Ligands Leading to Rare mu(4)-Hydroxo-Bridged Tetranuclear and "Bicapped Cubane" Cores in Copper(II) Complexes: A Theoretical and Experimental Magnetostructural Study
Comparative study of the photodegradation of bisphenol A by HO center dot, SO4 center dot- and CO3 center dot-/HCO3 center dot radicals in aqueous phase
Absence of a magnetic interaction in a dinuclear copper complex? The case of a crossed axial-equatorial oxalate coordination mode
Field and dilution effects on the slow relaxation of a luminescent DyO9 low-symmetry single-ion magnet
Diphenoxo-Bridged Ni(II)Ln(II) Dinuclear Complexes as Platforms for Heterotrimetallic (Ln(III)Ni(II))(2)Ru-III Systems with a High-Magnetic-Moment Ground State: Synthesis, Structure, and Magnetic Properties
Family of Carboxylate- and Nitrate-diphenoxo Triply Bridged Dinuclear Ni(II)Ln(III) Complexes (Ln = Eu, Gd, Tb, Ho, Er, Y): Synthesis, Experimental and Theoretical Magneto-Structural Studies, and Single-Molecule Magnet Behavior
Synthesis, structure, magnetic properties and DFT calculations of novel bis-(5-tetrazolyl)amine copper(II) complexes
Synthesis, crystal structures and magnetic properties of bis(?-dialkoxo)-bridged linear trinuclear copper(ii) complexes with aminoalcohol ligands: A theoretical/experimental magneto-structural study
Rational design of ferromagnetic coupled diphenoxocarboxylate triply bridged dinuclear nickel(ii) complexes: Orbital countercomplementarity of the bridging ligands
Versatile bottom-up approach to stapled ?-conjugated helical scaffolds: Synthesis and chiroptical properties of cyclic o-phenylene ethynylene oligomers
Thermally driven nanofuses based on organometallic rotors
Encapsulation of atmospheric CO2 by a self-assembled decanuclear cadmium complex via unfamiliar perchlorato and carbonato bridges
Co(II)Ln(II) dinuclear complexes (Ln(III) = Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho and Er) as platforms for 1,5-dicyanamide-bridged tetranuclear Co(2)(II)Ln(2)(III) complexes: A magneto-structural and theoretical study
Touching the upper limit for ferromagnetic interactions in hetero-bridged dinuclear [Cu-2(II)] complexes using a novel N-5-dinucleating ligand bearing an endogenous monoatomic amido(R-NH-)-bridging group
A combined experimental and theoretical study on bis(I?-alkoxo) diiron(III) complexes with hydroxybenzylaminoethanol [O,N,O] donor ligands: Syntheses, structures and magnetic properties
Mild method for the selective esterification of carboxylic acids based on the Garegg-samuelsson reaction
Influence of the anions on the structure and magnetic properties of a series of bis(?-diphenoxo)-bridged linear trinuclear copper(II) complexes: An experimental and theoretical study
Heterometallic Oximato-Bridged Linear Trinuclear NiII-MIII-NiII (MIII = Mn, Fe, Tb) Complexes Constructed with the fac-O3 [Ni(HL)3]- Metalloligand (H2L=pyrimidine-2-carboxamide oxime): A Theoretical and Experimental Magneto-Structural Study
Ferromagnetic heterotrinuclear Cu-Ni complexes of a compartmental chiral Schiff base
DFT approach to reaction mechanisms through molecular complexes. The case of an organo-catalysed nucleosidation reaction
Dinuclear alkoxo-bridged copper(II) coordination polymers: Syntheses, structural and magnetic properties
A unique single carboxylate-bridged spin-frustrated chiral Mn(II) metallatriangle
Antiferromagnetic versus Ferromagnetic Exchange Interactions in Bis(mu-O-oximate)dinickel(II) Units for a Series of Closely Related Cube Shaped Carboxamideoximate-Bridged Ni-4 Complexes. A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Magneto-Structural Study
Theoretical and experimental study of the effectiveness of the 5-pyrimidyl-tetrazolate bridging ligand in mediating magnetic exchange interactions
A convenient antibiotic indicator in the ozone treatment of wastewaters. An experimental and theoretical study
Anion encapsulation promoted by anion center dot center dot center dot pi interactions in rationally designed hexanuclear antiferromagnetic wheels: synthesis, structure and magnetic properties (vol 11, pg 2054, 2009)
Double and triple stranded mesocates containing the bis(bidentate) bridging ligand 1,3-bis(pyridine-2-carboxamide)benzene. Structure, properties and DNA interaction
Structure, magnetism and DFT studies of dinuclear and chain complexes containing the tetrazolate-5-carboxylate multidentate bridging ligand
Pd/X group interchange in the [Pd(Br)(PH3)(C6H5)(C6H5X)] system - Theoretical insights from the isolobal analogy perspective(1)
Efficient, nickel-catalysed Kumada-Tamao-Corriu cross-coupling with a calix[4]arene-diphosphine ligand
Palladium motion in cyclomeric compounds: A theoretical study
A combined experimental and theoretical study on the magnetic properties of a family of bis(u?-phenoxido)dicopper(II) complexes bearing ?-[bis(2-hydroxy-3,5-dimethylbenzyl)amino]aIkan-l-ol ligands
Influence of metal ions, coligands and reaction conditions on the structural versatility and properties of 5-pyrimidyl-tetrazolate containing complexes
Enhanced ferromagnetic interaction in metallacyclic complexes incorporating m-phenylenediamidato bridges.
Anion encapsulation promoted by anion?? interactions in rationally designed hexanuclear antiferromagnetic wheels: Synthesis, structure and magnetic properties
Anion influence on the structure and magnetic properties of a series of multidimensional pyrimidine-2-carboxylato-bridged copper(II) complexes
Through-space intramolecular palladium rearrangement in substituted aryl complexes: Theoretical study of the aryl to alkylpalladium migration process
Size-controlled water-soluble Ag nanoparticles
Ethylene oligomerisation and polymerisation with nickel phosphanylenolates bearing electron-withdrawing substituents: Structure-reactivity relationships
Intramolecular 1,n palladium migrations in polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Palladium(II) versus palladium(iv) mechanisms: A theoretical study
Convenient synthesis of nucleoside and isonucleoside analogues
Cyclocarbopalladation involving an unusual 1,5-palladium vinyl to aryl shift as termination step: Theoretical study of the mechanism
Semiempirical MO approach to the mechanism of the NIS-mediated nucleophilic addition to glycals: Multicomponent intermediates as models to tackle reactivity in organic chemistry
Controlled synthesis of ?-allenic ester and spiro ketone derivatives from tailored ?-substituted cycloalkanones through cascade reactions: Exploring the possible reaction pathways by means of semiempirical MO calculations
Can weak interactions modify the binding properties of a strong nitrogen donor? Unusual N-coordination of a phosphoranylidene-substituted pyrazolone unit towards palladium(II) centres: An experimental and theoretical study
Highly efficient synthesis of 2?,3?-didehydro-2?, 3?-dideoxy-?-nucleosides through a sulfur-mediated reductive 2?,3?-trans-elimination. From iodomethylcyclopropanes to thiirane analogs
4-Octulose derivatives; part 8: Highly stereocontrolled synthesis of 2-deoxy-4-octulosononitriles by reformatsky-type reaction
Thermodynamic and kinetic considerations in the chemoselective O-acylation by mixed anhydrides. A semiempirical MO approach
Highly ?-stereoselective nucleosidation from ?-D-xylo- and ?-D-ribo-furanose 1,2-thiocarbonates
Efficient and selective synthesis of glycofuranosyl azides and nucleosides from cyclic 1,2-thiocarbonate sugars
Ring-opening of N-alkoxycarbonyl ?-lactams with lithium methylphenylsulphone: Application to the synthesis of cis 2,5-disubstituted pyrrolidines
New Diastereoselective Route to 2-Substituted cis-(2S,5S)- and trans-(2S,5R)-5-Alkylpyrrolidines as Indolizidine and Pyrrolizidine Scaffolds
Simple methodology for the purification of amino acids
Synthesis of nucleosides from 4-methylidenefuranoses: A non-classical electrophilic addition
Highly stereocontrolled alkylation of protected 'diacetone hexulose aldehydes'
Preparation of 2,2’-anhydronucleosides: Regio- and stereoselective modifications of the base and sugar moieties
Synthesis of 4-octuloses. Part 7: Highly stereoselective synthesis of 2,3-anhydrosugar derivatives as key intermediates in the preparation of sugar ?-lactams
Synthesis of 4-octuloses, VI([?]) - 4-Octulose derivatives, prepared from 1-sorbose, as key intermediates in the stereoselective synthesis of C- glycoside and polyhydroxyindolizidine analogues
Synthesis of 4-octuloses, V. - 4-Octulose derivatives as key intermediates in a new and short synthesis of polyhydroxyindolizidines
A new and highly stereoselective synthesis of polyhydroxyindolizidines from 4-octulose derivatives
An efficient and highly stereoselective synthesis of nucleoside derivatives from furanoid 1,2-diols
Synthesis of 2-deoxy-4-octulose derivatives by highly diastereoselective alkylations of protected hexuloses
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Application of the DFT Method to the Study of Intramolecular Palladium Shifts in Aryl and Polyaryl Complexes
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Salt effects on the conformational behavior of 5-substituted 1,3-dioxanes
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Erratum: Anion encapsulation promoted by anion?? interactions in rationally designed hexanuclear antiferromagnetic wheels: Synthesis, structure and magnetic properties (CrystEngComm (2009) 11 (2054-2064) DOI: 10.1039/b906382j)
Erratum: Semiempirical MO approach to the mechanism of the NIS-mediated nucleophilic addition to glycals: Multicomponent intermediates as models to tackle reactivity in organic chemistry (Tetrahedron: Asymmetry (2005) 16 (1615) DOI: 10.1016/j.tetasy.2005.03.010)
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