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Practical wisdom and virtue ethics for knowledge co-production in sustainability science
An inclusive future: disabled populations in the context of climate and environmental change
The programme on ecosystem change and society (PECS) – a decade of deepening social-ecological research through a place-based focus
Plural valuation in space: mapping values of grasslands and their ecosystem services
Advancing research on ecosystem service bundles for comparative assessments and synthesis
Essential ecosystem service variables for monitoring progress towards sustainability
Correction to: A feminist ethos for caring knowledge production in transdisciplinary sustainability science
Assessing social-ecological vulnerability of coastal systems to fishing and tourism
Assessing nature-based solutions for transformative change
Ecosystem service mapping needs to capture more effectively the biodiversity important for service supply
Usually hated, sometimes loved: A review of wild ungulates' contributions to people
A feminist ethos for caring knowledge production in transdisciplinary sustainability science
Social actors’ perceptions of wildlife: Insights for the conservation of species in Mediterranean protected areas
Human–nature connectedness and other relational values are negatively affected by landscape simplification: insights from Lower Saxony, Germany
Decision-making for nature’s contributions to people in the Cape Floristic Region: the role of values, rules and knowledge
Ecosystem services from (pre-)Alpine grasslands: Matches and mismatches between citizens' perceived suitability and farmers' management considerations
Biocultural approaches to sustainability: A systematic review of the scientific literature
Ensuring tests of conservation interventions build on existing literature
Farmers’ perceptions and knowledge of natural enemies as providers of biological control in cider apple orchards
Plural valuation of nature for equity and sustainability: Insights from the Global South
Rethinking megafauna
Quantifying interregional flows of multiple ecosystem services – A case study for Germany
Principles for knowledge co-production in sustainability research
Scientific priorities and shepherds' perceptions of ungulate's contributions to people in rewilding landscapes
Alpha and beta diversity across coastal marine social-ecological systems: Implications for conservation
Set ambitious goals for biodiversity and sustainability
A pluralistic and integrated approach to action-oriented knowledge for sustainability
Role of scavengers in providing non-material contributions to people
A leverage points perspective on social networks to understand sustainability transformations: evidence from Southern Transylvania
Indigenous and local knowledge in sustainability transformations research: A literature review
Farmers' perceptions of climate change and adaptation strategies in South Africa's Western Cape
Contributions of place-based social-ecological research to address global sustainability challenges
Making the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration a Social-Ecological Endeavour
Use your power for good: Plural valuation of nature – the Oaxaca statement
Indicators for relational values of nature’s contributions to good quality of life: the IPBES approach for Europe and Central Asia
Research pathways to foster transformation: Linking sustainability science and social-ecological systems research
Local Perceptions of Ecosystem Services Across Multiple Ecosystem Types in Spain
Perceived contributions of multifunctional landscapes to human well?being: Evidence from 13 European sites
Understanding the diversity of values of “Nature’s contributions to people”: insights from the IPBES Assessment of Europe and Central Asia
Human-carnivore relations: A systematic review
Identifying past social-ecological thresholds to understand long-term temporal dynamics in Spain
A novel telecoupling framework to assess social relations across spatial scales for ecosystem services research
Biocultural approaches to pollinator conservation
Human-carnivore relations: Conflicts, tolerance and coexistence in the American West
Key knowledge gaps to achieve global sustainability goals
Guidance for assessing interregional ecosystem service flows
Research on the social perception of invasive species: A systematic literature review
Ecosystems and People–an inclusive, interdisciplinary journal
Evaluating social learning in participatory mapping of ecosystem services
Shepherds’ local knowledge and scientific data on the scavenging ecosystem service: Insights for conservation
Learning from Indigenous Populations and Local Communities
Nature's contributions to people in mountains: A review
Catalyzing Transformations to Sustainability in the World's Mountains
Key landscape features in the provision of ecosystem services: Insights for management
Spatial characterization of coastal marine social-ecological systems: Insights for integrated management
Interregional flows of ecosystem services: Concepts, typology and four cases
Sustainability and retail: Analysis of global research
Using social media photos to explore the relation between cultural ecosystem services and landscape features across five European sites
A comprehensive assessment of ecosystem services: Integrating supply, demand and interest in the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve
Advancing science on the multiple connections between biodiversity, ecosystems and people
Large mammal diversity matters for wildlife tourism in Southern African Protected Areas: Insights for management
What can conservation strategies learn from the ecosystem services approach? Insights from ecosystem assessments in two Spanish protected areas
Applying Place-Based Social-Ecological Research to Address Water Scarcity: Insights for Future Research
Farmer Perceptions of the Ecosystem Services Provided by Scavengers: What, Who, and to Whom
Stakeholders' perspectives on the operationalisation of the ecosystem service concept: Results from 27 case studies
Integrating methods for ecosystem service assessment: Experiences from real world situations
(Dis) integrated valuation - Assessing the information gaps in ecosystem service appraisals for governance support
Widening the Evaluative Space for Ecosystem Services: A Taxonomy of Plural Values and Valuation Methods
Selecting methods for ecosystem service assessment: A decision tree approach
Stakeholders perceptions of the endangered Egyptian vulture: Insights for conservation
The means determine the end - Pursuing integrated valuation in practice
Assessing nature's contributions to people
Exploring intrinsic, instrumental, and relational values for sustainable management of social-ecological systems
Interconnected place-based social-ecological research can inform global sustainability
Envisioning protected areas through participatory scenario planning: Navigating coverage and effectiveness challenges ahead
Ecosystem services in global sustainability policies
Testing socio-cultural valuation methods of ecosystem services to explain land use preferences
Off-stage ecosystem service burdens: A blind spot for global sustainability
Mismatches between supply and demand in wildlife tourism: Insights for assessing cultural ecosystem services
Delineating boundaries of social-ecological systems for landscape planning: A comprehensive spatial approach
Human-nature connection: a multidisciplinary review
An integrative research framework for enabling transformative adaptation
Trait-based approaches to analyze links between the drivers of change and ecosystem services: Synthesizing existing evidence and future challenges
Contrasting changes in the abundance and diversity of North American bird assemblages from 1971 to 2010
A new valuation school: Integrating diverse values of nature in resource and land use decisions
A synthesis of convergent reflections, tensions and silences in linking gender and global environmental change research
Gender perspectives in resilience, vulnerability and adaptation to global environmental change
The diversity of gendered adaptation strategies to climate change of Indian farmers: A feminist intersectional approach
Bright spots: seeds of a good Anthropocene
Disentangling trade-offs and synergies around ecosystem services with the influence network framework: illustration from a consultative process over the French Alps
The value of time in biological conservation and supplied ecosystem services: A willingness to give up time exercise
Exploring the Capacity of Water Framework Directive Indices to Assess Ecosystem Services in Fluvial and Riparian Systems: Towards a Second Implementation Phase
The farmer as a landscape steward: Comparing local understandings of landscape stewardship, landscape values, and land management actions
Why protect nature? Rethinking values and the environment
Spatial patterns of cultural ecosystem services provision in Southern Patagonia
A Synthesis is Emerging between Biodiversity-Ecosystem Function and Ecological Resilience Research: Reply to Mori
Ecosystem services values in Spain: A meta-analysis
Do protected areas networks ensure the supply of ecosystem services? Spatial patterns of two nature reserve systems in semi-arid Spain
Biodiversity conservation research challenges in the 21st century: A review of publishing trends in 2000 and 2011
Biodiversity and Resilience of Ecosystem Functions
Restoring the human capacity for conserving biodiversity: a social-ecological approach
Wood-pastures of Europe: Geographic coverage, social-ecological values, conservation management, and policy implications
Biophysical and sociocultural factors underlying spatial trade-offs of ecosystem services in semiarid watersheds
Ecosystem Services Flows: Why Stakeholders' Power Relationships Matter
The IPBES Conceptual Framework - connecting nature and people
Linking biodiversity, ecosystem services, and human well-being: three challenges for designing research for sustainability
Collaborative mapping of ecosystem services: The role of stakeholders' profiles
Social perceptions of Colombian small-scale marine fisheries conflicts: Insights for management
Factors influencing local ecological knowledge maintenance in Mediterranean watersheds: Insights for environmental policies
Improving the identification of mismatches in ecosystem services assessments
State-of-the-art report on integrated valuation of ecosystem services
Non-monetary techniques for the valuation of ecosystem services
Women and the conservation of agroecosystems: an experiential analysis in the Río Nacimiento region of Almería (Spain) / Mujeres y conservación de agroecosistemas. Análisis de experiencias en la comarca almeriense del río Nacimiento
Socio-cultural valuation of ecosystem services: uncovering the links between values, drivers of change, and human well-being
Understanding complex links between fluvial ecosystems and social indicators in Spain: An ecosystem services approach
Ecosystem service trade-offs from supply to social demand: A landscape-scale spatial analysis
Limitations of Protected Areas Zoning in Mediterranean Cultural Landscapes Under the Ecosystem Services Approach
Incorporating ecosystem services into ecosystem-based management to deal with complexity: a participative mental model approach
The oil palm boom: Socio-economic implications for Q'eqchi' households in the Polochic valley, Guatemala
An interdisciplinary methodological guide for quantifying associations between ecosystem services
Applying the ecosystem services framework to pasture-based livestock farming systems in Europe
Socio-cultural valuation of ecosystem services in a transhumance social-ecological network
Typology of Public Outreach for Biodiversity Conservation Projects in Spain
Incorporating the Social-Ecological Approach in Protected Areas in the Anthropocene
Exploring the knowledge landscape of ecosystem services assessments in Mediterranean agroecosystems: Insights for future research
Effects of land-use change on wetland ecosystem services: A case study in the Donana marshes (SW Spain)
Trade-offs across value-domains in ecosystem services assessment
Deliberative mapping of ecosystem services within and around Donana National Park (SW Spain) in relation to land use change
La evaluación de los servicios de los ecosistemas suministrados por las cuencas hidrográficas del sureste semiárido andaluz
Anthropomorphic Factors Influencing Spanish Conservation Policies of Vertebrates
Entendiendo las relaciones entre los paisajes y los servicios de los ecosistemas. Un análisis desde la historia socio-ecológica
Envisioning the future of transhumant pastoralism through participatory scenario planning: a case study in Spain
Impacts of land-use intensity on soil organic carbon content, soil structure and water-holding capacity
Scale Misfit in Ecosystem Service Governance as a Source of Environmental Conflict
Unraveling the Relationships between Ecosystems and Human Wellbeing in Spain
Social preferences towards ecosystem services provided by cloud forests in the neotropics: implications for conservation strategies
National Parks, buffer zones and surrounding lands: Mapping ecosystem service flows
Mapping forest ecosystem services: From providing units to beneficiaries
A blueprint for mapping and modelling ecosystem services
Ecosystem services and social-ecological resilience in transhumance cultural landscapes: learning from the past, looking for a future
Los servicios de los ecosistemas de la Reserva de Biosfera Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta
La evaluación de los ecosistemas del milenio en España: del equilibrio entre la conservación y el desarrollo al la consevación para el bienestar
A choice experiment study for land-use scenarios in semi-arid watershed environments
Evaluating Ecosystem Services in Transhumance Cultural Landscapes An Interdisciplinary and Participatory Framework
Uncovering Ecosystem Service Bundles through Social Preferences
Social-ecological factors influencing tourist satisfaction in three ecotourism lodges in the southeastern Peruvian Amazon
The role of multi-functionality in social preferences toward semi-arid rural landscapes: An ecosystem service approach
Entendiendo las relaciones naturaleza y sociedad de dos cuencas hidrográficas del sureste semiárido andaluz desde la historia socio-ecológica
5.1. Los sistemas socio-ecológicos: entendiendo las relaciones entre la biodiversidad y el bienestar humano
Can ecosystem properties be fully translated into service values? An economic valuation of aquatic plant services
Relationships between hydrological regime and ecosystem services supply in a Caribbean coastal wetland: a social-ecological approach
Social preferences regarding the delivery of ecosystem services in a semiarid Mediterranean region
Scalable Stealth Mode P2P Overlays of Very Small Constant Degree
Participatory Scenario Planning for Protected Areas Management under the Ecosystem Services Framework: the Donana Social-Ecological System in Southwestern Spain
Analyzing the Social Factors That Influence Willingness to Pay for Invasive Alien Species Management Under Two Different Strategies: Eradication and Prevention
The conservation against development paradigm in protected areas: Valuation of ecosystem services in the Donana social-ecological system (southwestern Spain)
Equilibrium of vegetation and climate at the European rear edge. A reference for climate change planning in mountainous Mediterranean regions
What drives policy decision-making related to species conservation? (vol 142, pg 1370, 2010)
The pitfall-trap of species conservation priority setting
The biodiversity conservation in Spain: scientific attention, social construction, and political power
Exploring the motivations of protesters in contingent valuation: Insights for conservation policies
Funciones y servicios de los ecosistemas: una herramienta para la gestión de los espacios naturales
Los costes socioeconómicos asociados a la pérdida de biodiversidad
Evaluación de los servicios de los ecosistemas del sistema socio-ecológico de Doñana
La conservación de biodiversidad en España: atención cient??fica, construcción social e interés pol??tico
Todav??a mucho por aprender del valor de la naturaleza y de la naturaleza del valor
Un marco conceptual para la gestión de las interacciones naturaleza-sociedad en un mundo cambiante
What drives policy decision-making related to species conservation?
Effects of spatial and temporal scales on cultural services valuation
Social perceptions of the impacts and benefits of invasive alien species: Implications for management
Economic valuation of biodiversity conservation: the meaning of numbers
El valor económico como indicador de la amenaza de las especies invasoras: el caso de los Parques Nacional y Natural de Doñana
Biodiversidad y bienestar humano: el papel de la diversidad funcional
Hacia la elaboración de un modelo de gestión sostenible en la comarca de Doñana
Biodiversity and human well-being: the role of functional diversity
Influence of user characteristics on valuation of ecosystem services in Do(n)over-tildeana Natural Protected Area (south-west Spain)
The non-economic motives behind the willingness to pay for biodiversity conservation
Libros, capítulos, tesis Todos / Ninguno
Governance to manage the complexity of nature's contributions to people co-production
What are social-ecological systems and social-ecological systems research?
Statistical analysis
Socio-cultural valuation approaches
The links between Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
Disentangling the Pathways and Effects of Ecosystem Service Co-Production
Ecological economics perspectives on ecosystem services valuation
Multidimensional approaches in ecosystem services assessment
Ecosystem services assessment of national parks networks for functional diversity and carbon conservation strategies using remote sensing
The economics of valuing ecosystem services and biodiversity
The economics of ecosystems and biodiversity: ecological and economic foundations
Ciencias de la sostenibilidad: gu??a docente
Repensando la Ciénaga: nuevas miradas y estrategias para la sostenibilidad en la Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta
Bases socio-ecológicas para la valoración económica de los servicios generados por la biodiversidad implicaciones en las políticas de conservación
Informes y otros Todos / Ninguno
Author Correction: Biocultural approaches to pollinator conservation (Nature Sustainability, (2019), 2, 3, (214-222), 10.1038/s41893-019-0244-z)
Ecosystem services in Latin America. From research to action
Evolution of Ecosystem Services in a Mediterranean Cultural Landscape: Don?ana Case Study, Spain (1956-2006)
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