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Artículos Todos / Ninguno
On optimal regression trees to detect critical intervals for multivariate functional data
Optimal randomized classification trees
On Sparse Optimal Regression Trees
Variable selection for Naïve Bayes classification
Constrained Naïve Bayes with application to unbalanced data classification
Sparsity in optimal randomized classification trees
Selection of time instants and intervals with Support Vector Regression for multivariate functional data
A cost-sensitive constrained Lasso
On support vector machines under a multiple-cost scenario
Cost-sensitive Feature Selection for Support Vector Machines
Functional-bandwidth kernel for Support Vector Machine with Functional Data: An alternating optimization algorithm
Variable selection in classification for multivariate functional data
P-facility Huff location problem on networks
On Extreme Concentrations in Chemical Reaction Networks with Incomplete Measurements
A global optimization method for model selection in chemical reactions networks
Maximal Covering Location Problems on networks with regional demand
Optimization models for degrouping population data
Single-facility huff location problems on networks
Solving the median problem with continuous demand on a network
A new parametric model for fitting fertility curves
Locating a competitive facility in the plane with a robustness criterion
A global optimization procedure for the location of a median line in the three-dimensional space
On the norm of a dc function
Continuous location problems and Big Triangle Small Triangle: constructing better bounds
Locating Objects in the Plane Using Global Optimization Techniques
Inferring efficient weights from pairwise comparison matrices
Application of a new mathematical method for the estimation of the mean surface area to calculate the percolation threshold of lobenzarit dissodium salt in controlled release matrices
A DC biobjective location model
Locating a facility outside the transportation network. Localization results
On covering methods for d.c. optimization
Optimization of the norm of a vector-valued DC function and applications
Conferencias Todos / Ninguno
New results in deterministic global optimization
On minimax-regret Huff location models
Finding GM-estimators with global optimization techniques
Multiobjective quadratic problem: Characterization of the efficient points
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