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Increase of Seismic Risk for Growth of a Large Metropolitan Area of Granada (Spain): Case Studies
Modulus of elasticity of I-214 young poplar wood from standing trees to sawn timber: influence of the age and stand density
Improving ductility and bending features of poplar glued laminated beams by means of embedded carbon material
Effects of water to cement ratio, recycled fine aggregate and air entraining/plasticizer admixture on masonry mortar properties
Microstructural analysis of concretes manufactured with recycled coarse aggregates pre-soaked using different methods
Acoustic emission in I-214 poplar wood under compressive loading
Pine beams retrofitted with FRP and poplar planks: Mechanical behavior
Fuzzy multicriteria for determining reasonable adjustment in housing
Environmental assessment of masonry mortars made with natural and recycled aggregates
Health monitoring of timber beams retrofitted with carbon fiber composites via the acoustic emission technique
Acoustic emission during wood-CFRP adhesion tests
Monitoring of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Old Timber Beams via Strain and Multiresonant Acoustic Emission Sensors
Experimental and analytical analysis for bending load capacity of old timber beams with defects when reinforced with carbon fiber strips
Experimental Comparison of Different Carbon Fiber Composites in Reinforcement Layouts for Wooden Beams of Historical Buildings
Effect of recycled aggregate on physical-mechanical properties and durability of vibro-compacted dry-mixed concrete hollow blocks
Development of the life cycle inventory of masonry mortar made of natural and recycled aggregates
Study of potential advantages of pre-soaking on the properties of pre-cast concrete made with recycled coarse aggregate
A new procedure to adapt any type of soil for the consolidation and construction of earthen structures: projected earth system
Diagnosis de una patología en gres porcelánico pegado en fachada
Influence of pre-soaked recycled fine aggregate on the properties of masonry mortar
Simplified empirical method for predicting earthquake-induced settlements and its application to a large area in Spain
El recalce con micropilotes para la conservación de un muro de tierra compactada realizado con la técnica del tapial
Geotechnical map of Holocene alluvial soil deposits in the metropolitan area of Granada (Spain): a GIS approach
Métodos granulométricos en la caracterización del árido reciclado para su uso en hormigón estructural
Recycled aggregate in road construction following the Spanish General Technical Specifications for Roads and Bridge Works (PG-3): a case study
Engineering and Environmental Geology of Granada and its Metropolitan Area (Spain)
Foundation models in seismic areas: Four case studies near the city of Granada (Spain)
Geotechnical risk and environmental impact: The stability of phosphor-gypsum embankments in SW Spain
Libros, capítulos, tesis Todos / Ninguno
The Use of Sierra Elvira’ Stone According to the Spanish Technical Code
Earth as a Sustainable Construction Material. Characterization of Different Mixtures and Implementation Using the Projected Earth System
Quality control of recycled aggregates (RAs) from construction and demolition waste (CDW)
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Fundamental period and earthquake damage in RC buildings of Viña del Mar (Chile)
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