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An Intervention on Anxiety Symptoms in Moderate Alzheimer’s Disease through Virtual Reality: A Feasibility Study and Lessons Learned

  • Desirée Sánchez-Nieto
  • Sergio Castaño-Castaño
  • Remedios Navarro-Martos
  • Esteban Obrero-Gaitán
  • Irene Cortés-Pérez
  • Francisco Nieto-Escamez

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health - 3/02/2023


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Do People Drive as They Live Together? Associations between Aggressive Behaviour on the Road and Intimate Relationships

  • Sergio Castaño

SSRN Electronic Journal - 05/2022



Impact of Learning in the COVID-19 Era on Academic Outcomes of Undergraduate Psychology Students

  • Martin Ayala, Juan Luis
  • Castano Castano, Sergio
  • Hernandez Santana, Alba
  • Marti Gonzalez, Mariacarla
  • Brito Ballester, Julien

Sustainability - 5/08/2021


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Non-Intrusive Measurements to Incorporate the Air Renovations in Dynamic Models Assessing the In-Situ Thermal Performance of Buildings

  • María José Jiménez
  • José Alberto Díaz
  • Antonio Javier Alonso
  • Sergio Castaño
  • Manuel Pérez

Energies - 23/12/2020


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Data-Based RC Dynamic Modelling to Assessing the In-Situ Thermal Performance of Buildings. Analysis of Several Key Aspects in a Simplified Reference Case toward the Application at On-Board Monitoring Level

  • Yessenia Olazo-Gómez
  • Héctor Herrada Fernández
  • Sergio Castaño
  • Jesús Arce
  • Jesús P. Xamán
  • María José Jiménez Taboada

Energies - 1/09/2020


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Similarities between the Effects of Prenatal Chlorpyrifos and Valproic Acid on Ultrasonic Vocalization in Infant Wistar Rats

  • Miguel Morales-Navas
  • Sergio Castaño-Castaño
  • Cristian Pérez-Fernández
  • Ainhoa Sánchez-Gil
  • María Teresa Colomina
  • Xavier Leinekugel
  • Fernando Sánchez-Santed
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International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health - 1/09/2020


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Application of direct transcranial current as non-invasive therapy in eating disorders: an intervention proposal

  • Ana Rosario Pellón Mendoza
  • Sergio Castaño Castaño

MLS Psychology Research - 21/05/2020



An experimental methodology to assess the climate impact on the energy performance of buildings: A ten-year evaluation in temperate and cold desert areas

  • Sanchez, M. N.
  • Soutullo, S.
  • Olmedo, R.
  • Bravo, D.
  • Castano, S.
  • Jimenez, M. J.

APPLIED ENERGY - 15/04/2020


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tDCS recovers depth perception in adult amblyopic rats and reorganizes visual cortex activity

  • Castaño-Castaño S.
  • Feijoo-Cuaresma M.
  • Paredes-Pacheco J.
  • Morales-Navas M.
  • Ruiz-Guijarro J.
  • Sanchez-Santed F.
  • Nieto-Escámez F.
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Sequential Monte Carlo for on-line parameter estimation of a lumped building energy model

  • Rouchier S.
  • Jiménez M.
  • Castaño S.



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Modulación sensorial para la recuperación de la función visual en sujetos ambliopes.

  • Castaño Castaño, Sergio


Open Access

Experimental energy performance assessment of a simplified building: Study of robustness of different analysis approaches under different test conditions

  • Chávez, K.
  • De La Torre, L.
  • Castaño, S.
  • Enríquez, R.
  • Jiménez, M.J.

Energy Procedia - 1/11/2015


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