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Management of the Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste in the Context of a Sustainable and Circular Model: Analysis of Trends in Latin America and the Caribbean
A Profitable Alternative for the Spanish Southeast: The Case of Production of Figs in Greenhouses
Sustainability and circularity in fruit and vegetable production. Perceptions and practices of reduction and valorization of agricultural waste biomass in south-eastern Spain
Management of agricultural waste biomass as raw material for the construction sector: an analysis of sustainable and circular alternatives
Management of Agricultural Waste Biomass: A case study of Fruit and Vegetable Producer Organizations in southeast Spain
Agricultural waste: Review of the evolution, approaches and perspectives on alternative uses
Analysis of the Circular Economic Production Models and Their Approach in Agriculture and Agricultural Waste Biomass Management
The management of agricultural waste biomass in the framework of circular economy and bioeconomy: An opportunity for greenhouse agriculture in Southeast Spain
Biodegradable Raffia as a Sustainable and Cost-Effective Alternative to Improve the Management of Agricultural Waste Biomass
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Gestión de la biomasa residual agrícola en el contexto de la economía y bioeconomía circular. El caso del sector hortofrutícola en el sureste español
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