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Correo Electrónico
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Soil Sustainability: Analysis of the Soil Compaction under Heavy Agricultural Machinery Traffic in Extensive Crops
Conceptual Data Model for IoT in a Chain-Integrated Greenhouse Production: Case of the Tomato Production in Almeria (Spain)
Procedures to determine k-factor function for air gaps
On condition maintenance based on the impedance measurement for traction batteries: Development and industrial implementation
Design and simulation of the power control system of a plant for the generation of hydrogen via electrolysis, using photovoltaic solar energy
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Descripciones declarativas de distinto nivel: aplicación al diseño de invernaderos
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Advanced maintenance of rail traction motors using a magnetic leakage flux technique
2009 ECCE-predictive maintenance techniques to determine dirt in railway traction motors using radial stray flux analysis
Implementation of a new predictive maintenance methodology for batteries. Application to railway operations
Path planning knowledge modeling for a generic autonomous robot: A case study
Educational application of role-playing and simulation of professional environments related to the power systems and the electricity market
Knowledge based modeling of the design process as a base of design tools. application to the development of agricultural structures
Theoretical procedure to convert anechoic radiated emission measurements to OATS equivalent results for arbitrary radiators
Correction of radiated emission measurements made in a GTEM cell
Comparison between GTEM and OATS radiated emission measurements for different product families
Comparison between GTEM and oats radiated field emission measurements
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