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Correo Electrónico
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The 2-domination number of cylindrical graphs
HPC acceleration of large (min, +) matrix products to compute domination-type parameters in graphs
On the 2-domination Number of Cylinders with Small Cycles
Generalized ε -quasi solutions of set optimization problems
Powers of large matrices on GPU platforms to compute the Roman domination number of cylindrical graphs
A General Lower Bound for the Domination Number of Cylindrical Graphs
Improving the performance and energy of Non-Dominated Sorting for evolutionary multiobjective optimization on GPU/CPU platforms
Efficient location of resources in cylindrical networks
TomoEED: Fast edge-enhancing denoising of tomographic volumes
Efficient Location of Resources in Cylindrical Networks
An approach to optimise the energy efficiency of iterative computation on integrated GPU–CPU systems
Using low-power platforms for Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization algorithms
Evaluation of psychomotor skills acquired for surgery by veterinary students using biological simulators
Adaptive load balancing of iterative computation on heterogeneous nondedicated systems
Automatic tuning of iterative computation on heterogeneous multiprocessors with ADITHE
Three-dimensional feature-preserving noise reduction for real-time electron tomography
New interval analysis support functions using gradient information in a global minimization algorithm
Experiments with a new selection criterion in a fast interval optimization algorithm
Unidades protectoras contra descargas eléctricas en sistemas de instrumentación industrial
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Manual de Linux y Tcl-Tk José Antonio Martínez García, Vicente González Ruiz, Leocadio González Casado
Real-time electron tomography based on GPU computing
Fast three-dimensional noise reduction for real-time electron tomography
Manual de Linux y Tcl-Tk
Conferencias Todos / Ninguno
Improving the energy efficiency of evolutionary multi-objective algorithms
Fast anomaly detection in hyperspectral images with RX method on heterogeneous clusters
Branch-and-Bound interval global optimization on shared memory multiprocessors
Interval parallel global optimization with charm++
On an efficient use of gradient information for accelerating interval global optimization algorithms
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