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Adaptation of VegSyst-DSS for macronutrient recommendations of fertigated, soil-grown, greenhouse vegetable crops
Effect of cultivar on measurements of nitrate concentration in petiole sap and leaf N content in greenhouse soil-grown cucumber, melon, and sweet pepper crops
Evaluation of Absolute Measurements and Normalized Indices of Proximal Optical Sensors as Estimators of Yield in Muskmelon and Sweet Pepper
Sample Temperature Affects Measurement of Nitrate with a Rapid Analysis Ion Selective Electrode System Used for N Management of Vegetable Crops
Nitrogen Effect on Fruit Quality and Yield of Muskmelon and Sweet Pepper Cultivars
Use of fluorescence indices as predictors of crop N status and yield for greenhouse sweet pepper crops
Tillage effects on soil properties, crop responses and root density of sweet pepper (Capsicum annuum)
Petiole sap nitrate concentration to assess crop nitrogen status of greenhouse sweet pepper
Effect of Time of Day and Sky Conditions on Different Vegetation Indices Calculated from Active and Passive Sensors and Images Taken from UAV
Use of a Portable Rapid Analysis System to Measure Nitrate Concentration of Nutrient and Soil Solution, and Plant Sap in Greenhouse Vegetable Production
Modelling nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium uptake, and uptake concentration, of greenhouse tomato with the VegSyst model
Assessing performance of vegetation indices to estimate nitrogen nutrition index in pepper
Crop response of greenhouse soil-grown cucumber to total available N in a Nitrate Vulnerable Zone
Soil Monitoring Methods to Assess Immediately Available Soil N for Fertigated Sweet Pepper
Root and crop responses of sweet pepper (Capsicum annuum) to increasing N fertilization
Monitoring nitrogen status of vegetable crops and soils for optimal nitrogen management
Effect of cultivar on chlorophyll meter and canopy reflectance measurements in cucumber
Reducing nitrate leaching losses from vegetable production in Mediterranean greenhouses
Sweet pepper and nitrogen supply in greenhouse production: Critical nitrogen curve, agronomic responses and risk of nitrogen loss
The influence of biocrusts on the spatial pattern of soil bacterial communities: A case study at landscape and slope scales
Assessing Performance of Vegetation Indices to Estimate Nitrogen Nutrition Index in Pepper
Effect of Cultivar on Chlorophyll Meter and Canopy Reflectance Measurements in Cucumber
The use of chlorophyll meters to assess crop N status and derivation of sufficiency values for sweet pepper
Adaptation of the VegSyst model to outdoor conditions for leafy vegetables and processing tomato
Influence of time of day on measurement with chlorophyll meters and canopy reflectance sensors of different crop N status
Showcasing a fertigation management strategy for increasing water and nitrogen use efficiency in soil-grown vegetable crops in the FERTINNOWA project
Effects of extreme rainfall events are independent of plant species richness in an experimental grassland community
The Use of Chlorophyll Meters to Assess Crop N Status and Derivation of Sufficiency Values for Sweet Pepper
Proximal optical sensors for nitrogen management of vegetable crops: A review
Use of the VegSyst model to calculate crop N uptake and ETc of different vegetable species grown in Mediterranean greenhouses
Reference values for phenological phases of chlorophyll meter readings and reflectance indices for optimal N nutrition of fertigated tomato
Global trends in nitrate leaching research in the 1960–2017 period
Different responses of various chlorophyll meters to increasing nitrogen supply in sweet pepper
Proximal Optical Sensors for Nitrogen Management of Vegetable Crops: A Review
Derivation of sufficiency values of a chlorophyll meter to estimate cucumber nitrogen status and yield
Determination of sufficiency values of canopy reflectance vegetation indices for maximum growth and yield of cucumber
Responses of soil properties, crop yield and root growth to improved irrigation and N fertilization, soil tillage and compost addition in a pepper crop
Revised VegSyst model to calculate dry matter production, critical N uptake and ETc of several vegetable species grown in Mediterranean greenhouses
Proximal optical sensing of cucumber crop N status using chlorophyll fluorescence indices
Effects of changes in rainfall amount and pattern on root dynamics in an arid shrubland
Ephemeral plants mediate responses of ecosystem carbon exchange to increased precipitation in a temperate desert
Consideration of total available N supply reduces N fertilizer requirement and potential for nitrate leaching loss in tomato production
Diversity effects on root length production and loss in an experimental grassland community
Threshold values of canopy reflectance indices and chlorophyll meter readings for optimal nitrogen nutrition of tomato
Assessing crop N status of fertigated vegetable crops using plant and soil monitoring techniques
Prototype decision support system based on the VegSyst simulation model to calculate crop N and water requirements for tomato under plastic cover
Evaluation of optical sensor measurements of canopy reflectance and of leaf flavonols and chlorophyll contents to assess crop nitrogen status of muskmelon
Early Root Overproduction Not Triggered by Nutrients Decisive for Competitive Success Belowground
Root plasticity maintains growth of temperate grassland species under pulsed water supply
Negative plant-soil feedbacks dominate seedling competitive interactions of North American successional grassland species
Fine root dynamics and longevity of Artemisia halodendron reflect plant growth strategy in two contrasting habitats
Root responses to nutrients and soil biota: drivers of species coexistence and ecosystem productivity
The role of hydraulic lift on seedling establishment under a nurse plant species in a semi-arid environment
Shrubs influence arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi communities in a semi-arid environment
Does shelter enhance early seedling survival in dry environments? A test with eight Mediterranean species
Climatic change and rainfall patterns: Effects on semi-arid plant communities of the Iberian Southeast
Special issue: The Iberian Southeast
The restoration of vegetation cover in the semi-arid Iberian southeast
Woody species of a semi-arid community are only moderately resistant to cavitation
Land-use changes and carbon sequestration through the twentieth century in a Mediterranean mountain ecosystem: Implications for land management
Hydraulic lift and tolerance to salinity of semiarid species: consequences for species interactions
Variability in amount and frequency of water supply affects roots but not growth of arid shrubs
Response of a Mediterranean semiarid community to changing patterns of water supply
Species identity and water availability determine establishment success under the canopy of Retama sphaerocarpa shrubs in a dry environment
Rethinking species selection for restoration of arid shrublands
Do changes in rainfall patterns affect semiarid annual plant communities?
Early root growth plasticity in seedlings of three Mediterranean woody species
Rooting depth and soil moisture control Mediterranean woody seedling survival during drought
The role of nurse plants in the restoration of degraded environments
El uso de especies arbustivas para la restauración de la cubierta vegetal en ambientes semiáridos
El microrriego, una técnica de restauración de la cubierta vegetal para ambientes semiáridos
Libros, capítulos, tesis Todos / Ninguno
Effect of N on fruit production and quality of greenhouse horticultural crops, and practices to improve the use of nutrients
Monitoring with proximal optical sensors to optimize N management of greenhouse vegetable crops
Sistemas de monitorización del estado de nitrógeno en cultivos hortícolas
Uso de índices de vegetación en la estimación de cosecha de cultivos. Utilidad y limitaciones en el caso del trigo en el sur de España
Factores limitantes y estrategias de establecimiento de plantas leñosas en ambientes semiáridos. Implicaciones para la restauración
Epidemiología de las caidas en ancianos institucionalizados
Conferencias Todos / Ninguno
Use of the VegSyst model to calculate crop N uptake and crop evapotranspiration of autumn- and spring-grown cucumber in Mediterranean greenhouses
Veg Syst-DSS software to calculate N and irrigation requirements for seven vegetable species grown with fertigation in greenhouses in SE Spain
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