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The adolescent's competency for interacting with alcohol as a determinant of intake: The role of self-regulation
Orexin receptor 1 signaling contributes to ethanol binge-like drinking: Pharmacological and molecular evidence
A single high dose of chlorpyrifos reduces long-term basal C-fos expression in the rat arcuate hypothalamic nucleus
Effects of a single high dose of Chlorpyrifos in long-term feeding, ethanol consumption and ethanol preference in male Wistar rats with a previous history of continued ethanol drinking
Repeated binge-like ethanol administration during adolescence cause decreased c-fos immunoreactivity in amygdala and arcuate nucleus in adult sprague-dawley rats
Impulsivity as long-term sequelae after chlorpyrifos intoxication: Time course and individual differences
Acute high dose of chlorpyrifos alters performance of rats in the elevated plus-maze and the elevated T-maze
Individual differences in schedule-induced polydipsia and the role of gabaergic and dopaminergic systems
Long-term monoamine changes in the striatum and nucleus accumbens after acute chlorpyrifos exposure
Time course of biochemical and behavioural effects of a single high dose of chlorpyrifos
Long-lasting reductions of rthanol drinking, enhanced ethanol-induced sedation, and decreased c-fos expression in the edinger-westphal nucleus in wistar rats exposed to the organophosphate chlorpyrifos
Los efectos de la anfetamina administrada en el córtex prefrontal medial sobre las diferencias individuales en polidipsia inducida por programa
Neuroanatomical targets of the organophosphate chlorpyrifos by c-fos immunolabeling
Effects of chlorpyrifos in the plus-maze model of anxiety
Adaptive changes induced by chronic ethanol ingestion on hepatic mitochondrial and microsomal enzyme activities
Evidence of differential effects produced by ethanol on specific phospholipid biosynthetic pathways in rat hepatocytes
Studies on phospholipid biosynthesis in hepatocytes from alcoholic rats by using radiolabeled exogenous precursors
Persistence of the effects of ethanol in vitro on the lipid order and enzyme activities of chick-liver membranes
Physical properties, lipid composition and enzyme activities of hepatic subcellular membranes from chick embryo after ethanol treatment
Comparative study of the effect of ethanol on the fluidity of subcellular hepatic membranes
Influence of ethanol on liver and plasma lipid levels during chick embryo development
Ethanol and lipid metabolism Differential effects on liver and brain microsomes
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Chlorpyrifos shares stimulus properties with pentylenetetrazol as evaluated by an operant drug discrimination task
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