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The optimal decomposition method (ODM) for nonlinear problems
Air Traffic Complexity Map Based on Linear Dynamical Systems
A Comprehensive Survey on Climate Optimal Aircraft Trajectory Planning
Fundamental Framework to Plan 4D Robust Descent Trajectories for Uncertainties in Weather Prediction
Iterative graph deformation for aircraft trajectory planning considering ensemble forecasting of thunderstorms
Estimating entry counts and ATFM regulations during adverse weather conditions using machine learning
Informed scenario-based RRT∗ for aircraft trajectory planning under ensemble forecasting of thunderstorms
A survey on low-thrust trajectory optimization approaches
Robust flight planning impact assessment considering convective phenomena
A New Way of Analyzing the Schumann Resonances: A Statistical Approach
Infuence of atmospheric uncertainty, convective indicators, and cost-index on the leveled aircraft trajectory optimization problem
Hybrid multi-objective orbit-raising optimization with operational constraints
Robust aircraft trajectory planning under uncertain convective environments with optimal control and rapidly developing thunderstorms
A simulated annealing approach to 3D strategic aircraft deconfliction based on en-route speed changes under wind and temperature uncertainties
Automated optimal flight planning based on the aircraft intent description language
Optimal Control Techniques in Aircraft Guidance and Control
Characterization and enhancement of flight planning predictability under wind uncertainty
Robust aircraft trajectory planning under wind uncertainty using optimal control
On maximizing safety in stochastic aircraft trajectory planning with uncertain thunderstorm development
Collocation methods to minimum-fuel trajectory problems with required time of arrival in ATM
A Hybrid Optimal Control Approach to Fuel-Efficient Aircraft Conflict Avoidance
Multiphase optimal control framework for commercial aircraft four-dimensional flight-planning problems
Flight trajectory design in the presence of contrails: Application of a multiphase mixed-integer optimal control approach
Multiphase Mixed-Integer Optimal Control Approach to Aircraft Trajectory Optimization
Hybrid Optimal Control Approach to Commercial Aircraft Trajectory Planning
Libros, capítulos, tesis Todos / Ninguno
Multiobjective optimisation of aircraft trajectories under wind uncertainty using GPU parallelism and genetic algorithms
Electrónica de Potencia: Análisis-simulación
Conferencias Todos / Ninguno
RRT*-Based Algorithm for Trajectory Planning Considering Probabilistic Weather Forecasts
Longitudinal flight control system design via Laguerre based model predictive control
Robust Optimal Trajectory Planning Under Uncertain Winds and Convective Risk
Multi-objective low-thrust interplanetary trajectory optimization based on generalized logarithmic spirals
Data-driven occupancy prediction in adverse weather conditions using thunderstorm and traffic observations
Master's degree in industrial engineering: Generic skills assessment at CEIA3 universities
Creation of interactive teaching materials for the subjects of industrial engineering
Generic skills assessment in the industrial electronic engineering degree at university of Almería
Smartphone as an interactive learning tool: Assessment of the use in university teaching
Robust optimization of descent trajectories on irregular-shaped bodies in the presence of uncertainty
Multiobjective trajectory optimization for orbit raising with combined chemical-electric propulsion
Optimal aircraft trajectory planning in the presence of stochastic convective weather cells
Simulated annealing for strategic traffic deconfliction by subliminal speed control under wind uncertainties
Effects of reducing wind-induced trajectory uncertainty on sector demand
Simulation based validation of a mixed-integer optimal control algorithm for conflict detection and resolution using TAAM software
Wind-based robust trajectory optimization using meteorological ensemble probabilistic forecasts
Low-thrust earth-orbit transfer optimization using analytical averaging within a sequential method
Conflict pattern analysis under the consideration of optimal trajectories in the European ATM
A comparison of optimal control methods for minimum fuel cruise at constant altitude and course with fixed arrival time
Contrail sensitive 4D trajectory planning with flight level allocation using multiphase mixed-integer optimal control
Multiphase mixed-integer optimal control applied to 4D trajectory planning in air traffic management
Multiphase Mixed-Integer Optimal Control Framework for Aircraft Conflict Avoidance
Framework for Aircraft Trajectory Planning Toward an Efficient Air Traffic Management
En-route optimal flight planning constrained to pass through waypoints using MINLP
Hybrid optimal control for aircraft trajectory design with a variable sequence of modes
Hybrid optimal control approach to commercial aircrafts 3D multiphase trajectory optimization
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