Sansores Peraza, Pablo Manuel Author

Synthesis of Pentacoordinated Spiro[4,4]phosphoranes by Reaction of Cyclic Phosphazenyl Anions with Epoxides. Study of their P-Remote Functionalization and Hydrolysis

  • Pablo Manuel Sansores Peraza
  • Jesús García López
  • Yolanda Navarro
  • María José Iglesias
  • Fernando López Ortiz

Synthesis - 14/09/2021


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Spiro[1,2]oxaphosphetanes of Nonstabilized and Semistabilized Phosphorus Ylide Derivatives: Synthesis and Kinetic and Computational Study of Their Thermolysis

  • Jesús García López
  • Pablo M. Sansores Peraza
  • María José Iglesias
  • Laura Roces
  • Santiago García-Granda
  • Fernando López Ortiz

The Journal of Organic Chemistry - 15/10/2020


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In vitro evaluation of anthraquinones from Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis Miller) roots and several derivatives against strains of influenza virus

  • Borges-Argáez R.
  • Chan-Balan R.
  • Cetina-Montejo L.
  • Ayora-Talavera G.
  • Sansores-Peraza P.
  • Gómez-Carballo J.
  • Cáceres-Farfán M.
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Industrial Crops and Products - 1/6/2019


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Extraction of phenolic components from an Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis Miller) crop and their potential as antimicrobials and textile dyes

  • Canche-Escamilla G.
  • Colli-Acevedo P.
  • Borges-Argaez R.
  • Quintana-Owen P.
  • May-Crespo J.
  • Cáceres-Farfan M.
  • Yam Puc J.
  • Sansores-Peraza P.
  • Vera-Ku B.
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Sustainable Chemistry and Pharmacy - 1/12/2019


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Chemical constituents of Pithecellobium albicans

  • Mena-Rejón G.
  • Sansores-Peraza P.
  • Brito-Loeza W.
  • Quijano L.

Fitoterapia - 1/1/2008


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Cassine, an antimicrobial alkaloid from Senna racemosa

  • Sansores-Peraza P.
  • Rosado-Vallado M.
  • Brito-Loeza W.
  • Mena-Rejón G.
  • Quijano L.

Fitoterapia - 25/11/2000


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