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Reconnecting Farmers with Nature through Agroecological Transitions: Interacting Niches and Experimentation and the Role of Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems

  • Giagnocavo C.
  • de Cara-García M.
  • González M.
  • Juan M.
  • Marín-Guirao J.I.
  • Mehrabi S.
  • Rodríguez E.
  • van der Blom J.
  • Crisol-Martínez E.
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Agriculture (Switzerland) - 1/2/2022


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Evaluation of Permeate Quality in Pilot Scale Membrane Distillation Systems

  • Alba Ruiz-Aguirre
  • Juan A. Andrés-Mañas
  • Guillermo Zaragoza

Membranes - 5/06/2019


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Plant viruses and native vegetation in Mediterranean greenhouse areas

  • Rodríguez E.
  • Van Der Blom J.
  • González M.
  • Sánchez E.
  • Janssen D.
  • Ruiz L.
  • Elorrieta M.
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Scientia Horticulturae - 22/1/2014


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