Martínez Victoria, María Del Carmen Autor

Is the corporate financial strategy in the oil and gas sector affected by ESG dimensions?

  • Alicia Ramírez-Orellana
  • MCarmen Martínez-Victoria
  • Antonio García-Amate
  • Alfonso A. Rojo-Ramírez

Resources Policy - 1/03/2023


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Determinants of trade credit financing: a dynamic analysis comparing agri-food cooperatives and non-cooperatives

  • Martínez-Victoria M.
  • Maté-Sanchez-Val M.

Agricultural Finance Review - 3/10/2022


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Analysing the risk-return relationship in privately held firms: the contingent effect of being a family firm

  • Rojo Ramírez A.A.
  • Martínez-Victoria M.
  • Martínez-Romero M.J.

Academia Revista Latinoamericana de Administracion - 1/1/2022


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Learning mathematics of financial operations during the covid-19 era: An assessment with partial least squares structural equation modeling

  • Valls Martínez M.D.C.
  • Martín-Cervantes P.A.
  • Sánchez Pérez A.M.
  • Martínez Victoria M.D.C.

Mathematics - 1/9/2021


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Leadership style and gender: A study of spanish cooperatives

  • Martinez-Leon I.M.
  • Olmedo-Cifuentes I.
  • Martínez-Victoria M.
  • Arcas-Lario N.

Sustainability (Switzerland) - 1/6/2020


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Spatial dynamic analysis of productivity growth of agri-food companies

  • Martínez-Victoria M.
  • Maté-Sánchez-Val M.
  • Lansink A.

Agricultural Economics (United Kingdom) - 1/5/2019


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Financial behavior of cooperatives and investor-owned firms: An empirical analysis of the Spanish fruit and vegetable sector

  • Martínez-Victoria M.
  • Arcas Lario N.
  • Maté Sánchez Val M.

Agribusiness - 1/3/2018


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Spatial determinants of productivity growth on agri-food Spanish firms: a comparison between cooperatives and investor-owned firms

  • Martínez-Victoria M.
  • Maté Sánchez-Val M.
  • Arcas-Lario N.

Agricultural Economics (United Kingdom) - 1/3/2018


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Open Access

The significance of the interconnection of second-level cooperatives and their peer-associated cooperatives for productivity growth

  • Martínez-Victoria M.
  • Maté-Sánchez-Val M.
  • Arcas-Lario N.

Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research - 1/1/2017


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Spatial effects on the productive structure of Spanish agri-food cooperatives

  • Martínez-Victoria M.
  • Sánchez-Val M.
  • Arcas-Lario N.

Outlook on Agriculture - 1/1/2016


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Understanding Spanish agri-food cooperatives: empirical analysis from economic, financial and inter-organizational perspective.

  • María Martínez Victoria
  • Narciso Arcas Lario
  • Mari Luz Maté Sánchez de Val


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