Mari Beffa, Paloma Autor

Post-target inhibition: A temporal binding mechanism?

  • Loach D.
  • Marí-Beffa P.

Visual Cognition - 1/7/2003


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Training with differential outcomes enhances discriminative learning and visuospatial recognition memory in children born prematurely

  • Martinez, Lourdes
  • Mari-Beffa, Paloma
  • Roldan-Tapia, Dolores
  • Ramos-Lizana, Julio
  • Fuentes, Luis J.
  • Estevez, Angeles F.


10.1016/j.ridd.2011.08.022 Ver en origen

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Enhancing challenged students' recognition of mathematical relations through differential outcomes training

  • Estévez A.
  • Vivas A.
  • Alonso D.
  • Marí-Beffa P.
  • Fuentes L.
  • Overmier J.

Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology - 1/4/2007


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Open Access

Stroop interference effects in partially colored Stroop words

  • Danziger S.
  • Estévez A.
  • Marí-Beffa P.

Psychonomic Bulletin and Review - 1/1/2002


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Stroop interference and negative priming: Problems with inferences from null results

  • Marí-Beffa P.
  • Estévez A.
  • Danziger S.

Psychonomic Bulletin and Review - 1/1/2000


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The implementation of expectancy-based strategic processes is delayed in normal aging

  • Noguera C.
  • Fernández S.
  • Álvarez D.
  • Carmona E.
  • Marí-Beffa P.
  • Ortells J.

PLoS ONE - 1/3/2019


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Dissociating object- and response-based components of negative priming through effects of practice

  • Houghton G.
  • Marí-Beffa P.

Perception and Psychophysics - 1/1/2005


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An action to an object does not improve its episodic encoding, but removes distraction

  • Laurent, Xavier
  • Mari-Beffa, Paloma

PERCEPTION - 08/2015

Anatomical dissociations of forward and backwards semantic processing in the cerebellum using theta burst stimulation

  • Allen-Walker, Louise Sarah Ther
  • Baxendale, Alex
  • Kiryakov, Reneta Krasimirova
  • Lawrie, Sophie
  • Mari-Beffa, Paloma

PERCEPTION - 08/2015

Verbal working memory influences time perception in explicit time estimation

  • Mari-Beffa, Paloma

PERCEPTION - 08/2015

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La naturaleza de la tarea previa afecta el procesamiento del distractor

  • Paloma Mari Beffa
  • Luis José Fuentes Melero


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  • Dialnet

Semantic priming in the prime task effect: Evidence of automatic semantic processing of distractors

  • Mari-Beffa, P
  • Fuentes, LJ
  • Catena, A
  • Houghton, G

MEMORY & COGNITION - 1/06/2000

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