Ortuño Maqueda, Manuel Ángel Autor

Selective furfural hydrogenolysis towards 2-methylfuran by controlled poisoning of Cu–Co catalysts with chlorine

  • Alberto Barranca
  • Iker Agirrezabal-Tellería
  • Marcos Rellán-Piñeiro
  • Manuel A. Ortuño
  • Inaki Gandarias

Reaction Chemistry & Engineering - 1/1/2023


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Lithium anthraquinoids as catalysts in the ROP of lactide and caprolactone into cyclic polymers

  • Cristina Ruiz Martínez
  • Juana M. Pérez
  • Francisco M. Arrabal-Campos
  • Antonio Rodríguez-Diéguez
  • Duane Choquesillo-Lazarte
  • Juan A. Martínez-Lao
  • Manuel A. Ortuño
  • Ignacio Fernández
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Polymer Chemistry - 1/1/2023


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Computational Mechanism of Methyl Levulinate Conversion to γ-Valerolactone on UiO-66 Metal Organic Frameworks

  • Ortuño M.A.
  • Rellán-Piñeiro M.
  • Luque R.

ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering - 21/3/2022


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Sustainable Synthesis of Silicon Precursors Coupled with Hydrogen Delivery Based on Circular Economy via Molecular Cobalt-Based Catalysts

  • Silvia Gutiérrez-Tarriño
  • Sergio Rojas-Buzo
  • Manuel A. Ortuño
  • Pascual Oña-Burgos

ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering - 8/12/2022


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Role of Anions in 5‐Hydroxymethylfurfural Solvation in Ionic Liquids from Molecular Dynamics Simulations

  • Hadrián Montes‐Campos
  • Trinidad Méndez‐Morales
  • Luis Miguel Varela
  • Manuel Angel Ortuño

Advanced Theory and Simulations - 9/10/2022


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Open Access

Chiral Ligands Based on Binaphthyl Scaffolds for Pd-Catalyzed Enantioselective C-H Activation/Cycloaddition Reactions

  • González J.M.
  • Vidal X.
  • Ortuño M.A.
  • Mascareñas J.L.
  • Gulías M.

Journal of the American Chemical Society - 1/1/2022


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Cyclic polylactide synthesis initiated by a lithium anthraquinoid: Understanding the selectivity through DFT and diffusion NMR

  • Martínez C.R.
  • Pérez J.M.
  • Arrabal-Campos F.M.
  • Batuecas M.
  • Ortuño M.A.
  • Fernández I.

Polymer Chemistry - 28/7/2021


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Defects as catalytic sites for the oxygen evolution reaction in Earth-abundant MOF-74 revealed by DFT

  • Jordi Morales-Vidal
  • Rodrigo García-Muelas
  • Manuel A. Ortuño

Catalysis Science & Technology - 21/2/2021


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Spectroscopic Evidence of Hyponitrite Radical Intermediate in NO Disproportionation at a MOF-Supported Mononuclear Copper Site

  • Sun C.
  • Yang L.
  • Ortuño M.A.
  • Wright A.M.
  • Chen T.
  • Head A.R.
  • López N.
  • Dincă M.
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Angewandte Chemie - International Edition - 1/1/2021


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How acid can become a dihydrogen complex in water? A DFT study

  • Manuel A. Ortuño
  • Agustí Lledós

Journal of Organometallic Chemistry - 15/09/2021


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