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Ruthenium complexes containing mPTA and the thiopurines bis(8-thiotheophylline)-(CH2)n and mPTA (n= 1-3; mPTA = Nmethyl- 1,3,5-triaza-7-phosphaadamantane)

  • Hajji, Lazhar
  • Saraiba Bello, Cristobal
  • Scalambra, Franco
  • Segovia- Torrente, Gaspar
  • Romerosa, Antonio
  • Canella, A.


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Complejos de rutenio solubles en agua con fosfinas cuosolubles y bases púricas.

  • Romerosa Nievas, Antonio Manuel
  • Hajji, Lazhar
  • Saraiba Bello, Cristobal
  • Serrano Ruiz, Manuel


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