Gámez Márquez, Francisco Autor

Vibrational study of isolated 18-crown-6 ether complexes with alkaline-earth metal cations

  • Gamez, Francisco
  • Hurtado, Paola
  • Martinez-Haya, Bruno
  • Berden, Giel
  • Oomens, Jos


10.1016/j.ijms.2011.06.015 Ver en origen

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Vibrational signatures of dynamic excess proton storage between primary amine and carboxylic acid groups

  • F. Gámez
  • J. R. Avilés-Moreno
  • J. Martens
  • G. Berden
  • J. Oomens
  • B. Martínez-Haya

Journal of Chemical Physics - 7/3/2024


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Vapour-liquid equilibrium of fluids composed by oblate molecules

  • Gamez, Francisco
  • Lago, Santiago
  • Garzon, Benito
  • Merkling, Patrick J.
  • Vega, Carlos

Molecular Physics - 2008

10.1080/00268970802129826 Ver en origen

Número de citas: 15 (Web of Science)

Vapor-liquid equilibrium of hexadecapolar fluids from a perturbation-based equation of state

  • Gamez, Francisco
  • Lago, Santiago
  • del Rio, Fernando
  • Benavides, Ana Laura

Journal of Chemical Physics - 14/09/2006

10.1063/1.2339018 Ver en origen

Número de citas: 9 (Web of Science)

Vapor-liquid equilibrium and equation of state of two-dimensional fluids from a discrete perturbation theory

  • Trejos, Victor M.
  • Santos, Andres
  • Gamez, Francisco


10.1063/1.5029375 Ver en origen

Número de citas: 11 (Web of Science)

UV-Vis-NIR Laser Desorption/Ionization of Synthetic Polymers Assisted by Gold Nanospheres, Nanorods and Nanostars

  • Gamez, Francisco
  • Hurtado, Paola
  • Castillo, Paula M.
  • Caro, Carlos
  • Hortal, Ana R.
  • Zaderenko, Paula
  • Martinez-Haya, Bruno
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Plasmonics - 28/06/2010

10.1007/s11468-010-9125-z Ver en origen

Número de citas: 24 (Web of Science) 26 (Scopus)

Unveiling the interaction of DNA–octadecylamine at the air–water interface by ultraviolet-visible reflection spectroscopy

  • Mora-Boza, A.
  • Lopes-Costa, T.
  • Gamez, F.
  • Pedrosa, J. M.

RSC Advances - 2017

10.1039/c6ra27903a Ver en origen

Número de citas: 6 (Web of Science)

Ultraviolet laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry of single-core and multi-core polyaromatic hydrocarbons under variable conditions of collisional cooling: insights into the generation of molecular ions, fragments and oligomers

  • Gamez, Francisco
  • Hortal, Ana R.
  • Martinez-Haya, Bruno
  • Soltwisch, Jens
  • Dreisewerd, Klaus


10.1002/jms.3433 Ver en origen

Número de citas: 7 (Web of Science) 5 (Scopus)

Tweezer-like Complexes of Crown Ethers with Divalent Metals: Probing Cation-Size-Dependent Conformations by Vibrational Spectroscopy in the Gas Phase

  • Gamez, Francisco
  • Hurtado, Paola
  • Hamad, Said
  • Martinez-Haya, Bruno
  • Berden, Giel
  • Oomens, Jos

Chempluschem - 1/02/2012

10.1002/cplu.201100044 Ver en origen

Número de citas: 13 (Web of Science) 11 (Scopus)

The second virial coefficient for anisotropic square-well fluids

  • Gamez, Francisco
  • Caro, Carlos

Journal of Molecular Liquids - 08/2015

10.1016/j.molliq.2015.04.011 Ver en origen

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