Villamayor Tomás, Sergio Autor

Evaluating the USFS State and Private Forestry Redesign: A First Look at Policy.


Evaluating the utility of Common-pool resource theories for understanding large scale patterns of deforestation in Indonesia between 1965 and 2012.


Pooled Transferable quotas and Cooperation in Common Property Regimes under Extreme Event Conditions: Empirical Evidence from Severe Droughts in Spanish Irrigation Systems


Governing large-scale social-ecological systems: Lessons from a comparison of five cases.


Participatory instruments for conflict resolution in the context of the Spanish dam building policy: A case study on the Water Commission in Aragon


Fabricating Irrigators: Contested Hydrosocial Territories and Subject-Making in Spain’s Tagus–Segura Interbasin Transfer Arena

  • Bourguignon N.
  • Villamayor-Tomás S.
  • Boelens R.

Water (Switzerland) - 1/1/2024


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Socially embedding the food system: the role of alternative food initiatives to build sustainable food models

  • Sato F.
  • Calvet-Mir L.
  • Villamayor-Tomas S.

Local Environment - 1/1/2024


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The Problem of Institutional Fit: Uncovering Patterns with Boosted Decision Trees

  • Graham Epstein
  • Cristina I. Apetrei
  • Jacopo Baggio
  • Sivee Chawla
  • Graeme Cumming
  • Georgina Gurney
  • Tiffany Morrison
  • Hita Unnikrishnan
  • Sergio Villamayor Tomas
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International Journal of the Commons - 10/01/2024



Impacts of hydropower development on locals’ livelihoods in the Global South

  • Castro-Diaz L.
  • García M.A.
  • Villamayor-Tomas S.
  • Lopez M.C.

World Development - 1/9/2023


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Analyzing group communication dynamics and content in a common-pool resource experiment

  • Hoffmann P.
  • Villamayor-Tomas S.
  • Lopez M.C.

PLoS ONE - 1/5/2023


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Beyond the public-private dichotomy: an institutional analysis of drought robustness in the Riegos del Alto Aragon irrigation project


The IAD Framework and Its Tools for Policy and Institutional Analysis

  • Schlager E.
  • Villamayor-Tomas S.

Theories of the Policy Process: Fifth Edition - 1/1/2023


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Common property and environmental governance

  • Sergio Villamayor-Tomás




Institutional analysis

  • Epstein G.
  • Villamayor-Tomas S.
  • Schoon M.

The Routledge Handbook of Research Methods for Social-Ecological Systems - 30/7/2021


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Comparative case study analysis

  • Pahl-Wostl C.
  • Basurto X.
  • Villamayor-Tomas S.

The Routledge Handbook of Research Methods for Social-Ecological Systems - 30/7/2021


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Decommonisation-commonisation dynamics and social movements: Insights from a meta-analysis of case studies

  • Villamayor-Tomás S.
  • García-López G.

Making Commons Dynamic: Understanding Change Through Commonisation and Decommonisation - 2/3/2021

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Assessing performance of polycentric governance system interactions

  • Koontz T.M.
  • Heikkila T.
  • Garrick D.E.
  • Villamayor-Tomás S.

Governing Complexity: Analyzing and Applying Polycentricity - 13/9/2019

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Competition in polycentric governance systems

  • Garrick D.E.
  • Villamayor-Tomás S.

Governing Complexity: Analyzing and Applying Polycentricity - 13/9/2019

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The Water-Energy Nexus in Europe and Spain: An Institutional Analysis From the Perspective of the Spanish Irrigation Sector

  • Villamayor-Tomas S.

Competition for Water Resources: Experiences and Management Approaches in the US and Europe - 1/1/2017


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Adaptive irrigation management in drought contexts: Institutional robustness and cooperation in the Riegos del alto Aragon project (Spain)

  • Villamayor-Tomas S.

The Global Water System in the Anthropocene: Challenges for Science and Governance - 1/1/2014


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A systems perspective on water markets: barriers, bright spots, and building blocks for the next generation

  • Garrick D.
  • Balasubramanya S.
  • Beresford M.
  • Wutich A.
  • Gilson G.G.
  • Jorgensen I.
  • Brozović N.
  • Cox M.
  • Dai X.
  • Erfurth S.
  • Rimšaitė R.
  • Svensson J.
  • Jones J.T.
  • Unnikrishnan H.
  • Wight C.
  • Villamayor-Tomas S.
  • Mendoza K.V.
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Environmental Research Letters - 1/3/2023


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