Cabello Santamaría, Francisco Author

The Spanish Version of the International Index of Erectile Function: Adaptation and Validation

  • Díaz-Mohedo E.
  • Meldaña Sánchez A.
  • Cabello Santamaría F.
  • Molina García E.
  • Hernández Hernández S.
  • Hita-Contreras F.

International journal of environmental research and public health - 19/1/2023


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Consensus on recommendations for safe sexual activity during the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic

  • Cabello F.
  • Sánchez F.
  • Farré J.M.
  • Montejo A.L.

Journal of Clinical Medicine - 1/7/2020


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Consequences of drug use in female orgasm and sexual satisfaction in Spanish women

  • Del Río Olvera F.J.
  • Cabello M.A.
  • Cabello-Santamaría F.

Psychology and Sexuality - 1/1/2020


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Validation of the Spanish version of the Golombok Rust Inventory of Sexual Satisfaction

  • Cabello-Santamaría F.
  • del Río F.J.
  • Cabello-García M.A.

Revista Internacional de Andrologia - 1/1/2020


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Creating and Validating the DESEA Questionnaire for Men and Women

  • Francisco Cabello-Santamaría
  • Marina A. Cabello-García
  • J.Aragón-Vela
  • F. Javier del Río

Journal of Clinical Medicine - 1/07/2020


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Creation and validation of a scale of sexuality for adolescents: Scale of Myths about Sexuality

  • Guerra C.
  • del Río F.J.
  • Cabello F.
  • Morales I.M.

Revista Internacional de Andrologia - 1/10/2019


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Guide for the classification of clinical research articles for the INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ANDROLOGY

  • del Río F.
  • Cabello-García M.
  • Cabello-Santamaría F.

Revista Internacional de Andrologia - 1/7/2018


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Effects of drug use and anxiety on premature ejaculation in a sample of Spanish drug addicts

  • del Río F.
  • Cabello-García M.
  • Cabello-Santamaría F.
  • Verdugo L.
  • Aragón-Vela J.

Revista Internacional de Andrologia - 1/10/2018


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De la definición al impacto social de la eyaculación precoz: Consenso de experto

  • R. Prieto Castro
  • Natalio Cruz Navarro
  • Francisco Cabello Santamaría
  • Carlos San Martín Blanco
  • Antonio Martín Morales
  • Froilán Sánchez Sánchez
  • Miren Larrazábal Murillo
  • Ferrán García José
  • A. Fernández Lozano
  • José Viladoms
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Actas Urologicas Espanolas - 1/6/2017


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Diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of premature ejaculation: Expert's recommendations

  • Prieto R.
  • Cruz N.
  • Cabello F.
  • García F.
  • Fernández A.
  • Larrazábal M.
  • Martín A.
  • Sánchez F.
  • Martín C.S.
  • Viladoms J.
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Revista Internacional de Andrologia - 1/4/2017


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Tiresias (tipos de respuesta sexual y adicción a sustancias)

  • Francisco Javier del Río Olvera
  • Francisco Cabello Santamaría
  • Inmaculada Fernández Agís


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