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Grammatical complexity and difficulty levels in adapted and original Spanish L2 readings

  • Checa-Garcia I.

RLA - 1/1/2013


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Test validity in morphosyntactic measures for typical and SLI incipient Spanish–English bilinguals

  • Checa-García I.
  • Guiberson M.

Language Testing - 1/1/2019


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Resumptive elements in Spanish relative clauses and processing difficulties: A multifactorial analysis

  • Checa-Garcia I.

Folia Linguistica - 1/11/2019


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Pragmatic and semantic factors for the resumption strategy in Spanish relative clauses

  • Checa-García I.

Contemporary Advances in Theoretical and Applied Spanish Linguistic Variations - 1/1/2017

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Medidas del desarrollo sintactivo en escolares almerienses (12 a 18 años).

  • Irene Checa García
  • Francisco Joaquín García Marcos


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