Nieto Muñoz, Luz Author

Roles in families that keep company to patients in a psychiatric clinic of Medellín- Colombia

  • Chavarría E.F.V.
  • Bernal L.V.L.
  • Nieto L.á.R.

Revista Argentina de Clinica Psicologica - 1/4/2017


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Psychology intervention model aimed at developing emotional, cognitive and conative drives

  • Nieto L.A.R.
  • López G.C.H.

International Journal of Psychological Research - 1/1/2011


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Lidocaine, tetrodotoxin and their effect on consolidation of spatial memory

  • Cimadevilla J.
  • López F.
  • Nieto L.
  • Jesús Aguirre M.
  • Fernández R.

PSICOTHEMA - 24/8/2009

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Estudio exploratorio de los valores en una muestra de personas con esquizofrenia

  • Nieto Muñoz, Luz


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Social variables related to the origin of hallucinations

  • Cangas A.
  • Langer A.
  • García-Montes J.
  • Carmona J.
  • Nieto L.

Hallucinations: Types, Stages and Treatments - 1/2/2011

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