Salinas Romero, Jerónimo Author

Using marble sludge and phytoextraction to remediate metal(loid) polluted soils

  • Gonzalez, Veronica
  • Salinas, Jeronimo
  • Garcia, Ines
  • del Moral, Fernando
  • Simon, Mariano

Journal of Geochemical Exploration - 1/03/2017


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Use of marble sludge and biochar to improve soil water retention capacity

  • Mariano Simón Torres
  • Fernando del Moral Torres
  • Jerónimo Salinas
  • Inés García

Spanish Journal of Soil Science - 1/1/2018


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Short-term effects of changing soil management practices on soil quality indicators and crop yields in greenhouses

  • Salinas J.
  • Meca D.
  • del Moral F.

Agronomy - 1/04/2020


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Short-Term Effects of Changing Soil Management Practices on Soil Quality Indicators and Crop Yields in Greenhouses

  • Salinas Romero, Jerónimo
  • Meca Abad, David Erik
  • Del Moral Torres, Fernando


Open Access

Responses of yield, fruit quality and water relations of sweet pepper in Mediterranean greenhouses to increasing salinity

  • Jerónimo Salinas
  • Francisco M. Padilla
  • Rodney B. Thompson
  • M. Teresa Peña-Fleitas
  • María López-Martín
  • Marisa Gallardo

Agricultural Water Management - 1/12/2023


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Remediación de suelos contaminados: una combinación de estabilización y fitoextración

  • Salinas Romero, Jerónimo


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Utilización de restos de cosecha en invernadero. Impacto del cambio de manejo sobre la calidad del suelo y la productividad de los cultivos

  • Salinas Romero, Jerónimo


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