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Performance evaluation of object based greenhouse detection from Sentinel-2 MSI and Landsat 8 OLI data: A case study from Almería (Spain)

  • Novelli A.
  • Aguilar M.
  • Nemmaoui A.
  • Aguilar F.
  • Tarantino E.

International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation - 1/10/2016


Número de citas: 106 (Web of Science) 97 (Scopus)
Open Access

AssesSeg—A Command Line Tool to Quantify Image Segmentation Quality: A Test Carried Out in Southern Spain from Satellite Imagery

  • Novelli, Antonio
  • Aguilar Torres, Manuel
  • Aguilar Torres, Fernando José
  • Nemmaoui, Abderrahim
  • Tarantino, Eufemia


Open Access

AssesSeg-A command line tool to quantify image segmentation quality: A test carried out in southern spain from satellite imagery

  • Novelli A.
  • Aguilar M.
  • Aguilar F.
  • Nemmaoui A.
  • Tarantino E.

Remote Sensing - 1/1/2017


Número de citas: 27 (Web of Science) 22 (Scopus)
Open Access

Evaluation of the Consistency of Simultaneously Acquired Sentinel-2 and Landsat 8 Imagery on Plastic Covered Greenhouses

  • Manuel Ángel Aguilar
  • Rafael Jiménez-Lao
  • Abderrahim Nemmaoui
  • Fernando José Aguilar
  • Dilek Koc-San
  • Eufemia Tarantino
  • Mimoun Chourak
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Remote Sensing - 23/06/2020


Número de citas: 18 (Web of Science) 8 (Scopus)

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