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Layer Selection in Progressive Transmission of Motion-Compensated JPEG2000 Video

  • Maturana Espinosa, José Carmelo
  • García Ortiz, Juan Pablo
  • Müller, Daniel
  • González Ruiz, Vicente


Layer selection in progressive transmission of motion-compensated JPEG2000 video

  • Maturana-Espinosa J.
  • García-Ortiz J.
  • Müller D.
  • González-Ruiz V.

Electronics (Switzerland) - 1/9/2019


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Transmisión Progresiva de Vídeo JPEG2000 con Movimiento Compensado

  • Maturana Espinosa, José Carmelo


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Rate allocation for motion compensated JPEG2000

  • Maturana-Espinosa J.
  • Gonzalez-Ruiz V.
  • Garcia-Ortiz J.
  • Muller D.

Data Compression Conference Proceedings - 19/7/2018


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